Changing Light Bulbs

"Incandescents Going Dark"   According to the Times Tribune.com   
(Text below by David Falcheck)
Our Bedroom Chandelier
"Largely unchanged for a century, Thomas Edison's incandescent bulb with its glowing strand of tungsten will soon be a thing of the past.  Manufacturing of the bulbs will be banned, gradually, starting in 2012 with the high-wattage 100-watt bulbs (note:  it has already been in effect since January in California, see here). The 75-watt bulb will follow in 2013, then the 60- and 40-watt in 2013."
What does that mean for the reading sconces in our kitchen?
Or the comforting glow in my sister's guest room?
Or the lighting in our guest room?

Hey, I am all for improved energy efficiency 
and helping the environment...
but is anyone else concerned about the aesthetics of LED bulbs?  
I have LED bulbs in the outside lights, closets, pantry, laundry room...
but in my lamps and sconces, too?
Will there be small enough bulbs to replace those in the antique sconces that my mother gave us?
Or white and sparkly bulbs like in Rachel Ashwell's chandelier?

 Running low on bulbs, I went Home Depot today to investigate. 
Sure enough, as we are in Californiawhere the 100 watt incandescent 
light bulbs are already banned, none were to be found.  
I bought these new "EcoVantage" bulbs to try.  
 They have a much better look than the spiral 
compact fluorescent bulbs and they are dimmable and turn on instantly.
 This type of bulb is not yet available in blunt or candle tip 
(at least at our Home Depot), but I would imagine they will be as the 
75 and 60 watt bulbs are phased out.
Not bad, right?
On a related note... I bought battery operated wax candles at Pottery Barn 
and placed them is these somewhat difficult to light hurricane lamps.  
 The cool thing is that they are on a timer set to go on at the same time every night for five hours.  
So, I can come home to safely lit, twinkling candles.  Think they look fake?  
Don't answer.  I already spent $19.99 on each candle.  But YOU don't have to make this mistake.
Think these candles are real?  Yes.  
Are you concerned about changing your light bulbs?  


  1. i am definitely sad at the selection of the eco friendly bulbs. i really am not a fan for certain lighting we have in our place. i'm hoping as they phase out the old bulbs someone comes in and "freshens" up the eco designs :)

    happy tuesday!

  2. I would think they'd have to make something decorator friendly. Someone will! They better!! All your lighting choices are beautiful. I love 'em:)

  3. Guess I should run to HD and stock up on light bulbs!! Do you mind sharing where you got those great reading sconces? Exactly what I've been wanting for my son's bedroom. Love your taste!

  4. What a great and thought provoking post. Now that explains why even here though we the ban has yet to be in effect, I have a hard time finding my trust 100 watt bulbs. Am I going to be stocking up, you better believe it! On another note, loving the battery operated candles, first for safety and just a practical solution to an age old problem. I must say I am going to miss my bright lights and i am not sure how many people are aware that this is going to be an extinct species sooner than later...warrants a major stockpile!

  5. In my very personal opinion, eco bulbs make my house look like a fish tank. A house in my neighborhood has all of their exterior lighting done in eco bulbs and it looks like close encounters of the third kind. I do not like.

    On a brighter note, I think it would be wonderful to come home to candles twinkling on the mantle.

  6. That is so funny about the fish tank. Actually, I have LED lights on just the sides of the house...my husband put them there.

  7. The guy at Lowe's told me several months ago that those light bulbs will be a thing of the past. He is stocking up on them for his mom who hates change. I think I am going to start stocking up, too.

  8. Really great lighting ideas!!Thank so much for the tips!

    I have a Giveaway from The Zhush I know you will love!

    Art by Karena

  9. Hubby is looking up Philips to see if they are made in the USA because the spiral ones are made in China. Ge has a factory where I live and they lost a lot of jobs because of the move to China producing the spiral ones. Nope- some made in Holland, Poland and China. Cute post about all the bulbs though.

  10. Yes...definitely concerned ... however today I had more fun looking at all your fixtures and more photos of your house (love the reading area in your kitchen and your guest room!). I'm hoping someone will come up with a design friendly alternative. Great post.

  11. Well change is upon us and it will be interesting to see what happens as production of many items will have to return here due to diasters elsewhere. Innovation comes from needs that are not available elsewhere. So through lack we create anew.

    So basic a need and yet so valuable as a reflection on how we live. I learned about these changes and I have been using full-spectrum light bulbs for years they are still available in many styles. This is an important subject as it effects how we live with colors, design, and lights that highlight our homes.


  12. Yes, I'm concerned. And thanks for the info. I didn't even know this. I love the battery operated candles. I use them and people never guess they are not real.
    Your guest room is so beautiful. Mind telling me the paint color? Forgive me if you've already posted it.

  13. I too have wondered about the bulbs for sconces. My husband was trying to convince me on the last trip to H.D. to get the energy saving bulbs for our outdoor post lights instead of the flame tips we currently have. (they are not attractive) Hopefully they will come up with something by the time everything is phased out. In the meantime, I might be hoarding some bulbs!


