The Neighbor's $23 Million Beach House

Lido Isle in Newport Beach, California is a beautiful place to live. 
photo by Hom Realty

Granted, there is a BIG difference in price between the 
houses on the water and those on the interior, like ours.  
But, we all enjoy the same mild weather and 
fresh Pacific Ocean air.

This country French style home, a couple blocks from ours 
is listed for $22,950,000.
photo by Hom Realty
photo by Hom Realty
photo by Hom Realty
The "bones" are good, but the interiors could use some updating.
photo by Hom Realty
photo by Hom Realty
This home has five bedrooms and five and a half baths.
photo by Home Realty
It has a large private dock. For more information 
about this home see here.

Another home on the water, just around the corner from us, 
was featured last year in "Traditional Home".  
I took the above photo (and incidentally, even the inside of their garage is gorgeous.
I walk my dog, Rocky at a snail's pace and gawk when the doors are open).
The following photos are from the magazine.
View of the house from the water

Even though our house is not on the water we
ALL have lovely views of the sunset...
Rocky and I just have to walk across the street 
to the little park to see it.
Do you have a place you like to walk to in your neighborhood?
Best wishes!


  1. love your West Coast perspective--thanks for stopping by Hampton Hostess!

  2. I love the second home and remember when it was featured in Traditional Home. How fun to be able to walk by such gorgeous homes every morning!

  3. Thank you for following your blog! I am following you now too!
    I love this home!! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Lovely homes and neighborhood.

  5. I lived in Huntington Beach for a while and know that all of the homes in this area are stunning even if they aren't on the water. You're so lucky to live there, gorgeous area. These homes truly are stunning, thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  6. I have to say that I'm not really keen on the first house, it's just too big and too "showy" for my liking... the second one looks much nicer. We have a lovely park and museum just round the corner from where we live which is great for little walks - though it would be nice to be near the sea... Wishing you a great week ahead, Love from London xo

  7. i feel the same way about marina del rey. there are houses that are a bazaillion dollars, and then nice apartment complexes like ours. thankfully we are situated on a canal, and i love walking outside by all the pretty sailboats. :)

    gorgeous neighborhood!

  8. Oh, you tease me with your California living. We went to Newport Beach in April and I kept saying to Tim, "Why don't we live here?" It so pretty. I love the home that was featured in Traditional Home.... gorgeous!! xo

  9. The Traditional Home house is definitely my favorite, too. I have a glimpse of it from my bedroom window. Getting ready for another pretty sunset.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous home, but too big in my opinion! Phew! Too much to look after! haha We summered in Newport every year for 20 years. My parents had a beach house condo close to Mutt Lynch's retaurant. We'd roll out of bed and have breakfast there all the time. Miss those wonderful lazy days!

  11. Hi Mary Ann,

    Thanks so much for dropping by! I'm really pleased that you signed up to follow my blog, Comin' Home. I live worlds apart from you but only because that's where we happened to land when we finally bought our first home. :o)

    My mother lives in Huntington Beach, CA and I went to college there, so I know exactly where Huntington Beach is. How fun! Hubby and I took the kids for a home school trip (30 days on the road) and on the way up the coast on Scenic Hwy 1, we stopped to visit my mom. 20 years later it is quite touristy, I must say...but the homes are truly beautiful. We especially loved Northern California along the coast.

    My hubby was from Issaquah, Washington, so I think he never expected to settle in Texas, where he met me. :o) The Sam Houston Nat. Forest is nothing in beauty to Washington State, but it was the closest he could get to.

    I love the forest...and the Texas country..but living near the ocean was just intoxicating! We lived in Vero Beach, Florida for a year and thought we'd died and gone to heaven. But after years in Texas, it was a little claustrophobic (lots of bush..right up to the highway's edge). But the flora, fauna, and the ocean were almost more than a Dallas-ite could even begin to imagine. (I grew up in North Dallas and had never seen a real palm tree.)

    I'm enjoying all the great photos of beautiful homes on your blog! You've made a great start!

    I've actually been blogging several years, but it wasn't until last year that I really understood what blogging was all about. I guess you could say that I finally began to figure out what my blog's purpose was. In many ways, blogging is a journey of self-discovery..and when you finally begin to be the 'real' you..everyone falls in love with your blog. Funny!

