10 Trends Spotted in NYC

Yesterday, many in the blog universe observed a Day of Silence out of respect for the people of Japan.  With all the suffering in the world, entertainment such as blogging often seems trivial.  Sorrow, however, regarding the tragedy in Japan exists pervasively throughout the internet.  

While in New York City, stop in and see what's happening at ABC Carpet and Home. 
This multi-storied, upscale, eclectic home store never disappoints with the trends of the moment
(or of the recent past).  It's expensive to buy here but fun to explore.

1.  Colorful, hand stitched quilts from India
2.  Geodes
Rock formations with internal crystal formations make one of a kind décor accessories.  
Sorry, not the best shots. (How about the herringbone wood floor?).
3.  Pretty Indian scarves and sandals
4.  White ceramic dishes

5.  Delicate Venetian Glass style cups
6.  Mercury glass containers and carved Buddhas
7.  Pendant lights in multiples

(Netta taking a photo).
8.  More Suzani inspired goods.

9.  Luxurious imported bath textiles
10.  "Color Reform" rugs
The dying of imperfect, vintage carpets from Turkey, India and Pakistan 
gives them new life with intensely bright colors

On the way back to our hotel in vibrant Soho, we stopped at an oasis of quiet,
 Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic store.
Their feminine mood board above.

What do you think of ABC Carpet and Home?  Have you been there?  Would you like to go?

Best Wishes,
Mary Ann


  1. Wow amazing post..what great visuals you posted!! I love ABC, its like a field trip extraordinare for adults! Love the Indian goods, the Venetian glasses (though any I have ever owned I broke within like 48 hours) The feminine mood board is gorgeous...fun, fun fun!!!! Adding you to my blog roll today!

  2. Thanks for the mimi tour of ABC Carpet and Home. Lots of eye candy here. I really love the amazing lighting. Looks like you had a great trip.

  3. I have been to ABC and I love it. It is so inspiring and has such an array of wonderful home goods. I went on a buying trip with a client and we went back to Boston with so many terrific pieces for his home. Fun to go shopping with you! Looks like Rachel's store was great too!

  4. love the rugs! def have noticed the trend of the multiple pendants.. and i've only have white dishware, for years.. so i'm loving that one! :)

  5. What a great place to visit. I have never been there, but it is now on my list of places to visit.
    Thanks for the info!


  6. I explored the ABC store from top to bottom once several years ago. Loved it!I found some of the prices to be high, but still loved the variety of vignettes and so many different styles all under one roof. I would love to go back!

  7. Yes! I would LOVE to go there! It looks like you had a fantastic time!!

  8. Yes i would love to see their store! I love everything in your photos!
    I would love love to see Rachel's store though!!
    Love that prom dress!

    Pamela ox

  9. LOVE ABC Home!! It is a great source of inspiration in so many departments as you show!!

  10. Mary Ann,
    I love this. The china and glass would get me first, and then the rugs and quilts would finish me off! So many beautiful things.
    Against my better judgement, I am headed over, haha.
    Have a wonderful Saturday, and thanks for sharing.

  11. It looks like a lot of fun and a trip worth taking. I love all the dishes and pretty textiles. And I have always wanted to go to Rachel's shop!!


  12. I LOVE ABC Home....you could be there a whole day and then some. It can provide lots of inspiration!

  13. I LOVE ABC Home. It's soooo spendy, but so much fun to browse!

  14. Wow, this knocks my socks off. I would love to go!

  15. I've heard about that store and would love to explore it one day! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I've never been to ABC HOME, thank you so much for the tour. I will definitely Visit Now, It looks like a FUN place to explore!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  17. Looks like some great trends coming up. Looks like a fun place to explore too.

  18. What a great tour...thanks! Some stunning pieces...love the feminine mood board...and that dress...sigh!...Have a great w/end :))

  19. Love ABC. I always forget to go when I am in NYC. I am going on Monday. I should try to make a visit..!! Hope your having a great weekend.

  20. Such a fun place...ABC and New York!! Love the white porcelain.

  21. How much would I love to go there? Such gorgeous things!

  22. I wouldn't mind going to ABC, but more than that- I'd love to go to New York! I've never been (well, when I was a toddler, but that doesn't really count, now does it?). NYC is at the top of my list of USA travel destinations... eventually I will get there (but first, I need to get this baby out of me!).

  23. Mary Ann,

    I love this store and have bought some things (on sale) from it too. It's always so inspiring to go and visit.

  24. Looks like a wonderful outing!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xo

  25. Great field trip. I love those rugs! Dyed such brilliant hues they really take on new life.

  26. i want to go there.
    i love tagging along on virtual shopping trips! i think my favorite trends were the pendants in multiples and the venetian style glasses....both pictures you posted made me catch my breath for a second. beautiful stuff!!

  27. Thank you for the virtual field trip. ABC is on my list for my next trip. What I loooooooooooved most though was your bag! Do you have your purse inside of a bigger purse or is it a shopping bag??? Either way-LOVE IT!

  28. I will take one of everything in this post please. I do love ABC but I have never actually purchased something from there.

  29. Would I love to go there? YES!!!! Should I go there?? N-o-o-o-o-o-o.... I'd be broke in a "New York minute"!! LOL!!! I really enjoyed the virtual shopping trip though and I so look forward to each of your posts!!!

  30. I have never been and feel like I've been cheated in the design world. Their stuff is amazing; I love what you chose to share. I have such a selection of white dishes those would be perfect! What a great shopping trip!

  31. this seems like a cool store, Mary Ann! We don't have them in this area. I'll have to see where the nearest one is located. I like this location's vibe w/the brick walls and loft look...
    ~ Sue

  32. Yes please!! I must go someday! I think I would hyperventilate though :)
    Hope you have a great week!

  33. What a lucky girl you are, a definite 'go to' place in NY. Wish I could have been a bug on your shoulder...so much to drool over.

  34. Seriously... my heart is beating faster looking at those pictures. I really need to get to New York! Beautiful, beautiful post. Look forward to following your great blog.
    Lindsay xo

  35. Mary Ann

    Thanks for taking us along to share in the fun of shopping. Something for everyone is it to early to think of Christmas lists...I think not!


  36. You are making me want to go to NY more than ever! Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!

  37. I love ABC! My sister Al used to work there when she lived in NYC and it was always a blast exploring all of their vignettes whenever we were in town to visit! Looks like it is as beautiful as ever! Great pictures!

  38. Hi Mary Ann. Thanks for sharing these trends. I've been drawn to a lot of these things. Looks like I'm in good company.

  39. I love love those rugs! Thank you for giving me some color inspiration.

    Susan, Love Where You Live

  40. I love ABC. I could stay there all day.


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