Yes, I know I said I wouldn't decorate here since we will be having a snowy Christmas in Mammoth.  But, YOU try going to Rogers's Gardens and NOT getting in the holiday spirit.  This is our beach house mantel after a little visit to Roger's.

Roger's Gardens is a home and garden store on seven acres in Newport Beach, California.  It's filled with seasonal inspirational ideas such as...

Table settings
Holiday decor

Fresh floral arrangements

Garland and wreaths.  This is where I bought the fresh, square boxwood wreath.

And a huge outdoor garden

With the exception of the new wreath...

I used things I already owned and cut branches from our magnolia tree.  However, I kind of like the mantel without the magnolia leaves for a simpler look...

Should I keep the magnolia leaves?  Which look do you prefer for a beach cottage?

Thanks for visiting,
Mary Ann


  1. Gorgeous!! I think I prefer it without the magnolia leaves - the details really pop!!

    So impressed that you already have your "beach" decor already done!!

  2. Hey Mary Ann, My name is Carol Carpenter and I live in Orlando. My son Cody is a friend of your daughter.Cody knows how much I love decorating blogs and told me about yours. I love your beach house!!The kitchen and bathroom remodels are great!!Congratulations on your new blog!!

  3. Hi Carol. Alie has told me what a great family Cody has! I am having fun with this blog...I am sure my inexperience shows, so please feel free to give me any advice. :)

  4. This is just lovely! I live at the beach too, but it is freezing here! Thanks for joining the White Party!

  5. ...looks great ...voting for without tho'

  6. That's nice. You're definitely ready for the holiday season. It's really good for you. Thanks for the photos.

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