Dining Room Refresh--Painting Traditional Chairs

Our dining chairs were not particularly expensive when we bought them many years ago at a used furniture store.  And I still like their simple lines.

I had been wanting to paint them to break up all the stained wood.  There was only one thing holding me back: L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S.  But then my friend, Debbie said "I'll HELP you!" (enter angels singing).  Remember how Debbie painted her studio furniture HERE?

Since the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dealer is pretty far away, I thought I'd try General Finishes Milk paint from Artistic Home Studio in Alameda (closer to home).
  Looks like a fun place to take classes.
No turning back now.  Way more fun with company.
Covering the dark stain took three coats...with Annie Sloan it would have probably been just been two (General Finishes is about $10 less per quart).  But I really like the durability of this easy one application top coat...
 In the dining room, I can use coral accents.  

But later on, when/if I make some color changes, I will take the linen slip covers from the closet and cover the seats (and switch out the pillows on the black chairs).

We had a great brunch (very SF) on Sunday at NOPA...

 Custard French Toast – Strawberries and Honey–Black Pepper Butter
We split this four ways after I had a decadent baked egg with cream.

The nubby table runner is from Pottery Barn and Debbie made the napkins.
At least I think I burned some calories painting and setting the table!  Have a great week!


Pillows As "Icing on the Cake"

It's a good idea to get your furniture arrangement straight before adding accessories like pillows.  But remember to save something in your budget to finish the look.

I'm glad my client, Kathy decided to spring for these designer pillows using Carlton V Bukhara and Ralph Lauren metallic fabric
 and made by Woodyliana.  Notice how the red trim ties in the coffee table.

Speaking of Liana…she asked me recently when I was going to get new pillows for our living room (it's been a few years since I last purchased some).  
I will store these covers but I've been thinking I'd like to incorporate some of the blue from the bay…
…but not too cold since it IS foggy and chilly here in the summer.  Playing with options.  Here are just a few...
After seeing my 20 Great Bar Stools post, Liana said she loves hers from Noir Furniture.

 She recovered them in easy to maintain (she has two boys) Perennials Rough and Rowdy Ash. 

I still love these Greek key appliqués from Schumacher.
So remember to save for a little "icing on the cake."