What's in your wallet? And "Beach Farmhouse" Tour

Yesterday, I lost my wallet.  
During the day, I locked my purse in my car trunk while I volunteered 
as a guide at the Newport Harbor High School Home and Garden Tour.

The NHHS Tour was a fun part of the day.
the husband's study...
Interior Designer:  Erin Harmon
The homeowners describe their style as "Beachy Farmhouse."  
We live in Newport Beach, Ca.
Tabletop by Gatehouse, Costa Mesa
Love the reclaimed wood floors and stairs.
Love the LOVE.

I would cover up "23" with my wine glass.

Handpainted mural in nursery

Nice little desk in the guest room

The next homeowner describes her style as "European Beach Farmhouse."
Landscape architect and Interior Design by Karen Fabian Designs
Tabletop by Bliss Home Design Love this kitchen nook and the lighting
Pretty teen-aged girl's room.
Good design with relatively inexpensive ceramic and glass tiles.

Happy office in an unattached guest house.

Outdoor dining room

Back to my wallet.  The last place I recalled using it was at J. Crew for these...
but they said they did not have it.
(on sale $14.99)

Note:  If you are in a hurry, skip the next paragraph. 

So, a massive car cleaning ensued followed by house cleaning, praying
another car inspection, going through trash.  Depression.  Listing credit cards 
and making an appointment online to get a new driver's license.  
Reviewing checking and Amex accounts online--no activity.  Self loathing.  
Teen-aged son and buddies belt out "So, you had a bad day, you're takin' one down..."  
Crack a smile.  Start reading about identity theft protection on the internet.  
Talk to sweet, out-of-town husband.  Says he'll buy me a new wallet.  
Go to bed and vow to make all the cancellation calls in the am.

Next morning.  Call J. Crew one more time.  You sure you don't have my Burberry wallet?
"Oh yeah, it's here in the right hand drawer." Huh?

Moral of the story:  Photo copy all the contents of your wallet and 
call the last place you think you left something--twice. 

Oh happy day!
Interior designer Erin Harmon
Best wishes,
Mary Ann

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  1. Phew! So glad they had your wallet! I lose things all the time. I could honestly move into that first house tour you shared without changing a thing. So classic and beachy without being too obvious. I, too, love the reclaimed stairs. PERFECTION!

    I hope you're doing well!

  2. LOVE IT ALL and so glad you found your wallet!

  3. So glad you found your wallet! I bet you had an emptyness in the pit of your stomach. It is a very scarey thing, I know!
    Love all the rooms!


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  5. I am breathing such a sigh of relief for you right now you have no idea, kind of like when you did for me last Sunday when I found Teddy :) See- we all have each others backs! I sooo know that feeling of the dreaded "LWS"(lost wallet syndrome) where you feel like the biggest flake known to mankind, yep been there AND done that. Only to have it found..BEST feeling ever!!!! ANYTHING and I stress ANYTHING short of selling my house to avoid going to the dreaded motor vehicles!!!!!!! OMG that place is one place I really feel freaked out in, don't know if its just ours here but its really really creepy.....so I am sooo happy it was found!!!!
    Onto the wonderful rooms...love the spaces, the first few felt very 'boatlike" and I loved the vibe, the rich dark polished woods, great looking. Great looking bath with the white marble hexagons, such a classic look. Love the breakfast room nook that you liked, so pretty and inviting...and all the outside spaces were done really well. Enjoyed seeing it all!! So happy your day had a happy ending!

  6. Dear Mary Ann,

    Beautiful home.

    The same thing happened to us last week
    except it was the camera. We thought that
    we had lost it. More importantly the
    photo card with the last 9 months of my
    daughter's life (along with video). You
    know they say to back it up! Well, I listed
    a link to two unlimited photo storage web
    sites on my blog and we will be doing just that along with putting our name inside the camera bag?

    Have you put your name inside your camera bag?

    I'm so glad that you found your wallet.

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

    Best Regards,

    Coastal Blue Ocean

  7. Gorgeous spaces, I especially loved the outdoor dining area.

    Thanks for the reminder about photocopying credit card and other info. I'll be doing that ASAP.


  8. Beautiful homes! Thank goodness you found your wallet, I think I might still be concerned that information was compromised.

