Why White Dishes Work

1.  Food looks good on white dishes
2. White dishes from around the world can be easily mixed 
3.  Add trendy, heirloom or seasonal pieces with white dishes
4.  White dishes look great on display

Our Renovated Kitchenin our 1950's beach cottage, has 
storage shelves on either side of the French doors leading to the patio.  
The industrial styled baker's racks are from Noir.

The ceramic rooster above, and these plates 
were purchased from the Sazón shop  
while we were on vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Sazón is a cooking school and boutique housed in a lovely 18th century casa.  

The platters are from various places such as Williams-Sonoma.  
This classic French porcelain platter is from Pillivuyt and is chip resistance.  
We have also bought several

Pillivuyt and Apilco dishes from the restaurant supply store A. Simon in Paris.

These "French" (made in China) country bowls are from Wisteria.

This darling turtle bowl was a house warming present from my brother.  
It is from the hand crafted Italian Vietri line.
My sister gave us this beautiful Vietri shell platter.

Here Italian Vietri and Mexican Sazón bowls are along side a French Limoges pitcher.  
Everything is easy to access and put away.

Do you display your serving pieces?

"Please stop blogging and take me for a walk!"

Best Wishes,
Mary Ann
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  1. Love white dishes because they are so versatile! Your dog is adorable. xo

  2. Mary ann, I so agree, I have always had white dishes in my home for 42 years now and they have never failed me yet, always in always classic and will always mix with any table decor. Love your kitchen remodel and your pup is pretty darn cute too, kathysue

  3. Whites seem clean and classic for the new year, don't they!

  4. I love my white dishes. Color always pops next to them. Your Vietri are classic! I love your industrial bakers racks! Those are fabulous! :)


    P.S. Loving your blog! I am your newest follower.

  5. Love white china...so classic and goes with every decor - your kitchen looks wonderful!!

  6. I agree, white dishes are the best, and yours are displayed so well! Your dog is too cute and I love the caption on the photo. :-)

  7. Mary Ann, thanks so much for sharing your beachy bathroom!!!! So elegant. Love the painting and your white branches in the vase with shells..., I want to do something like that for the living room.

    Happy New Years!

  8. Those white branches in my son's bathroom get moved from room to room! I used them on the mantel for Christmas one year.

  9. I'm totally with you on white dishes -- so versatile and yet classic. In my very first interior design course (many years ago), our professor commented on how you could always buy white dishes, especially if your budget only allowed you to buy one or two things, as they would look nice with anything.

    Thanks for visiting House Revivals. As long as the house doesn't blow over while we have it up on cribbing (we're lifting it nine feet -- in the wet, windy winter), our remodel should go great! :)

  10. Great point, with white dinnerware you can mix and match easily, and for some fun color and pattern, you can add paper napkins, plate chargers and napkin rings into the mix. I'm on a major dinnerware hunt, and I LOVE all your coastal pieces. Looks great together.

    I'd display my serve ware if I had something that looked like yours haha..

    xo Linda (PS: Your dog is a real cutie ;)

  11. I am a white lover too. I can even paint the whole house into white. My stairs are white now §;-) & more whites to come.

    Your collections are stunning.

    Happy TTT & NY to come.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  12. I totally agree with you about white dishes. Your kitchen is gorge!

    Happy new year!


  13. love your blog, i'm here for the first time and really get involved! Best wishes!!!

  14. Could not agree more! How cute is your pooch? I love that sweet face!

  15. I own three sets of classic white dishes and use them all the time. They can be accented with other colored china pieces that I don't buy complete sets of. Lot cheaper that way! Love those racks on either side of your door. And little doggie there is adorably dressed for a walk! Speaking of which.... maybe I should go out for one! Happy New Year, Mary Ann! ~ Sue

  16. Your kitchen is stunning. Loved it.

    Happy new year!!!

  17. I agree with you! Love white dishes.
    I hope that you have a wonderful 2011!

    PS I added you to my blog roll :).

  18. Wow!!! What a great post! I was missing coming here!

    I also want to wish you a GREAT NEW YEAR! I hope you have so much fun!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  19. Love this post! When I was out shopping for my first set of dishes, I was looking at all kinds of stuff that I wanted to reflect my personality.. and some stranger leaned over and said.. "You want white, food looks good, you can mix it with other pieces, and you will never tire of it!" Thank you strange lady.. I love my white dishes..

    and Happy New Year to you as well.. hope 2011 is everything you dream..

  20. Those dishes are wonderful - white, white and more white...perfect! Wishing you a very happy new year. Love from London x

  21. these dishes are amazing! i may be drooling...

    Food really does look amazing against white -- I have a lot of colorful dishes that I mix and match with white ones... though I for sure need more white! You can never have enough pretty dishes =)

    Nice to meet you! you have a gorgeous blog/home!

  22. Hi Mary Ann thanx for dropping by
    yes I love white too and especially mixing modern and antiques see you again soon Fay xx

  23. White dishes are the best and so versatile as they mix and match perfectly with remnants of existing sets of dishware. Love your Boston!

  24. Hi there, glad you found the pet party. I would love if you added my link to show you have joined in.

  25. Trade you a bunch of white dishes for the puppy! Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  26. I love white dishes too. I must because I own 3 complete sets. I love mixing and matching with other patterned dishes. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  27. French bulldog? Too cute!
    Great post. And I gotta go to Sazon. I had not heard of it until this introduction. Thanks for that! -susan

  28. I LOVE your white dishes. They are exactly the type I look for. "White with Character"... When I was first married I used to buy prints. Print linens and print dishes and then WOW I discovered the CLASH of the Titans. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those dishes you got in Mexico! They remind me of the Veitri ones I LOVE...Does the company have a website??? The exact ones you bought(including the rooster)would have followed me home too!!! Thank you for sharing. I am your newest FOLLOWER and I hope you are Following me too...
    Your doggie is TOO CUTE... Is he/she a Boston Terrier???

  29. I just love your house! It looks so luxurious. I love how all of the walls look to be painted white and yet there is such great visual appeal--I'm inspired to do that.

  30. How did I miss this charming post? Your little dog is so cute! I love seeing more of your bakers racks in this post. I love symmetry, so there's that, but it's such a great way to display all your white pieces and you never forget what you have. Love the lamp too!

  31. Hi Mary Ann,

    I just returned from SMA. We got married there and also attended the Sazon cooking school. I fell in love with the white plates that look very similar to the ones you bought, but not exactly. Coincidentally, at my reception, the same plates were used. I am trying feverishly to find these plates online, with no luck. My awesome wedding planner said she would sell and ship me a few sets, but I am afraid they will break in transit or be too expensive to ship.

    Anyway, wanted to write to you from one SMA-lover to another. That place is so special. I miss it already.



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