    I love your title and your posts and especially your lovely home. I will enjoy visiting you often.:o) I signed up to follow you too.

    Have a great week!

  12. I can't even comprehend $23 million and, you're right, it could use some updating! I saw that home in Traditional Home magazine - how fun that you get to walk by it every day. The exterior is just as charming as the interior.

    Newport Beach sounds like a wonderful place to live (especially since I'm currently surrounded by snow here). :-) Happy Monday!

  13. Oh I'm so jealous - what a beautiful place to live! I love the home in Trad Home as well and could easily move in. Have a great week!

  14. You and Rocky have a beautiful surrounding in which to walk and LIVE! The first home is beautiful but a little to big for my tastes, much prefer the second.

  15. My favorite place in the whole world to travel is Newport Beach! Thank you so sharing these beautiful pics! How lucky are you to be able to walk your dog daily in such beautiful settings... I'm so happy for you!
    I love your blog and will be following!


  16. Just found your blog and am now following! I love the house images above - it's always so interesting to see what other areas of the country have to offer in terms of real estate!

  17. And the sunsets are free! Lovely blog Mary Ann...nice to meet you!

  18. True. And the sunset last night was even prettier.

  19. I would have to say the Traditional Home house is my favorite...it is fabulous, thank you for sharing!!

  20. Aww you are too sweet!! Thank you so much for the mention =)

    Your neighbor's home is truly spectacular, and a feature in TH only confirms that. You are such a lucky girl to live where you do, I'm so envious!!

    xo Linda

  21. ok well it's raining today lol but we have had fabulous weather enjoying your blog as i do love that whole beach vibe...suzanne and thanks for stopping by

  22. Hi Mary Ann, love your neighborhood, the homes certainly match the gorgeous view.
    Love your blog & your kitchen is beautiful, thanks for inviting over for a look!!

  23. Wow, you are so lucky to live there. Id be walking regularly too to get those magical peeks.Love your blog! Fiona

  24. Your neighborhood is awesome...lots of gorgeousness to see every day!!! Love the photos from the second home. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. You have some truly mad talents! I am following for more!!!

  25. What a gorgeous neighborhood you live in. Love that sunset!

  26. Mary Ann,
    Just gorgeous. i love the kitchen and the bedroom!
    Lucky you are to have a beach home.

  27. I like that second house better than the first! We love to walk in our neighborhood and along a nearby canal, nice little naturey walk in the middle of the city. Thanks for stopping by my blog - nice to meet you!

  28. wow! I just love California...thanks for the lovely peak at the sunny side of the states!:)

  29. I'm with Jeanette - MUCH prefer the second house. It's charming and tasteful. Just love your beautiful sunsets. What a beautiful place to live!!

  30. What an awesome neighborhood! I think I'd be outside as much as inside. You're a lucky girl!

  31. Wow! I love the 2nd house! I'd love to live in CA!

    Fun post, sweetie.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  32. Oh my gorgeousness! My best friend lives in Irvine and we've driven through newport beach a few times. The houses are really lovely!

    p.s. Yes weren't the dresses at the Golden Globes fun? I missed it too (esp. since I moved across the world and they show it 24 hours later) but got lots of real time pictures from Twitter and the web!

  33. Beautiful neighborhood!! The featured home in Traditional Home is stunning!!

  34. I'll take the one
    from Traditional Home...
    I'm not greedy...hee hee!
    We live on a street that
    runs along a lake. Our
    house is across the street,
    but I feel like you do:
    I can still see it AND
    the beautiful sunrises
    and sunsets!
    xx Suzanne

  35. Oh I would LOVE to be your neighbor!

    Good news, Andrea and I do the fleas (L.B. and Pasadena) regularly.

    We will soon post our next local event.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  36. Not being a decorator, I would like to have your views on how you would update house no. 1. I think it speaks "quality" throughout, but I would like to know what a trained eye sees that a prospective buyer might not. It would be good information for anyone selling their homes in this market.

  37. Thanks Mary Ann for such a lovely blue post!

  38. Love your blog. Your place reminds me of Coronado in San Diego (my home town that I am NOT living in right now).
    New follower! I'll be back for some more reminders of home.

    Simply Brookes:


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