Gift Package, s'il vous plaît

"Un paquet de cadeau, s'il vous plaît."  
Say those words in a shop in Paris and your purchase will be nicely wrapped.
I love that, don't you?

When wrapping your own presents, it's more fun when you are organized.
My friend, Claire has lovely gift wrapping supplies in deep drawers next to her office.
Her ribbons and accessories are easily visible.

This organized wall would be great if you have the space, 
Better Homes and Gardens

but for now 
I would settle for some organization from the Container Store.

My sister has a cart like the one above.
Or, this box below would be great for under a bed or in a closet.


"A Gift Wrapped Life" is a beautiful blog for inspirational ideas for your paquet de cadeau.

The Paper Source is a favorite place of mine for luxurious supplies
for all ocassions...

Almost as much fun as selecting fabrics for interiors.

These tags from Paper Source are on my
 Christmas gifts this year.
Here, I've added an ornament and fragrant rosemary from our garden.
Have any clever gift wrapping ideas of your own? 
How do you organize your wrapping supplies? 
Best wishes, Mary Ann


  1. Beautiful post! I wish that I had a wrapping area in my home other than wherever I am wrapping, haha. One day. I am now a follower
    Have a wonderful, festive day.

  2. A section of my vintage sideboard holds clear boxes of ribbons, trims, bindings, silk flowers, ropes of rhinestones and strands of sequins inherited from my seamstress grandmother, Lydia. Each year I choose a color scheme to either go with my decor or the recipient's. Then I stack the CD player with Christmas CDs, pour a glass of wine, spread everything out on the floor and settle in for a lovely session of gift wrapping. Knowing part of each package will pass on Lydia's love and generosity makes it all the more special.

    Your package is lovely ... the fresh thyme adds a truly wonderful touch.

    p.s. just got the "Ribbons Book" and adore it for pure inspiration and lush photography. Carolyne Roehm's "Presentations" pretty amazing as well. Thanks so much for the follow--you made my day!

  3. Mary Ann, thank you for your sweet note. I tried to email a link with the posts about Lydia, but your profile is set to "no reply" and I did not see an email link on your blog. I did add it under your comment on my blog. My grandmothers Lydia & Jean are my ultimate style icons ... they could not have been more different but they each taught me so much about life ... love ... style. Hope you enjoy reading about them.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Love your friend Claire's wrapping center - I can assure you mine looks nothing like it. And love your charming gift tags!

  5. Oh, my! This is fun! I love wrapping! lol I know... not many people do, but I love spending the time doing it!

    I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and also to your family. May you all have a beautiful time together.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. Oh how I wish I had such an organized space like that.

    I wanted to make a quick stop to wish you Marry Christmas. Have a wonderful time.

    P.S. I added your great blog to my blog roll.

  7. I would love to have a craft room w/ a wrapping station... sigh... someday! I am now following you. xo

  8. Gorgeous gift wrapping ideas here! I hope to one day have an allocated wrapping paper drawer! My white paper was purchased a couple of years ago from one of our wholesalers in Sydney - I have to track down some more at the next trade fair as I'm almost out! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Tracey xx

  9. Thank you for the lovely mention and it is lovely to meet a new blogger.
    Though I am pretty organized with my wrapping supplies I am hoping to install an Ikea kitchen systme retofiited for wrapping. I hope they can do what I want. Again, thank you. XO

  10. Mary Ann, Thanks for your visit yesterday. I was going to reply via e-mail, but you are set as a "no reply blogger" which means you can't receive an e-mail reply from me. If you need any help changing out your settings, let me know. :-)
    We were visiting my SIL last nite, she had the Sound of Music in the background and was singing along with Maria! Hope you have a very Happy New Year! ~ Sue

  11. Mary Ann,

    I'm just dropping by to see how you're doing.. did you have a fun Christmas?

    Have a wonderful week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. Drool... I would love to have a closet dedicated to wrapping (boxes under the bed just don't cut it!!) Hmm... maybe after Matt goes to college.......

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

  13. I would simply love to have a gift wrapping room... I'd be so happy to surround myself with pretty paper and ribbon!


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