  9. Beautiful homes. I love the look in both places. And thank goodness you called back. Something must have made you think twice about it...that was good karma. Thankfully you had not cancelled your cards yet. Nothing worse than losing your wallet. Well - I guess the whole purse would be worse. That could be a really expensive loss!

  10. First of all those damn J Crew employees....I would have had to "bow" up on them! But I guess you were so relieved you let it slide. My gosh that was some tour. Love the navy walls...that kitchen dining area and the outside dining area.
    Good lesson to photo copy everything in your wallet. Wine celebration after the good news :)

  11. I feel your pain! Something happened to me at neighborhood pool up north. I called and they said no luck. A little voice said go in person and sure enough it was in a drawer in life guard office?
    I also had my card stolen by a waiter at a restaurant in Charlottesville , Va. He said he gave it back to me ( had kids with me and he probably thought I would think it was me being ditsy?) wrong! I told the manager and they found the card in his backpack:(
    Love love love reclaimed wood steps:))
    So happy all ended well :)

  12. So many gorgeous spaces on the tour! I can imagine how relieved you are to have your wallet!

  13. Oh i am glad you got your wallet back..that's scary!

    I love these homes but i think the first was my favourite!!

  14. So glad they had your wallet. What a relief. Both of the houses are fabulous. Love their style and decor. Hugs, marty

  15. Hi Mary Ann, Wow--those are two simply gorgeous homes! I love them both but especially the beachy/farm house.

    My sympathies to you on the wallet loss. We've been there twice. Once my purse was stolen. Tim lost his wallet on the plane with way too much cash. But honestly, it's the identity theft part that makes most of us really nervous.

    I'm glad it all turned out so well in the end. PTL!


  16. Those homes are so stunning! The dining spaces and the bedrooms are dreamy! I am so glad you got your wallet back! It is a worry to think how much we rely on what is inside them! X

  17. Beautiful homes! I'm sure you had a very successful home tour. They all have nice touches, my fave is the mural above the crib. So cute. Glad you found your wallet. My thing to lose is my keys!

  18. These are just gorgeous! That first house is calling my name! I'm so glad they had your wallet! How scary. I would have been losing my mind!

  19. Great advice to copy everything and so glad you found your wallet.

  20. Thanks for the home tour - fabulous! Okay... I had the SAME THING (well kind of) happen with my driver's license. Lost it somewhere - called the places I had been - NO ONE had it. Was pretty sure it had to be at CPK but they said no (twice). Called and made the appointment to get a new license ... they told me I would NOT have to take a new photo - just come in and do the paperwork so I went down to the DMV after working out at the gym (no makeup / bad hair) and of course they told me that I DID have to have a new photo. Hmmm. So I got my new license, and the next time I was at CPK decided to check AGAIN. Yep.. it was there. I was so happy to get it back because the new one had a bad photo so I just used the old one. The funniest thing was I when I got pulled over later for a traffic violation the cop asked me for my license which I started to give him, then had to stop myself (old one with the cute photo) and get the other one and he caught me and said, "Wait, that is your license" and I had to tell him that I had two, one cute, one ugly. At least he laughed.

  21. Good advice Coastal Blue about putting your contact info with your camera. Sherri, did you still get a ticket even with the cute photo?

  22. Oh, I'm so glad you found your wallet! I know how much of a hassle that can be! The homes you showed are gorgeous! I love all the lighting in the first home and the chic office in the second! :)

  23. First of all, so glad your wallet turned up. What a panic! Second, loved the homes in the tour. Both with great style and perfect for the beach area.

  24. These are such beautiful homes! I really love the dark walls of the first one and wonder if I will ever be daring enough to try that in my own house?
    So glad you found your wallet. Phew!

  25. Very glad you found your wallet Mary Ann. I can relate. Last year after being in London for two weeks I left my wallet on the plane as we landed in Chicago. Realized it in the airport parking lot. Ran back inside and spent 2 hours waiting of them to contact the cleaning crew, the hanger crew how took the plane to the hanger for the night, etc, etc, etc. It never turned up. Gone. I was sick. Cancelled the 1 credit card I had but was out $120 in cash. Such a horrible feeling.
    Love your post too!