  14. No light bulbs should be banned...

    There is no present or future shortage of energy sources for electricity
    justifying telling what paying consumers can use,
    especially since the overall USA energy savings from light bulb regulations
    are less than 1% anyway,
    based on the Dept of Energy’s own statistics ( ceolas.net/#li171x )
    -remember the politicians keep including non-incandescent street and
    industrial lighting in the usual high US usage percentages quoted.

    Much greater, and much more relevant, energy waste savings arise from
    effectively organized electricity generation and grid distribution,
    and from reducing the unnecessary use of appliances:
    rather than from stopping people in their choice of what appliance to use.

  15. We already use LED's in the kitchen where super bright clean light is a necessity. We have them under the cabinets as well as overhead. We use CFL's in the majority of the pot lights in the rest of the house. I like incandescents for the bathroom and our master bedroom where a warmer light is nice, but have a pretty good stockpile of them for the switch.

  16. Above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything else you do. ~Proverbs 4:23

    God bless you and have a nice day :-)

  17. Specialty bulbs such as those used in the chandeliers are safe at the moment. However, 2020 might be a different issue as a second set of restrictions come into play.

    At this time, there is actually one lightbulb company making bulbs in the US. They are 75 watt and really nice.


    1000bulbs has decent prices, they are not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. If you buy in bulk from them, you might call and they could possibly give you a better deal.

    In Central Texas, our main grocery store, HEB, has been doing weird things with their incandescent stock. They are very slow to restock or selling them as fast as they are putting them out. The shelves are constantly empty.

    My Sylvanian Family collection is around 1500 at the moment.

    Also, CFL's are a known fire hazard. More information on PantaRei's site.

  18. Good to know! I love the reading sconces in your kitchen btw!

  19. Rene said exactly what I wanted to say!! I hate eco lighting! I'm sorry, it's just annoying! LED's are the only semi-acceptable version in my opinion.
    I have eco bulbs all over my house, thanks to my green husband :( However, I refuse to put eco bulbs in my chandeliers or pendants, I don't care what the hubby says :)
    We didn't have lighting in our family room for over a year and once we installed recessed lighting (with hubby approved eco bulbs) I realized I was happier in the dark! I just hate that fish bowl glow! I hope eco bulbs will greatly improve over time and then I will reconsider.
    Loved this post!

  20. I should be worrying about the bulbs, but I can only concentrate on your gorgeous lighting!! Love them all Mary Ann!!

  21. Kelle,

    If the recessed lighting will allow for incandescent bulbs, I would say trade them out. The difference and quality will be unmatched. Eco bulbs are generally dimmer and can up to three minutes to reach full output.

    My parents own a clothing salon. I am doing the primary maintenance. The fixtures use 75 watt incans and 45-60 watt floods. We spent almost $1000 on eco friendly bulbs when we first opened four years ago, the most they lasted was two months, along with a couple of pretty spectacular flameouts. I even special ordered another commercial grade set and they only lasted 4 months. I was fed up with changing bulbs all the time and the flameouts worried me. I switched to 10,000 hour incans both the 75 watts and the floods, and the overall light quality was unbelievable, it was night and day.It was so much brighter. All the jewelry and decorations on the clothes now sparkle. Even our customers commented on the difference. Best of all, I haven't had to change a bulb in three years. Don't believe the hype, CFL's are crap.

  22. Mary Ann,
    Great post, quite honestly I hadn't given it the thought that you have. Such good questions and thoughts to ponder. Whew, what next eh?

  23. The LED spiral lights make me sick...I made my husband change them. I am really tired of the whole ECO thing.
    On a different note I love your guest room!!!

  24. Thanks for sharing, I hope the eco-friendly keep improving. I am not a fan of the spiral fluorescent bulbs. Your eco-vantage bulb looks more natural, I hope they keep improving.

  25. The technology for lighting is changing daily. The industry knows what is coming. LED is really not as bad as you might think. There are white colored lamps, they are dimmable, and last FOREVER! The major problem with them is they are so expensive. The fluorescent curly ones are awful. I'm stockpiling!

  26. Dang...I hate change also :) Better start hoarding ha ha! Love that beautiful flush Circa light in your guest room. One of my favs....

  27. I guess my decorating budget (if I had one!) is going towards stocking up on light bulbs! I HATE HATE HATE CFLs. I try to be green in other ways, recycle everything, eat organic, etc but I refuse to use those awful CFLs!!! 1. I hate the way they look.
    2. I am paranoid about breakage because they still have small amounts of mercury in them. I don't care if it is small because any bulb that breaks open with mercury in it is not coming in my house!.
    3. My electrician has always advised against them because of the mercury AND they DO NOT last long like they are supposed to!
    4. Most people are not resposible enough to recycle them so these mercury leaking things are being put in our landfills.
    Ok - enough about the CFL's - I don't know much about the LED's but we did replace our Christmas tree lights with LEDs this year and they were much brighter and looked great. I guess I have to look into LED lightbulbs for the regular lights. At least they are an alternative for the CFLs! In the meantime - I am off to stockpile the regular bulbs! Banning lightbulbs - how rediculous is that!

