Creating a Warmer, Cozier Look

I'm not quite ready to decorate for Christmas, but with the cooler, darker days, it's nice to make spaces cozier.
 Books warm up spaces 
along with candles...

Sitting by the fire is cozy, so I moved this bench in here.

 We also moved the six foot sofas so that they face each other.  That's the beauty of two smaller sofas…versatility.

In fact yesterday, my client bought this Hickory Chair by Alexa Hampton ottoman to place in between two matching Lee Industries settees on order…for a cozy sitting room where she can "put her feet up."
I asked if we could buy the floor model and got a deal.  It's a good time of year to ask.
These are the neutral Lee fabrics that we are using.  The linen is on the lower end of the fabric price scale for the settees.  The Fortuny type fabric is Lee's really high end but for their custom throw pillows (not upholstery) the fabric is priced all the same.

Pretty flowers even though they aren't exactly autumnal colors.  My mom taught me to never complain about gifts from your husband though (or you might not get any).  Thanks, Howard, so glad I married you.

There is a chair and garden stool where the bench was in the hall.

This is Chief's "please take me on a walk" look. The rug by Restoration Hardware feels warm but lightens the foyer.
Fortunately, we have great places to walk together. (Coming back up this hill is rougher than it looks though).

We are headed to Southern California to be with family for Thanksgiving.  Tommy is coming home from school and we are going to celebrate his birthday, too.  

No one's life is perfect.  But we can be grateful for the almost perfect parts.  Wishing you and your family a beautiful, warm and cozy Thanksgiving!  


Fun Random Happenings...

I like the sites in my neighborhood and the fact that someone
  has a sense of humor.
This is a shot of our coffee table before we left for Louisiana for a wedding.

While in Donaldsonville for the wedding, we had a tour of the family's sugar plantation...
 Cousin Bubba gave us a tour of the modern enterprise and a taste of sugar cane.  Below is the raw sugar mountain before it's processed one last time.
This is another California cousin, Janice…having a taste of the raw delicious sugar…and she's even a dentist!

 In New Orleans, we stayed at the beautiful old Roosevelt Hotel.  As we were checking in my brother said "Looks like the kind of place where vampires stay!" 

 This sweet goodie bag was in the hotel for us...

It was a fun wedding…I ate too much gumbo, danced a lot and didn't take any photos.

The night after the wedding, we had a lovely dinner at Roberta and Buddy's house…shrimp and grits and three kinds of desserts (I currently weigh 500 lbs.)

Roberta collects fine antique linens.  If there were any red wine stains…blame my sister.

After New Orleans, I went to Southern California to visit two clients and get Chief back (our dog was away for way too long).  

We are in the San Diego airport now…  delayed flight to SFO.

So, I just sent this photo to Tommy, our son in college
…let's see if Supercuts can duplicate this look for him.

I'm also playing on Instagram…doesn't this look fun?

Come see what else is going on on Instagram.

Finally getting ready to board the plane.

What have you been up to?