  26. Thank goodness you found your wallet! I have the same issue except it's with my keys!! argh! I loved this tour, these homes are gorgeous, I love the bedspread with yellow and grey and that green and white rug. all so pretty. Now that I moved up north, I am a bit nostalgic for Newport, Laguna and Balboa.

  27. Mary Ann, so glad you found your wallet!! That is such an ordeal!

    Thank you for the tour of these great beach homes. I lived in San Diego 13 years!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  28. Oh gosh, glad you called back and they had your wallet. I've lost my wallet in the past and it was such a horrible experience.

    Thank you for sharing these homes - they are so lovely and I'd never heard of anything like "beach farmhouse" but I like it! ;O)

  29. Glad you found your wallet. That's a time consuming process as well as frustrating.....What a lovely home tour!

  30. Heading to the printer to copy everything right now...such a sinking feeling we all can relate to but with a happy ending!!!

    Thanks you for sharing the beautiful photos of the home tour!


  31. Mary Ann, So glad you got your wallet back! I not only done this once but 3x! Damm Menopause!It is the worst feeling. I too have been lucky to get it back, great idea about photocopying! The homes are gorgeous thanks for sharing!

  32. So glad they had your wallet...I've actually lost my license...no idea where it is, and am rather upset about having to go to the DMV...:( Anyway...lovely photos, every aspect of that house is gorgeous...love all of the bedrooms!

  33. So glad you found your wallet! I can relate to all the feelings. The photos are gorgeous ~ sooooo ready for a beach. :-)


  34. Great post! fabulous houses! and the only thing that would stop me from KILLING them at J Crew is the high I would get from getting my wallet back...pauvre Mary Anne.

  35. Loved this post! Glad you found your wallet too! I had that happen on a nightmare flight...it fell out of my bag on the plane I think above us in the luggage compartment...total nightmare. My grandfather some 20 years ago gave me a good luck $1.00 bill when I moved to London for a bit and that was the worst part losing that dollar that said "god speed". I remember needing a dollar at the laundry mat years ago and couldnt put that dollar in the quarter maker machine:) Went home with wet laundry...Ok, just a TAD off topic! Have a great day!

  36. What a fun house tour! Loved these photos. And I'm so glad you found your wallet. I hate when that happens!

  37. That house is amazing, thank you for sharing! So glad you found your wallet :)

  38. Hi Mary Ann,

    SO glad that you got your wallet back!! Had mine stolen a couple of years ago and it is a royal pain to replace everything!! Excellent idea about photocopying all the contents!! The photos you took are gorgeous!!!

  39. What a relief! So glad you found your wallet! Thanks for posting this beautiful home tour. I enjoyed every photo!

  40. Talk about anxiety producing, so glad you got the wallet back.

    The first house is a dream come true, I wouldn't change a single thing.

  41. What a beautiful home...read the last paragraph holding my breath...so glad they found it!!

  42. i'm so glad you found your wallet. :)

    these are just fabulous and so elegant!
    all of the rooms look so welcoming.

    thanks for this lovely pictorial tour to a home called heaven!
    i love those photos very much!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    P.S. thanks for the follow, following you right back.
    your blog is super awesome!

  43. Gorgeous photos, love it all! Sorry about the lost wallet stress. So glad it had a happy ending. Great tip to photo copy your wallet contents too. Big Hugs!

  44. So glad you didn't lose your wallet! Oh, and FYI, that EWG database does include nail care products as well and hair and makeup products.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  45. At least you found it! I'm happy with that! I think I'd go nuts if I loose mine!

    I loveeeee these houses, especially the 1st one. Wow!
    @jenramos I just launched 13 NEW paintings - check them out here: http://www.cocoaandhearts.com

  46. Gee... what just happened on my comment?? LOL

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  47. Beautiful house, pure classic. My favorite part is the kitchen nook. Thanks for useful tips on copying cc and id.

  48. PHEW! So glad you found your wallet! I love the banquette, farm table and bench in the European Beach Farmhouse, and that gorgeous light in the teen's room!!! So inspiring and fun to see these photos - thanks for sharing!

