GREAT Inexpensive Flea Market Items To LOOK FOR NOW!

One of my favorite ways to exercise is walking through a big flea market with running shoes, music on my earphones and cash limit of around $100.   My sister likes to take her cash limit to the slots in Las Vegas.  She  once said to me, while we were at a glorious flea market, "what would anyone want with all this JUNK?"

 "One man's treasure".... but let's face it, adding vintage definitely adds interest and character to your décor.  

At the end of this post, I will list my favorite flea markets from around the world.  Will you, please, add yours in the comment section?  You can do it anonymously.  Then, I can compile a nice, healthy list for all of us to share. 
 I'm looking for ones that are fairly large with good stuff and not a lot of junk.
Here are home items that I seek out right now:
  • artful pages from old books
  • ethnic items, like African beads (I still love them although I first purchased them at a NYC flea market almost 10 years ago), textiles (including ready-made pillows), carvings
  • cool glassware and vases
  • inexpensive oil paintings
  • picture frames
  • geodes or petrified wood objects
  • old enamel clock faces
  • old bottles
  • vintage rugs 
  • and whatever fun thing catches my eye
Recently, I went to the Alameda Antiques Fair (held the first Sunday of the month).
These above would be cute framed in a nursery.  
I bought this one below as I liked the graphics.
The alphabet page was $5 and the frame was $10 (purchased separately).   The framed etching of the lady, from a different trip, was actually just a faded print that I shaded in with a pencil ($20). 

Used to be hard to find African goods, but now at the Alameda market, 
there were around 20 African vendors.

 Here is the African indigo throw again, that I bought for $35.
The painting below may not be top quality, but for $15 I like the colors and 
And how I can layer it on my book shelf.
Those old, dug up bottles are also something to hunt for.  Many are less expensive than what you would pay for new at stores like West Elm (without the character of age and location).

I didn't buy any of these great pillows...but I am still thinking about them.
The seller said she is at the Rose Bowl, CA flea market, too.

This beautiful African basket was $25 and I lightly white washed it with Annie Sloan paint and water (took me about five minutes).

I tried to bargain down the price of these petrified wood book ends ($40) but she said they were millions of years old... good sales job and I wanted them!
The carved Chinese brushes are from a New York flea market several years ago.

Great place to look for vintage rugs...

Thirty of those Venetian style glasses for $20!  But I don't have any room to store them.
I did buy that rose colored Venetian vase for $5.
What have you been on the look out for?

Does Chief blend in?  Isn't this mural in North Beach (SF Italian section) fun? 

My Favorite Flea Markets
Southern California
Long Beach Antiques 3rd Sunday
Rose Bowl Flea  2nd Sunday
Melrose Trading Every Sunday
Northern California
New York
Brooklyn Flea Every Sunday
Green Flea Every Sunday
Puces de Vanves Every Saturday/Sunday morning

The Alameda one is coming up again...
who wants to go?  

Have a great weekend!