"Expert" Panel Reports from PARIS

Guess where we are headed this evening?

Ten years ago, for a period of two years, we lived in Paris for my husband's work.
Our children were in second and seventh grades.  Our Boston Terrier was also with us
 (he was the reason we were frequently asked for directions).

We all love Paris and try to go back every year.
(In spite of the exchange rate.  Oops, don't mean to be a downer before we even get there).
Our daughter recently studied abroad at the Sorbonne and NYU/Paris.
This was our apartment in Paris as painted by my cousin, Janice.

classic • casual • home 
will report from Paris with a 
team of "experts"

Monsieur Howard Pickett
Restaurant Critic 
Outdoor Food Market Guide
Excellent French Cook

Madame Mary Ann Pickett
Flea Market Scout
French Home Décor Analyst
Amateur Photographer

Mademoiselle Alexandra Pickett
Vintage French Clothing Shop Guide
Fluent in French Language
Paris Nightlife Reporter 

Monsieur Tommy Pickett
Crepe Stand Aficionado 
PSG Soccer "Futbol" Fan
Mademoiselle Magnet (he can dream)

Mademoiselle Teresa Cunningham
Sister/Aunt/Occasional Drama Queen
Enjoys a Male French Accent
Life of the Party

Unable to Attend:
Monsieur Rocky
Melts even the Most Superior Parisians
Welcomed in the Finest French Restaurants 
Has A Previous Engagement in San Diego 

Stay tuned.  A bientôt, mes amis.
Mary Ann

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  1. Bon Voyage! I am sure this is going to be wonderful! I'll stay tuned for reports from you and your colleagues!


  2. This is such a darling post! I AM JEALOUS!
    Have a wonderful time, Mary Ann, and keep us posted.

  3. Poor Rocky
    He looks French to me
    Wonderful Post have a great time

  4. Have a fabulous time, mon amie! I'm looking forward to the french decor, photography, vintage clothing and crepe stand reports :)

    Safe travels,

  5. Have a wonderful visit! I will be taking copious notes for a future visit myself!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so jealous!!! so, soooo jealous!! Have a wonderful time! My favorite place in the world!
    Also, you have a beautiful family! :)

    Bon voyage,

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  8. Did you seriously have to post the weather forecast to really rub it in our faces that not only are you lucky enough to be going to Paris..BUT you are extra lucky to be getting picture perfect weather too!!!!!!!! All I can say is.....Bon voyage mademoiselle! Wow am I jealous (but only in the kindest way possible) I would sooo love to be boarding a plane today for Paris. Enjoy and please take in all the beauty for us mere mortals stuck here on U.S. turf. Kind of sounds boring and anti climatic....just love France what can I say? Looks like you are in excellent company (and you are all a good looking bunch, you do America proud) with so many "experts" in tow! Au revoir!

  9. And please dont forget to bring Monsieur Rocky a special souveneir home. He sounds like a busy little man to have such social engagments to have to turn down a trip to Paris....busy guy!

  10. Very cute post!! I love all the little write ups on everyone. I am looking to forward to everything you have to tell about your trip. I only wish I was going also.
    Have a GREAT time!!

  11. I just can't believe the weather there either. Guess is cools off later in the week...but still.

  12. Oh I am so jealous! First of all to be going to Paris ... and then to have all those experts accompanying you! Have a wonderful time.

  13. This is great! Pretty accurate captions might I add. Have fun & boire beaucoup!

  14. Have a wonderful time!!! I'm jealous!
    Your Paris apartment must have been a dream!!!
    Can't wait to hear about your trip!!

    Pamela xo

  15. Oh Sweetie...
    I am SO tickled pink for you all. What a wonderful time you will have. It is always fun to go back and remember when??

    I would love it if you would send me a postcard. Especially from Paris. Pleeezzzzz.

    I will be watching and waiting for your posts. What fun. If you missed it you must read my post prior to Pink Saturday, at the very bottom is the MOST precious plague I found for our front door. It says, A House is NOT a Home Without A Boston Terrier. We have our little Bruiser. He is almost 10 years old now. He has been the best critter we have ever had, and YES he does rule the house, or we let him think that he does.

    Have a glorious time in Paris sweet friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  16. Have a wonderful time and safe trip!


  17. Oh Paris!
    Make sure you take lots of pictures so that we can enjoy your adventure!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  18. can't wait to see pics from YOUR adventure! btw- way better than mine! be safe! xoxo's nancy

  19. Have a GREAT trip! enjoy the weather, you are so lucky!!!!

  20. How great is this post, Mary Ann!!! Adore the profiles you gave each family memeber. I am so jealous you're going to Paris, my favorite place in the entire world!!! I must get back there soon, but in the meantime I will live it through you! xo

  21. Have a great time...we will be waiting for a full report!!! I hope your son gets his fill of Crepes!!! We have them every Sunday morn.....it's a Vintage Vine home tradition..my son's love them too!!!

  22. Sounds like such a fun family trip!! I can't wait for all your reports from your charming team of exterts!! And by the way, your children are beautiful and handsome respectively!!

  23. Lucky family! Have a great time! LOVE your BT

  24. You have picked a perfect time to come, the weather has been about 70) with loads of sunshine for the past 10 days! The cafés are bursting at the seams with people watchers.
    Bon voyage!

  25. Oh how wonderful! make happy memories!Hugs and sending wishes for a peaceful Sunday.

  26. I was in Paris 29 months ago.... I was about a week pregnant ( unbenoths to me at the time with baby #5) it was magical and I am pineing to go back ASAP :)))))))

  27. Enjoy Mademoiselle MaryAnn, can't wait to see all of the beautiful pictures that you will be taking. I've never been there but really want to go one day. I have family in Brittany and would love to see where 1/2 of my family is from. Amusez-vous bien!
    Marianne :)

  28. How wonderful!! Your team of experts are quite lovely & handsome. I know you're going to have a marvelous trip and can't wait for updates.


  29. Have a wonderful trip! How fun!

  30. i am 1000% jealous! :) have an amazing amazing time

  31. That is SO cool! That you lived there, that you're going back, that you have an expert "team". Have fun!

  32. have a great time! cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back. xo

  33. Mon Dieu!! le pauvre Rocky! Sounds like a fantastic trip, I am so excited for you. Bon voyage!

  34. This is such a sweet post. I love the way you introduced us to the whole family. Can't wait to until the 'reports' roll in. :o)


  35. Oh my goodness - this is the cutest post EVER!!! I am sure you are having the best time!! So jealous - good thing I am not there since I am sure between Howard and myself we could do some major damage at the markets!!!

  36. I am reading all these backwards......I hope...no I know you will have a blast.


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