A Visual Celebration!

My friend and design partner, Debbie, is hosting a dinner party for a group of friends that traditionally gathers every year for a Christmas celebration.  This year is Debbie's turn.
She created an exquisite table scape with silver, pinks and greens and a subtle beach theme.  Notice the Royal Albert dinner plates, mother of pearl round place mats, mixed with silver plated shells,  Pottery Barn linen hemmed stitched napkins and mercury glass votive candles.  A Rogers and Goffigon heavy white linen covers the chair seats.

A Niermann Weeks chandelier graces the dining room.

One of Debbie's many talents is floral arranging.  Here she filled turquoise ceramic shells with orchids, hydrangeas, pink calla lilies, bright white mini carnations and fabulous white coral branches.

I was with Debbie when she scored the glittery dried boxwood garland at Home Goods.
She planted little, cypress Christmas trees in mercury glass pots and filled the bases with tiny pearly shells.  So pretty! She got the little trees at Roger's Gardens (see my previous post).  Notice the small sea urchin flower vase?

When the dining table was finished, Debbie layered pine garland and sparkly branches on her antique sideboard.

A cute cherub is placed among the over sized glass ornaments.

Debbie and I were room-mates freshman year of college (we had a pretty nicely decorated dorm room!).   She continues to amaze me with her eye for detail and graceful elegance.   

Best wishes, Mary Ann


  1. Wow. Your friend, Debbie, is talented. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Send her to my house ASAP!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on hill country house. I love your blog and am adding you to my list of favorites - look forward to getting to know you. Merry Christmas!Ann

  2. Hello, Mary Ann!

    I am so glad you left a comment on my blog, so I could find yours! I truly like your pictures, I love the bathrooms transformations. You're really good. I'm following your blog.

    Keep in touch!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. What a gorgeous tablescape... love it! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design.. I am now following you! xo

  4. Very pretty tablescape! Especially like the flower arrangement! Cathy

  5. Flawless! Really very beautiful ~ thank you for sharing!

  6. So beautiful...love the color mixture!!

  7. I am truly in awe of people who have this talent. Absolutely gorgeous - so glad you shared this with us!

  8. So fun to think Martha Stewart reads blogs too! Your home is beautifully decorated for the holiday.

    Thanks too for reading my blog!


  9. Love it!! Great blogging Mary Ann!

  10. Your friend has it all together! Lovely and the floral arrangement is gorgeous. I really like the dinner plates, too.

    Elisabeth @ Treasuring the Moments.net

  11. Debbie did such a beautiful job. Love all the photos.

  12. Thank you for sharing Debbie's lovely tablescape. She has a wonderful eye for appealing design. Cherry Kay

  13. Oh what a stunning table. She's definitely gifted! It is taking a long time to visit all the other tables this week. I'm glad I "stuck it out" to the end. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.

  14. OK...there is a lot of talent in these pictures :)


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