PARIS. New Things I Tried That You Might Like.

I'm home!  This will be the last travel post for a while.  We were gone for two weeks and it's good to be home.   Even with all the laundry and jet lag.
I took this photo from an Uber going to dinner (your telephone app works in Paris, too).

Even though we like to go to Paris every year (since we lived there fifteen years ago), I always want to explore new places there.  Here are some good ones that you might want to bookmark or pin for your next trip.  We had three perfect days there.

Howard found this charming, little hotel in the 16th arrondissement called Le Dokhan.  That Frenchman wouldn't move for my photo.  Watch how the black and white stripe theme is carried inside.

We thought we were going to get upgraded to a bigger room with our Tablet Hotels subscription (we usually do)...but judging by the size...we didn't.  Still, I loved the fabrics and upholstered walls.
 Look how my extravagant birthday present from my mom complements the décor (I love you, Mom).
She probably can't believe she has a 60 year old daughter...me either.

A Continental breakfast was served each morning in this pretty room...


This is the Astier de Villatte store on rue St. Honoré.  It's a tiny shop...but I spent quite a bit of time in there.

 Another fun kitchen and housewares store that I went to is called La Trésorerie at 11, rue du chateau d'eau.

Our last evening in the hotel, we ordered Champagne and they brought out glasses for us to select... which is something I am definitely going to copy when serving bubbly at home.  I already have an assortment and may add to it with flea market finds (like the pretty etched one on the right).  That will solve glasses getting mixed up!
 The lobby was lit with long taper candles in the evening.

And now I'm back to work...needing extra coffee in the morning, but admiring my little "souvenir" (means memory in French :).
PS.  Lost my telephone on the train from Paris to London.  What a drag not to have a telephone!  But, yesterday, I bought the I phone 7+.  Love it so far.  And thankfully the Paris photos were in "The Cloud".

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London Highlights: From Fancy to BoHo

The Savoy Hotel, originally opened in 1889, and has the glamour of the past with all the modern conveniences.  Meaning that it's old school but with fresh interiors.
Breakfast was included in our room rate...and I took full advantage of it...
this doesn't even show the bacon, eggs and grilled tomato that came next.
This made it possible to easily skip lunch!
Even if you aren't staying in the hotel...I recommend trying the breakfast or Afternoon Tea.
Pricey, but worth the experience.  And the dollar is really strong against the pound right now.

There are pretty little corners all over the hotel...

 The Labor and Wait shop features cool, sturdy home goods.
It's in East London in a section called Shoreditch.
I had never been there before and it's fun to walk around the more Bohemian area.


Lots of fun shops like Barber and Parlour...where you can eat, shop and even get a haircut.

Closer to our hotel, is the Sir John Soane Museum.  He was a famous architect and art collector.  He willed his townhouse and the belonging to the state and it remains as he left it 180 years ago.  Be sure to ask the docents questions in each room...really informative.
The weather has been excellent, fortunately.

Look at the travel poster we spotted...
we will be in SF soon enough but
next stop...PARIS!  We are about to board the Eurostar train there.

If you are planning a trip to London or Paris....
check out my Pinterest boards.  Lots of recommendations there from past trips.
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