Gift Show and Fab French Pastries

Last Sunday, my friends, Claire, a jewelry designer and Debbie, an interior designer and I attended the California Gift Show in downtown Los Angeles.  A few of the days highlights:
Selecting ribbon for gift packaging and wedding events.

Checking out beautiful imported handstitched quilts

Furniture and antique linen pillows from Davenport Home.

Another oversized clock from Eloquence.  Great ceramic bowl.

Accessories from Two's Company.

We will go back to spend more time with the regular vendors 
at the Merchandise Mart next week after the show.

Grande Finale:  We had a late lunch in downtown LA at:
Bottega Louie Restaurant here.

Wood fired pizzas made on an ornate antique counter.  Delicious~

The music was blaring and you had to shout directly into the servers ear to order but

These macaroons were even better than Laduree's in Paris (yes, hard to believe)...
Loved the salted caramel and passion fruit flavors.  
Crazy colors but the tastes are intense and such elegant packaging.  
I purchased a "Louie" box of macaroons for my mom, Louise.

It was colorful day with sweet friends.

Have you had a fun and/or productive outing with a friend lately?

Best wishes,
Mary Ann

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  1. Wow! Look like a fun day to me! I LOVE that bed! So much eye candy, and the pizzas look fabulous.

  2. Just found your blog and I'm so glad! Such beautiful photos ~ I know you had a wonderful day. LOVE that clock...and the bed...and so many other items. :-) Thanks for sharing!

    I'm a new follower too and I look forward to many future visits. Stop by and say hi when you can.


  3. What a great day...love the wrapping paper. So wish I could wrap like that. I would have eaten one of every dessert they had - fabulous!

  4. Looks like a great show and a FUN day!


  5. Sounds like a really great day. The desserts look so good!

  6. Oh my! You have carried me away to another place. This is heavenly. All the beautiful decor and then topped off with the delectable desserts. I'm lost in all of the gorgeous photos.

  7. Looks like you had fun, what a great show. I love the gorgeous colours of those handstitched quilts & I really like the linen pillows. the ones on the bed are lovely. ...the cupcakes have made me rather peckish now :)

  8. Great blog and fantastic post! I posted a simlar post about our trip to Paris and the home show and all my "food" pictures....we seem to like the same things! Please if you can check my new blog, its about the building of our new home and my passion for decor and design. Hope you like it, I will most certainly be back here....wonderful job!


  9. Oh wow! What a fun day. I usually have a girls night a couple times a month but lately I have been so busy that I have not planned one. I need to get on it.

  10. Yeah...eye candy and then candy you can eat...doesn't get much better!

  11. Nice to meet you! :) My friend worked the show last week and had a great time. I am so happy to know about that restaurant in LA. I'll have to try it out. Another beauty of a day in sunny SoCal. Newport is next on my agenda with my camera. I hope to get there this weekend. Have a good one and thanks for dropping by. :)

  12. It looks like you had a great time at the gift show! I especially like the ginormous clock. Also, I love your dining room transformation from the previous post -- were those magazine pages that were glued to the "before" wall?

  13. I too attended the show and we could have met up during the event. I so adore all the show rooms and find myself chatting with Kattie a friend who attends to the corsican show room, she has watched my daughter grow from young to a young lady.

    Two's company has always been a cottage favorite of ours. I favorite the S.F furniture mart for designers, our shop in the bay area was a place that sealed the deal in my future in interior designs. I now design from the floor up Estate Model Homes.

    I love to find a great flea market find to anchor a room with a found feel of something that may have been passed down.

    We could have bumped into each other without knowing :)

    Have an inspiring weekend.
    ~Dore L. Callaway
    Interior Design

  14. I think that ottoman is very different! Looks like a great time!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Would love to see your save the dates!

  15. Your pictures are great. I felt like I made the trip with you. Reminded me that I need to get some friends together for a fun outing. Thanks for sharing your ideas-really inspirational!

  16. I would have loved to attend that show. Looks like it was fantastic!

  17. So glad I happened over to your blog. I normally attend the Dallas market (for years and years) however I wasn't able to go this month. It was fun for me to see the things you found in LA. Love those clocks and numerous other things. What other markets do you attend?

    As a matter of fact, I had lunch with 3 friends just today! :)


  18. Sounds like the perfect "girls day out"!!! Those macarons looked fabulous .. as did all the desserts!!

  19. That gift wrap is too gorgeous for words! And the huge clocks - love them! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  20. how beautiful. wouldn't mind going home with a goody bag.

  21. What fabulous booths!! And lunch looks like an equally stylish affair!

  22. Looks like fun, not to mention delish!
    Have a great weekend!

  23. I find markets completely energizing, so it sounds like you earned your yummy lunch. Thanks for visiting Dovecote Decor.

