Dining Room Table Centerpieces for Everyday (Not Just Parties)

Ever wonder what to put on your dining room table that will last longer than a bouquet of flowers?  I say go for plants like succulents, orchids or ferns.  Or fruit and vegetables (like pumpkins this time of year).
A rectangular piece is good on a rectangular table...but I would want to make sure something like this from Roger's Gardens was water and scratch proof (like with an appetizer tray underneath).

I like this Fall arrangement by The Daily Nest on Instagram.

I planted Trader Joe's orchids and ferns in a soup tureen.
Here is the same tureen with a succulent...super easy.
 I bet you could duplicate this one from Roger's Garden's.
 You could use a white washed planter box like this lined with florist foil.

Speaking of Roger's Gardens...Cindy and I sped through there when we were in Southern California last week.  You can read about our other adventures on her blog.

A pedestal bowl is a great idea for fruit.  Mine came from Home Goods.  Here is a gorgeous one from Hudson Grace.

This is a good one for a fern or hydrangea plant...

I like this tureen just by itself...

Look who has something similar in her new SF shop...

I'm glad she is bringing her bright style here.
Caitlin is having her grand opening next Friday.  
Try to stop by if you are local...I will.

Chief is back from his advertising internship 
in L.A. (with our daughter).  

Even though my broken ankle is still healing...I'm driving and seeing clients again.  Yay! 

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