Why a Neutral Background Can Work For You

With neutral walls, curtains and furniture, you can change your color scheme whenever you like.  Isn't this a pretty Roman shade 
 by Anna French (love the scalloped edge)?  Pale pink tulips  would be nice here too...lots of colors would work.
Or navy blue pillows on this sofa (photo also by Anna French).
We have a mostly neutral background in our Newport Beach home...so that when we move back, I can use whatever colors I am in the mood for!  See those chairs?
I recently changed things up to have blue and white in our dining room here in San Francisco.  It used to be coral and black.

My new client, Jennifer in Southern California has a neutral setting.  I was there recently to discuss paint colors and while I was visiting...I played with her existing accessories (fun, Jennifer!).
We brought in a chair and ottoman from a different room and styled her mantel and coffee table.
Neutrals make it easy to switch things up with accessories... In fact, I have a couple of clients coming up where you will see this very thing!

Here is my coffee table (neutral for the moment).  I'm enjoying lots of white for the summer.

Chief is totally back in action...playing with his buds.  Hey, these dogs are sort of in neutral colors (if caramel is a neutral), aren't they?  Perfect for most decors!
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Have a wonderful day!!!


Six Things To Try For A Great Summer

These little lights make a sweet statement in a garden or on a deck...party ready all summer long!

My sister gave me this Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish as a thank you once.  I loved the way it exfoliated and hydrated my skin.  It feels indulgent and it's nice to give to someone that you want to feel a bit pampered.

The Girl on the Train is a gripping tale.  I bought the audio version to listen to on long drives.  Sometimes I found myself sitting in the car at my destination not wanting to get out.

Not sure about a wine to order...or want to remember a good bottle?
I just bought this fun little app called Vivino.  
Just scan the label.

On Monday, I went to the San Francisco Flower Mart with my friend, Mindy, a floral designer and event planner.  More tips from Mindy for buying fresh:
Hydrangea blooms should feel hard to the palm.  Also, check the water that the flowers are in to make sure it's clear.
Although really tempted, I only purchased this orchid branch... which should last several weeks.

 I didn't buy many flowers as my husband brought these home from Costco on Saturday.  Lovely, but to be honest,

They look bad today, only four days later.  I'd like them to last at least a week.

Want an embarrassingly easy and light summer dessert?  Try my little invention...
Make them in advance and put them in a plastic container in the freezer until ready to serve.

Thank you all so much for your kind words about Chief.  He is back in action...spinning 360's and challenging dogs ten times his size.
You know his paws are not supposed to be on the couch...I'll let it slide for a bit.
How is your summer going?