Fresh Indigo/White/Aged Brass Powder Room and Laundry Room--Before and After

We are getting some rain here in San Francisco and it's totally welcome (except that Chief is not crazy about it).  I hope it doesn't affect the Halloween party at the dog park this evening.  

Even with a little rain, I cannot believe how gorgeous this city is this time of year!  To see my clients, I drive across the Golden Gate and Bay bridges every week (with the music cranked up)...and I am always struck by the beauty that surrounds us (and I try to remember to say a prayer of thanks).

Jan is in the East Bay and below is her tiny powder room before...
See me in the medicine cabinet?
It's next to the laundry room and was functional but it's the only downstairs bathroom.  We wanted to make it PRETTY.

And here it is now...

With Circa Lighting Symmetric Twist Single Sconce
(in antique burnished brass)
and a reasonably priced beveled 
The compact sink is from Restoration Hardware.

We used Quadrille Java Grande Navy on White wallpaper.

The laundry room is just adjacent.  
It had no storage.
Here it is now...
 This is my favorite part...see the closet doors below?   
The water heater and furnace were totally exposed 
(I didn't get a before photo).  
And now disguised...
 Honed gauged natural slate is on the floor.  
I had to talk Jan into it but once she was on board...
Jan tracked down a good source in San Francisco.
Nice work, Jan.

I'm glad that Jan is happy.

Have a fun weekend!

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