Now This is Exercising!

Recently, I took my daughter, Alie to where my friends and I 
climb the stairs in Newport Beach, California.
  Alie lives in New York City and was visiting for a long weekend.  As she bounded up 
the stairs, she said "Mom, this would be an interesting blog entry."
My friends and I come here for exercise twice a week.  
To be honest, it never seems to get any easier.
As we go up and down, we listen to each other's concerns and joys...
and are always mindful of the beauty surrounding us.
The neighborhood at the bottom of the first set of stairs is called China Cove.

The bluff in Corona del Mar...
We walk to the end of the jetty. 
The waves crashing in the distance are at a famous bodysurfing spot called 
The pounding surf breaks so closely to the shore; 
it can be a dangerous place for inexperienced swimmers.

More stairs...

Finished exercising. Breathe deeply. Feel thankful. 

On Saturday, this photo was taken at another vista overlooking the back bay;  
our son with his date for the high school prom. 
Best Wishes,
Mary Ann

PS.  The day after our walk, Alie could not figure out why her calves were sore?  
I guess she forgot she was actually exercising!

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  1. I think I might even forget I was exercising in such a gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your son is so handsome and what a cute couple he and his date make. Kathysue

  2. We do live in a beautiful place but it's raining right now! That's quite a surprise! I hope your son had fun at the prom. I miss those days. Enjoy.

  3. Does it count if you start at the top and just go down? lol, eriously, what a beautiful place! I love being near the water. Your son is so handsome!

  4. I am sooooooo jealous that THAT is where you get to excercise!! The views and the surrounding area are breathtaking and take me back to the times we have spent in my favorite state, California! Love that, and though I am sure those stairs are killer (can only imagine) at least you are getting to take in fresh air, hang with friends and be surrounded by beauty while you do it together.
    PS Son looks very dapper going to his prom!

  5. Oh, I need to convince my family to move to Cali! :-) I can't imagine a better place to live... honestly!

    The good thing is that you know that you're blessed to be there. That's the most beautiful thing about this post. I feel happy for you. :-)

    Wishing you a very blessed week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. You live among such beauty out there!!! And keep doing those stairs!!!

  7. Beautiful images! I wish I was there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Great times!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Your son looks handsome.

    Have a great day.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  9. What a handsome couple! They look much older then high school!
    I love Newport Beach. I have an Aunt that lives there. We have been out a few times and is is beautiful. You are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.


  10. Mary Ann, these images are amazing! Such beauty all around you.
    Your sun and his date look lovely. They grow up too fast, don't they?
    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Absolutely breathtaking area! If I could, I'd move to CA in a heartbeat. So beautiful, the temps are perfect and being near the water would be constant "therapy" for me. :-) Thanks so much for sharing! It's hotter than Hades here and one cannot enjoy being outside due to the heat and humidity.

    Your son is very handsome!

  12. You live in pure paradise! What a great way to get some exercise and spend time with friends. I hope you son had a great time at prom!

  13. Mary Ann,

    Great outdoor shots. Many blessings: good friends to excercise with, great place at the ocean to cast your cares, body conditionings that's the best for you and two great kids that share ideas and special moments. Sounds like this California gal's got it going on...lol


  14. Alie was right; it is a good idea for a post! What gorgeous views you have.

    Happy Blue Monday, Mary Ann!

  15. That's beautiful! I might exercise every day with views like that!

  16. Just gorgeous! What a wonderful place to get in your calorie burn. One of my favorite places to get in a good calf burn is on the steps lining the Watkins Glen gorge. There's nothing like enjoying vistas while getting in some exercise. Love the prom picture, too. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I'm wishing I could pack a bag and visit those spots! Gorgeous photos!

  18. I might could exercise if I could go here! Beautiful! And exercising with friends always makes it more enjoyable.

  19. Got an email early this morning from Alie saying "the P.S. was embarrassing." Hey, she really does read my blog! California would be perfect (if it weren't for the high taxes, congestion, earthquakes, bankrupt state gov., etc). Great weather though!

  20. I just came from a power walk around the city here...nothing like where you are....but anyways....getting out into nature..hearing the birds..seeing blue water...and chatting with friends is really the best way to exercise. I don't think we were meant to walk on treadmills like rats do in experiment labs....that being said, I do own a treadmill and use it in the winter months...along with my very cold nature walk!

    thanks so much for sharing...I'm glad to hear you have such a nice time with your daughter..and yes, she was right..this was a good thing to post about!

    ciao bella


  21. What a beautiful place to exercise! My luck would be that I'd be so busy looking at the scenery that I'd miss a step and fall! Hehe! Glad you and your daughter were able to spend some time together and your son is so handsome.

  22. There's no better way to exercise than in a beautiful location-and you found a gorgeous one. Speaking of gorgeous, what a gorgeous couple your son and his date made for their prom.

  23. I think I might actually ENJOY working out if I could do it in a setting like that! Lucky you!

  24. I'm exhausted just looking at all those stairs! The views are certainly lovely and it's nice that your daughter got to experience this with you.

    Your son certainly looks grown up - they sure do mature fast...where does the time go?

    Have a great week.


  25. Thanks for participating in this week's Creative blog hop! You have a GORGEOUS blog! Not only am I now pining for fresh air and ocean, but I am drooling over your new loft office!

