Classic Blue and White Living Room Progress

 This is still a work in progress at Jan's home.   But the new sofa and club chairs have come in.  We will be getting pillows, curtains and a larger rug.  When it's all together, I'll show before and after photos. 

I did "my thing", where I take all of the client's existing accessories, put them in one place, shop from there and style 'em up.  But we also bought the new Pottery Barn mirror over the mantel…on sale now (I still want to do a little more to the mantel display).
 I am short and Jan is fairly tall AND we both are comfortable in the new Lee Industries chairs.  
Look at all that white you say?
But they are covered in textured, stain resistant
These materials are soft to touch.
The new Lee Industries sofa is in
easy to clean Perennials in Sea Salt.

The secretary was mainly used for storage, but we moved to another wall and opened up the doors. Then I lightened it up the inside with Jan's accessories.

Jan is almost ready to pull the trigger on these fabrics for pillows...and believe me I have shown her a lot! Love this combo...
 It's a good idea to add books underneath a lamp that feels too low or small.  I pulled the table leaves up to increase the size...simple!

We stole the white lamp from her bedroom...a lot of these antiques were her mother's.  $0 cost decorating...giving us more $ for the sofa and chairs.

We are thinking about this for a box seat cushion 
(which I would love).
before                          and                       after
The worn dining room chairs seats were refurbished with Barclay Butera's Asante (with more padding and welting added).
And an art gallery wall on the dining room is in the works.

I am so grateful that Jan found me through this blog and had the courage to call me.  She is genuine delight.
 More to accomplish and it will be 
fun to show the finished product!  
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Summer Updates and Coastal Bathrooms

It's so hard to get a good living room photo including the view.
Jen and Bob came over for an impromptu dinner Saturday night.
So, I took the tray with the antique bottles from the foyer and
put it on the dining room table filled with daisies.
That was easy!

They brought these French macarons 
 from Chantal Gillion as a hostess gift.
Flavors like: pistachio, salted caramel and lavender
Jen suggested we have them next day with coffee and that's exactly what we did.
I also made banana bread with a Chiquita Bread mix and two ripe bananas…
not as good as my friend, Susie's, but pretty darn good and really easy!

This little guest bath is coming along.
It's a good idea to use medium gray grout with 
 floor tiles to show the pattern and hide the dirt.  
(That will eventually show no matter how clean you are).
Here is the economical plan…although the client 
changed her mind about wanting the coral color.
(I know she is really a neutral or muted color type of gal).

I have a darling new client, whose living room reminds me of ours in Newport Beach.  
In fact, she found me from the BH&G article.
We are making a few changes to her living room.
Look at what a cute job she did renovating their guest bathroom...

The color in here is Benjamin Moore Silent Night.  Really pretty.

 Below is more of her charming garden...

This is JoAnn and Larry's home.
I want a picket fence someday!
We just ordered a number of furnishings to update and lighten their living room…so the inside will be as pretty as the outside.
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