Inexpensive Pretty Indulgences

It's Back To School time so why not treat yourself to a bunch of freshly sharpened pencils?  These are from Target (widely available) $2.79 for twelve.  

Grab a branch from your backyard, or in my case the SF Flower Mart to bring some texture inside.

I just replaced an orchid with this, according to Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence, "Hard To Kill Plant".  She got hers at IKEA...mine came from the SF Flower Mart.  I like the new growth on it.
Speaking of new growth...look at the curly willow branches' new growth.   The branches transition into the Fall.

Here's another new "Camouflage the Cable Box Plant"...hopefully I won't kill this one.  It looks pretty hearty.

My sister told me about how long those green fluffy things live…I've had them over a week and just added new $3.99 roses from Trader Joe's...autumn colors.

If you want to see a gorgeous wedding, 
please check out Sherri Cassara's work…
Months ago, we were at the Costa Mesa Design Center and both recognized each other from our blogs...happy coincidence!

Look what I spotted at Home Goods in the East Bay yesterday...
Last night, we were giving visitors from Florida a tour after dinner.
And we went down Lombard Street, The Crookedest Street in the World...a good time to go without tourists.  

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!


Blue, White and A Ballard Bookcase, Before and After

What a jolt we had at 3:20 am Sunday morning!  Our building swayed and creaked loudly.  But, we were not harmed and didn't have any damage from the earthquake.  Later that day, I went to my client's home to do some decorating.
 My client is a teacher (school just started yesterday) and has lots of books, art and inherited family pieces.  She wants to have a less formal but pulled together look in her living room.  The above is a tough wall as it's so long.

The walls were painted Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan and the Ballard Tuscan Flush Bookcase gives a bit of weight here. 
We will have the book cases attached together for a more built-in look (the look is good for a fairly reasonable price). But, I went ahead and styled the bookcase since it will be a while until the handyman comes (we are compiling a list for him).  Notice the board and batten back.
After surveying her home, I pulled accessories with a Chinoiserie look.  When the bookcases were styled, we hung art templates on both sides.
Rough spacing...I like to eyeball it.

 Decorating with what you already own!
There is more in store for this room...some updated furniture and pillows (but keeping some antiques). 
and after...
Thanks so much for your concern following the earthquake. Sending warm wishes to our neighbors in the Napa area.