  28. I know your post was more about LEDs - so I am sorry I was ranting about CFLs! I just re-read my comment and I sounded a little angry...a little to much caffeine today I guess!

  29. I'm glad to see that there is an eco-friendly option that looks and feels like an incandescent. Won't be long before they are available in all sizes. Is the light color comparable to an incandescent?

  30. This is a huge bone of contention in our house. I don't love the new bulbs but my husband HATES them (sorry to have to use the "h" word). He has already started to hoard which is ridiculous because you can't ever have enough. I don't know what's going to happen to the candelabra bulbs - they couldn't possibly expect people to use anything else there.

  31. oh i'm not a fan of the new bulbs. at all. and i have a lot of lamps. i use all 25 watt bulbs so i guess i've got a little time before they are phased out. hopefully by then they've got some better LED options. ug. on a happier note, your sconces in the kitchen nook are gorgeous!!


  32. I cannot tell you how much I dislike the new bulbs, the LED's, whatever. I am stocking up on all the sizes I currently use and pray that they will hang in there with me. :-) The 'new' bulbs are so harsh...just a glare, IMHO.

    Your lighting choices are beautiful!

  33. Yes...I'm very concerned...looks like I need to stock up!!!


  34. I hate the LED and compact ones as well. Sick blue green light! Stock up and sell on the black market in 5 years!! I have them in the garage (wait 10 mins so you can find something) and outside floods and the kids play room. What happens when they break? Call the Hazmat team!!?? Good grief, write your congressman. Battery candles are much better now than when they first came out. Some are even made of real wax on the outside so I'm all for them!

  35. I am not a fan of CLF's(curly ones) at all....I am going to be so frustrated when it all changes..I have been using the energy saving ones like you bought and I like them..I had also heard, if you break the curly ones....you have to leave the room for 15 minutes because of the mercury...scares me!

  36. Yes, I'm very concerned, I hate those new spiral ones and don't know why we have to be forced to by the new! I'm sticking to the old and will try stock up!

    Great post. Happy I found your great blog.


  37. Hi Mary Ann, Thank you for following me!! I'm so happy i found your blog.I just love your gorgeous home. Your kitchen,and dining room is so beautiful. Now i have to go look at your posts. I know i will love it all!!I'm following you too.


  38. I'm definitely concerned if it means getting rid of any of that beautiful lighting! They are gorgeous and wouldn't it just be pathetic to lose them???

  39. Yes, i am concerned about having to use the tacky bulbs. The least they can do is make some pretty ones. The spiral are dangerous if dropped. They had an entire program on one of the national networks about it. I am going to stock up. SOrry.
    I love the battery operated candles. I have some too, and think they are great.
    Now ask me what I think, haha. :(.

  40. Beautiful lighting always makes such a difference...Ax

  41. I hate the spiral bulbs too, and am hoping that in the near future a better solution will be found. The kind people from whom we bought our house left us an entire rubbermaid bin in the basement of old-school lightbulbs - I should start selling them on the black market!

  42. These pictures are gorgeous! And I love those eco-friendly bulbs too. Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  43. You are just full of wonderful ideas today and I have been worried about sconces and other challenges. What about ceiling spots on my veranda and the art lights? I am comforted that there are some new alternatives and that we will not see that hideous swirl in a crystal chandelier!

    Merci, mon amie...

    See you in Paris?

  44. The problem with Compact Flourescent is disposal. I don't think we can assume that people will take care in getting rid of them. I hate the light they give off, hate that they have to warm up, and yes, I am concerned about what to replace the old fashioned light bulb with, especially in vintage fixtures.

  45. I HATE the light that the new bulbs give off. Hubby replaced the light bulb over my bathroom sink with an LED light, and by the time I get my make-up on, it's bright enough to see that I have a lipstick streak across my face. Just sayin'.
    Fondly, Tami

  46. I've been stocking up on light bulbs for awhile now. Hate the light the ugly spiral ones give off and I refuse to buy them. Scary!

  47. You got quite a reaction from your readers on this subject! We have the eco bulbs in lamps and light fixtures where you can not see them. Until they come out with pretty eco bulbs for chandeliers I am not switching. Thanks for sharing this at my party.

  48. I had no idea that they were getting rid of light bulbs?! I hat those new spiral ones, they have the ugliest color of light. YUCK! I like the blue light bulbs that put of a pure white light. I might have to go stock up on a year's supply - that will last 5 years haha.

  49. @Cara you can still get some of the regular ones. the ban only now applies to the 100 watt light bulbs.


    P.S. I found a site that has great prices on light bulbs and fixtures.


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