Need an Elegant Gift Idea? An Orchid is Perfect.

 An orchid plant is great as a gift for the holidays or 
as a birthday, get well, housewarming or hostess present.  

Plain orchid plants can be relatively inexpensive when purchased at Home Depot or Trader Joe's
(or your local nursery) and placed in a decorative container such as a wooden basket or pot.
Then, add elements such as

Moss and a decorative bird...

Tie with ribbon, raffia or twine to twig, bamboo or chop stick stakes

pebbles also make a good looking base

Attach moss where the stakes are tied for a more organic look.

A pretty white ceramic shell with green moss is perfect in a bathroom.

Notice the turquoise Chinese wooden pot with moss 

and white coral at the base.

Here an orchid is potted a in mercury glass vase in a powder room.  

In a bedroom, an orchid in Chinese pottery complements this colorful vignette.  

Think about your options for containers with what you already own
(or find them inexpensively at Home Goods, Target, flea markets or garage sales).
We buy some of the decorations at a wholesale floral store but
you can find moss at Pottery Barn and decorations at craft stores like Michaels.

Take care of your indoor orchid plant:  They like very bright filtered light.
Allow the soil mix to get almost completely dry between watering, then water throughly.
Feed with liquid  fertilizer every other watering.

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Best to you,
Mary Ann


  1. These are really gorgeous photos!

    Good idea, Mary Ann.... orchids are so elegant.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. I love orchids. They last a long time. I got a tip for watering orchids from my florist that I just love -- water with 1-2 ice cubes once a week. Easy.

  3. Mary Ann I adore orchids...not very good at keeping them alive so I must try your tips. Thanks!!

  4. Patricia: such a great tip about the ice cubes...I had forgotten about that.

  5. ooohhh... what great idea! There are a few people on my list who I don't have anything for. An orchid is a great idea! I am a new follower of your blog! Thank you so much for commenting on my last week. I'll be back soon :)

  6. Beautiful !!! I love that they last so long in bloom too. Great ideas.

  7. I so agree, very elegant and classic!! Love the ice cube idea, I might try to get one and see if I can keep it alive, this time,Kathysue

  8. I love orchids too! I have given them as gifts many times and have a few in my house...even my blog header features an orchid. You can't go wrong with such a classic flower!

  9. Great post! I've been considering on buying one for our upstairs landing, and what I like about the orchid is the height. But we don't get a lot of natural light. So, I think I need to consider another alternative.


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