PROJECT DESIGN: Simple Summer Entertaining Tips

Hello and welcome to another Project Design, 
and I invite other bloggers to share their ideas and tips.  
And today it's all about 
Simple Summer Entertaining!
We recently had a little birthday party 
for my husband, Howard, in my sister, 
Teresa's backyard in San Diego.



This has been a fun project to work with Lisa
 (you would love her).  
Today, I'm showing her black and white kitchen 
renovation in the S.F. East Bay area.


7 Ways to Refresh With Indoor Plants (and Some Cool Fashion)

The color green is very NOW... and have you noticed a resurgence in the popularity of house plants?
They are great to add color, freshness and clean the air.  They work well in all sorts of décor: bohemian, modern, classic traditional, farmhouse casual... you name it.  And with places like Trader's Joe's and Home Depot...they can be affordable, too!


Awesome, New, Designer Fabric in West Hollywood, CA

There's lots of inspiration to take away from the design district in West Hollywood, California.  While I was there last week, the weather was beautiful and all the sales people had that happy, SoCal attitude that generates easy smiles.

Here were some of my favorite fabric shops and at the end of the post, some places for a quick bite to eat.
Nicky Rising's showroom is jam packed with beautiful fabrics.  The pillow fabric is by Walter G., the seat fabric is by Bastideaux, and the wallpaper is by de Gournay.


Walking In L.A., Project Updates and Other News

No one walks in Los Angeles...except me... all over the Melrose Avenue design district a couple of days ago.  I have a post in the works about the gorgeous, brand new fabrics I saw but first, a public service announcement....


GREAT Inexpensive Flea Market Items To LOOK FOR NOW!

One of my favorite ways to exercise is walking through a big flea market with running shoes, music on my earphones and cash limit of around $100.   My sister likes to take her cash limit to the slots in Las Vegas.  She  once said to me, while we were at a glorious flea market, "what would anyone want with all this JUNK?"

 "One man's treasure".... but let's face it, adding vintage definitely adds interest and character to your décor.