    I signed on as a new follower and hope you'll join mw at Create With Joy.

    Have a fabulous week!


  26. Hi Mary Ann! Greetings from another Newport Beach girl. I grew up 1/2 block from the Wedge. We used to swim across the Bay to China Cove. Fun memories! The Lookout Point Stairs would probably kill or cripple me today! Ha Ha! So glad to find your blog. Have loved the pics of NHYC, etc. Keep up the great work! Hugs, Chris

  27. I'm not sure what overwhelms me more - the beauty of the area or the number of steps!! What a fabulous place to spend time with friends! Your son is adorable by the way - I'm sure he had a great time!!

  28. lovely area..lovely photo of your son and his date!
    cheryl x

  29. It looks so pretty and sunny down there. No June glum? How wonderful!! Beautiful photos :)

  30. I'm over from La Dolfina to say hello. I have climbed the stairs you show and it is definitely a great workout! Gorgeous area and the perfect place for a morning climb.
    I also love your office area in your previous post. Lovely.

  31. The steps are such a great exercise and with such rewarding views! I LOVE where you live! We both have daughters in the Big Apple and a son still in high school. I have an older son as well,l living in DC. Handsome prom couple. We have visited several CA spots, have not made it to Newport Beach yet though. Always have heard it was pretty and you proved it! CIndy

  32. What a stunning place! I love the coast of California when I visited the US, so gorgeous, warm and sunny, just like the people we met!!!! X

  33. Oh, how I wished I lived there! We could walk together!! I loved Newport so much when I visited. Your son is so handsome, you must be so proud. xo

  34. I tried to comment several times yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me... ugh! Anyway, I just wanted to say that exercise would be a lot less painful with views like that! My friend just moved to California temporarily, and I'm really hoping to get out there during that time. After seeing your gorgeous photos, I promptly began searching for decent airfare :)

    Very handsome son you have there :)

  35. Now that looks like a walk, but so much beauty around you must make it so enjoyable. Only, if I were along for the walk, I think I would stare out at the ocean for a while to daydream. Coming form Kathy's Cottage.


  36. What a beautiful way to exercise - with friends and in such a gorgeous area!
    It's nice that your daughter reads your blog, it means a lot, and your son is handsome!

  37. Ha! I love what Kathleen Grace said!
    What a gorgeous place to get some exercise. I have a spot like this along the lake that I refer to as my sanctuary. I never feel like I'm exercising there ;) Thanks so much for sharing!

  38. wow....beautiful pictures....love the scenery....u have a very sweet blog


  39. I would exercise all the time with view like that. WOW!

    Your son is very handsome and his high school prom date is cute.

    Your new follower

  40. What a beautiful spot you live in. I go hiking in the mountains in Vancouver with friends and feel the same. It's the only way I forget that it's actual exercise since we're too busy talking:)

  41. Mary Ann,

    Alie was right...this did make for an excellent post. I've been to part of the area you've shown us, but feel like I need to go back. I did not even see China Cove. We went about a week ago after Bar Method to check out the Wedge from the CDM side. It is a beautiful spot...we do live in paradise.

    Your son is so handsome and they make a cute pair!


  42. Fabulous stairs! And the view is spectacular! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  43. A beautiful spot to exercise or do anything for that matter! If you can exercise with friends; life is much better. I meet my girlfriend twice a week, also and I consider it therapy on so many levels.

  44. Now that view and blue sky would make exercising so much easier...beautiful pics. Love from London xo

  45. What a beautiful place to spend some time and get the benefit of exercise. Totally jealous. How many steps in all?

  46. Oh, what a gorgeous place to exercise! Love that. The ships on the ledge aren't to bad to dust with a swiffer.:)

  47. Mary Ann, how blessed you are to live in that part of the country! It's so beautiful and the fact that you walk their with your friends , chit chat and enjoy that beauty is wonderful!! We had such an amazing time visiting there!

  48. What a wonderful way of exercising and spend time with friends. Love that view!
    I, in the other hand have a treadmill in a gym. haha

    I'm having a new series staring today. I would love if you come and give me your take. Have a great weekend!

  49. LOVE that you do that and how nice that you have friends to walk/climb with you! I used to ride my bike to the pyramid at Cal State Long Beach and then walk 1000 steps (up and down). It is the BEST exercise. You have inspired me to start up again - so much better than doing the stairmaster at the gym!

  50. What a beautiful place to exercise. I wouldn't mind that and I think you don't have the heat and humidity we do. Your energy level gets sucked out of you here.

  51. Hey I'm in your neck of the woods, er beach :) I love to walk in corona del mar and those stairs and hills are definitely an amazing workout. I dont go nearly as often as i'd like, its certainly more fun with a freind.....and we're new here, so I'm working on that part! But thats probably one of my favorite spots in the area. Gotta love southern california, except for all the stuff you mentioned. Coming from Idaho, its definitely something I've been very aware of.
    P.S. do we get the earthquakes here? we've only been here a month and a half, and I guess i havent found that out yet!
    Enjoying reading your blog.

  52. Oh please the next time I come down can we meet and do this? My husband and I would love this!!!
    Wow are you blessed!
    Your son and his date are perfection.

  53. Oh my God... you're son is unbelievably cute. The blog was alright, but jeez would you ming posting his phone number? I wish to see him.


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