Keys to A Fun and Stress-free New Years Party

Why not throw a casual, stress-free New Years Eve party?  Here's our plan that you can follow.  It's not too late!
  • Send out free and easy Evite invitations.  There is a place below the invitation to describe the event.  In our case...


Come for cocktails, food, Champagne, karaoke, dice games, (just a regular Wednesday night for the Jokovichs), probably dancing if Alie does the playlist.   And if we walk a block, we can view fireworks  at midnight over the Bay!

  •  If guests offer, ask them to bring a favorite appetizer or a bottle of Champagne
  • Delegate other chores.  My daughter is making the music playlist.  Our friends are bringing their karaoke machine.
  • Two days before the party, set up the food table's platters and bowls (labeled with post it notes) and in our case, also a dice gaming table
  • With the dice game, Left Right Center, we have gifts for the winners.  Once someone wins, he picks out a gift and gives up his seat for another player.  Some prizes...
Pottery Barn

Some of our guests are from out of town and may appreciate these souvenirs.
  • Set up a self serve bar and a separate sparkling wine/sparkling water station
  • Everyone looks good in candle light.  I like placing these all around the rooms...

  • Party hats are always fun.  My sister is bringing her collection of them.

  • AND Stock up on plenty of water bottles for guests to take home.  You may even splurge...

I will show you party highlights later.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!


Ornament Exchange Party and Funny Gifts Under $20

Pottery Barn has lots of ornaments on sale right now.  The one above is similar to the one I took as a gift to a fun ornament exchange party this week.

 I brought these White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies.
The easy recipe is from my friend, Brandi's blog.  You use packaged cookie mix but the secret ingredient is browned melted butter and added chocolate and cranraisins.

 They were all gone at the party!  But I have half the batter frozen for this weekend when Tommy comes home (Thanks for the tip, Brandi).

Look at the spread Debbie had for us at the ornament exchange party!!  That salad is arugula with creamy burrata cheese.

It's like a white elephant party only with ornaments priced under $15.

I like to give our son Tommy a gag gift from Santa (he appreciates that sort of thing).  Usually, it's "coal" made out of candy.

He may like this Paper Weight.

I already gave Tommy this as a housewarming present at school.
At $26, the Door Mat is a little over the $20 budget.

After two glasses of wine...someone needs to pass me one of these..
Stop Talking Business Cards
Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these in a tedious meeting?

This is a really fun $9 party game (and I hope I get it for Christmas--hint).  You can play for pocket change.   One of my kids said it's also a drinking game.  :/

It is pouring in San Francisco.  We lost electricity for a few hours yesterday so I cancelled my appointments and Chief and I stayed curled up here...

Hope YOU are staying warm and dry!