  49. The house is beautiful!! I use to have a lamp that looked just like the bedside lamps in the bedroom with the green and white rug. It was from the 60's and I rescued it from our lake cabin to keep it "safe". Of course I broke it like 2 months later. :(

  50. Are you kidding me!? It was there the whole time. OH BOY ! I am so happy you found the wallet !
    Those photo's are so cool. I am in love with the kitchen nook and that lighting as well!
    Have a pretty day!

  51. What gorgeous rooms!! I'm loving that office too!! and the ladies print above the bed in the first bedroom!!

  52. So glad you finally found your wallet - what a pain cancelling all those things! My husband always manages to lose his cell phone and then finds it right after the new one arrives!

    Those rooms are amazing! I don't think I can pick a favorite although the husband's study is just about as perfect as it gets! Love those bedrooms too!

  53. The pits, then relief, then totally annoyed that the first person you spoke to did not look for it and help you! Yuck, but glad you found it! Love the space too! M.

  54. I am photocopying my wallet tomorrow...I used to do this from time to time, but ever since moving here (and it's almost 2 years, still have CT driver license) I have not updated the info...this is great advice. I'm so happy you found your wallet!

    Love the home tours! I especially loved the eating nook with those fabulous pendants.

  55. fun tour, and soooo glad you (they;) found your wallet!


  56. So glad you found your wallet!
    I love these images, Mary Ann. The first home is my favorite. So beautifu.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week.

  57. Love the flips from J Crew!

    Great homes!! WOW - LOVE!!!!

  58. Oh and PS
    The wine glass over the 23.....
    I hear ya!!

  59. Nice photos from a dramatic day!

  60. Hi -- my first visit to your lovely blog. My husband and I adore Newport Beach. Our daughter lives in LA but when we visit we stay in your area, despite the difference -- it's worth it to us!

    Love the show house -- we are renovating our beach house on eastern Long Island and I love the navy blue and white of this house; very striking.

    Congrats on getting back your wallet... Cass

  61. OOps .. I meant "despite the distance," not "difference." Our week of rain is mildewing my brain.

  62. The homes are beautiful. Very inspiring! So glad you found your wallet. I'd be so scared too!

  63. Ugh... a lost wallet creates instant panic... so glad J. Crew had it after all. I LOVE this house, especially the office and dining room & the location definitely doesn't hurt!! xo

  64. Love, love the first room..., nautical crispness at its best!

  65. And I'm glad your wallet turned up..., funny..., and good that it was found by honest folks.

  66. PS. Forgot to mention that despite my frustration with the J.Crew gang...all the cash (about $30) was still there.

  67. So glad your wallet turned up. I've had scares like that before, and the call to the hubs is my most dreaded one. I hate feeling like a scatterbrain, not that he's ever upset, but I just don't like it.

    Love the home tours. Such great ideas from both homes. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Glad you got your wallet back! Lovely pics of the house tour. Thanks so much for stopping by BC Good Life Wednesdays and joining the linky party!

  69. Love love love all the images in this post. Thanks for taking us on the tour!

    And so glad you got your wallet back.

  70. great fun this post, all's well that ends well!

  71. A great tip someone told me once is to take all the cards from your wallet and scan them front and back. Then put that piece of paper in a safe place. If you ever lose your wallet, you will have all your important numbers and the contact info to cancel your credit cards all in one spot.

    If it were me, the fact the wallet "wasn't there" one day and suddenly showed up the next would be enough for me to get new credit cards and keep a watch for identity theft. Good luck with everything being okay.

    Beautiful home. I love that desk and the room with the green and white rug!

  72. I am so drooling. So gorgeous. I love every detail - especially the kitchen nook and LOVE sign.

  73. Glad you found your wallet... I was on this home tour and this was one of my favorite homes!

    You took some beautiful pictures!

  74. Hi Mary Ann, I toured this house with you! My friend and I were the first ones in! It was our tour favorite!
    Congrats to your son on his graduation and quick transition into college.
    And your neighbors' house...Bentley?
    Love seeing my town on your blog!

  75. Hi Mary Ann

    We came across your blog with Karen's home tour pictures on it. We are so happy you enjoyed her home.

    Karen Fabian Designs

  76. You still may want to keep an eye on the credit cards for a while...

  77. Hi, do you have any idea what the name of the blue paint is in the first picture?? thanks!


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