  24. what amazing photos- beauitful linens and yummy macarroons!

    enjoy your weekend. thanks for the kind comment about my dog :)

  25. Hi Mary Ann, thanks for visiting my blog. Am really enjoying yours :))

  26. I'd never been here before, thanks for looking in on me and giving me the tip, I'll stop by often though my mouth is watering for those macaroons and I'm neither in Paris nor LA.

  27. looks like a great day! happy weekend!


  28. I would be in heaven at a show like that! What fun!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Deborah in NC

  29. So much inspiration! Your photos are lovely and what a fun time that must've been. I would love to attend a show like that. Lucky you! Happy Pink Saturday!
    Lynn at www.cottageandcreek.com

  30. What a fun day for you! Those macaroons are beautiful!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  31. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    I am Country Wings in Phoenix. I am so thrilled to meet you and visit your beautiful blog home. What a beautiful tour today. I had such a wonderful time.

    I loved the choice of ribbons and getting a few tips on tying and adding embellishments. How pretty the package looks. Love it.

    That clock is so gorgeous. Where on earth would one put it, but it sure does strike my fancy.

    I also loved the crockery bowl. The mustard color is beautiful and it looks exquisite, whether decorating with it, or using it for serving. Love this one.

    I so enjoyed the visit to the Bottega Louie Restaurant. My gosh did those pizzas ever look delish. I have to tell you those cupcakes looked wonderful, but I would have snatched up one of those boxes of macaroons in a heartbeat. Don't they look divine? I can certainly taste them.

    Thank you for the beautiful tour and share sweetie. I am your newest follower. I can't wait to see what you share next. I love meeting new friends and sharing along the way. I would love to have you stop by and say hello. I would be tickled pink to have you follow my blog as well. I love sharing day to day experiences and crafts along the way.

    A gorgeous share again. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  32. I so enjoyed all your wonderful photos. Looks like fun to me.

  33. Hello Mary Ann,
    I love the beautiful ribbons...and that big clock....my heart is palpitating!!
    What a great day you must have had with your friends.

    Sitting patiently in Virginia, waiting for my macaroon ;-)

    Janet xox

  34. You had me at Davenport home....then all the goodies...and wood fired pizza! smiles...

  35. This must have been your dream day...good food, good company, and fabulous things to view. I cannot imagine having anymore fun that this.

  36. you are so lucky! The ribbons/ fabrics and the sweets...mmmh!! thats heaven to me : D

  37. Some really beautiful things, looks like a good time.

  38. What a great day! Thanks for stopping by Appletree!

  39. How fun! I wish I could have been there with y'all.

  40. That sounds like the best day ever.

    Thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  41. Thank you so much for stopping by Miss Bee's Haven! Now I know where your beautiful blog is!

    This looks like such a beautiful event. It must have been so much fun and so many things to inspire.

    Those macaroons look delish!

    I am now a follower so that I won't forget where you are!

    Deborah in NC

  42. Oh, my! Mary Ann! Everything looks amazing, but the food! Yum! :-)

    Invite me to come with you next time. I might a plane to LA, ok? :-)

    Love your comments on my blog, my friend. Love them!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    Post of the day: A House in Malibu.

    PS: Come take a look at my blog. It got a "facelift". ;-)

  43. Those beautiful quilts are to die for! Such a lovely blog.


  44. Happy Pink Saturday. What a lovely day. And, I would love one of the macarons right now.♥

  45. Oh yummy, yum, yum! I love all quilts and large clocks - they're dreamy. Hope you're having a wonderful week.

  46. Hello Mary Ann! Lovely to 'meet' you :) Thank you so very much for linking up for Pink & Green Thursday - I am absolutely in LOVE with your beautiful macaroons! Salted caramel and passion fruit sound TO DIE FOR! The packaging is as pretty as can be too. So thoughtful of you to pick up a box for your mother too, I am sure she was tickled!

    Wishing you a wonderful week xoxo

  47. Great finds! What a fun day to spend with some girlfriends. Those macaroons look divine! Thanks for sharing.

  48. Looks like a great day. The restaurant is to die for. The french antique counter are just amazing

  49. Oh my goodness. My mouth is watering over all those treats. And that first gift is wrapped beautifully!

  50. What fun! You lucky girl - I can't imagine a better day!

  51. What a lovely blog post. I'm still getting around to last week's Pink Saturday. I have to say that loving everything Marie Antoinette, those macarons caught my eye immediately. You should make those photos into greeting cards. Seriously beautiful.

    Hope to see you soon. I'm also a new follower. Great to meet you.



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