"Pillow Addict" • First in the Saturday Series

Yes, I admit it.  I am a Pillow Addict.  Are you?

My friend, Debbie from Carlson Crew Home has the same addiction, too.  
Here, in her living room are her Spring pillows. 
The pillow in the center is from a vintage hand painted silk kimono.
These are her more formal "winter" pillows.
She found the crewel pillows (with double rows of trim)
 on sale and had the mini leopard print cut velvet pillow made.

 Note:  if you have more than one set of pillows 
for any given room, you ARE a Pillow Addict (also known as a  "Pilloholic").
Here is another pillow from a vintage Japanese kimono mixed with Fortuny fabric.  They are 
working on their new website but if you are interested in more information about these pillows, 
contact Debbie at carlsoncrewhome@gmail.com.

I bought these limited edition pillows from Carlson Crew Home for our ski condo.

I love the rustic linen for the mountains (or at the beach..or anywhere casual).
Speaking of our Mammoth mountain condo (decorated on a budget),
I bought these cheerful guest room pillows and duvet at IKEA.  One side is embroidered with flowers
and the other in coordinating stripes with cute buttons ($19.99 including feather insert).

And back to Debbie's fab pillows...

Notice the fine coordinating trim and flat welt piping at the end of the bolster?
Nice details.

In the meantime, stay tuned on Saturdays for the new "Pillow Addict" series.

You may be surprised (well, probably not) who is coming out of the closet next!

Best Wishes,
Mary Ann

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  1. Those are some gorgeous pillows! I love pillows too and make most of mine. I've started making pillow 'slips' for my forms so I can change them out easier!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. All the pillows are just lovely!!!! I love them, too. Now...what do you suggest we do with them when guests sit down? The pillows on the bed, I stack them neatly, but still... what do we do with all these pretties?! :-)


  3. Major-ly GUILTY! ... with rolls of fabric purchased to make a zillion more... boxes of inserts in a closet...pathetic!

  4. Those cushions are stunning! It is amazing how the fabrics and styles can lift your spirits! I love the way that we can change all our cushions and get a totally new look! Brilliant! So.... yes.... I am also addicted to cushions! X

  5. Yep, its confirmed I too am a bonafide pillow addict. And I don't want to do anything about it:) Love pillows...sofas and beds would be so boring without them and as you have shown above, they can totally change the look of a sofa! I love your friends pillows (and room for that matter) and love yours also....those from Carlson Crew are gorgeous!
    Thanks for the "diagnosis", and glad to know I have company!

  6. It's definitely an addiction! I even have two sets of decorative cushions for my deck furniture. I decided to count how many I have in my rooms and in storage - 68, and that's after I just donated a large box!
    Both you and Debbie have some beautiful pillows-thanks for sharing!

  7. Hmmmm...some gorgeous pillows here. Love the ones for your ski condo and the ones from Ikea! That just says pillows really aren't about $$$.....!

  8. I'm a cushion fan too...I have way too many but I can't stop buying them! Glad to see I'm not the only one!

    Best wishes,

  9. Did somebody say pillows???? Just ask my husband, I LOVE PILLOWS. I say they can make or break a room. I'm on the hunt right now for some new ones for my living room. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your adventures in decorating.

  10. I am laughing at your term pilloholic! Yes, I love how pillows can change an entire room. I am searching for new ones for fall. xo

  11. I'm loving my pillows...

    Can't sleep without lots of them around me,

    And I sure love them on my couch.

  12. I am defintely a pillow holic! Always have been! I actually buy the pillows before I get the furniture! Crazy I know! I'm actually in the process of getting all new "sets" of pillows!

  13. I love changing out the pillows in a room depending on the season. It's the easiest way to freshen up a room. I tend to use one set of inserts and just have multiple covers, though. I wouldn't have the storage space if I had actual separate sets of pillows. Love all the cushions shown. The detailing on them is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh how I love these pillows. Pure yumminess. Looking forward to this series.

  15. Isn't it amazing how pillows can change the whole mood of a room. And I need to get to IKEA! I just went to PB and found gorgeous red pillows with birds on them. They were only 18.99 each. They pop off my couch and give the neutral room just what it needed.

  16. Mary Ann! I guess you could call me a pillow addict...at least my husband thinks so. I love all of Debbie's pillows and I will be sure and visit her website.

  17. i also have a pillow addiction! its so fun making them!! love your bedding from ikea-i need to go check it out.

  18. Love Debbie's home. Looks beautiful. And she has a great selection of pillows!!

  19. Who can resist beautiful pillows? They are decorative and they changes the feel and mood of a room easily without forking out the big bucks! With that said, yes, I am a pillow addict, too! :)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Have a great weekend!


  20. Those pillows are beautiful! When the site is up and running i will def check them out.


  21. *** Yes, I too am guilty of being a REEEAL PILLOW FAN, Mary Ann... "like you wouldn't BELIEVE!!!"... But, let's not go there right now... I DOOOO want to tell you I ADORE the ones you shared here!!! (AND, it's SO NICE to know I'm not the ONLY pillow nut~~~ I must tell my Jim... maybe that'll make him "feel better" about MY addiction!!!)...

    Gotta run~ Have a "PILLOWHOLICS ANONYMOUS" meeting shortly! (Grins!!!)..

    Biggest n' best wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  22. Mary Ann,
    Love the new pillow series. I love pillows too. They finish everything.
    Hav ea great weekend.

  23. Wow, what gorgeous pillows! I have a bit of an obsession too - I end up hiding the ones I am not using from my husband...
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Yes, I love pillows and it's such a great way to change your look for the season or current trend without totally redoing everything. I only wish I had learned to sew...I would be making pillows right now!

    Love the IKEA bedding and would have never known...I adore the the idea of hanging a ski trail map in a ski condo. And that picture of your son, I'm guessing... is so cute!

  25. O my gosh, I guess I am a pillow addict! And after reading this I realized something else...I am also a "mantel addict" I guess because I have different decor for my mantels based on the season (not including holiday decor). :) O well! Thanks Mary Ann.

  26. Hi, Gosh, this post is right up my alley. Although I don't have a huge number of pillows,I'm definitely a pillow addict.LOve the ones for your ski condo. I enjoy your blog and thought I was following you. Well I wasn't, but now I am.

  27. Nice! Love the colors of the spring set! They warm up the whole room :)

  28. I love that silk kimono pillow! They do add so much interest to a room - and can totally change the feel of it too. Fun series....looking forward to it!

  29. I love pillows too. However, something may be wrong with me but I find it harder than most to get just the right combination on a sofa or bed. Maybe I just over think it. Looking forward to your pillow series. Maybe it will lighten me up.

  30. Mary Ann,

    Love all the pillows and after a while we know what our personal requirements are for pillows. There's more than meets the eye or comfort level.

    Love remaking them, using them, designing them for clients and friends and family. They make rooms
    noticeable, they're great gifts and can be made from a variety of fabrics, fills, with/out zippers, envelope closures, and completely sealed up. They're very satisfying to shop for when you find the right ones.


  31. Gorgeous pillows! I love them and I'm addicted too!

  32. I confess. Even my dog's bed in my garden shed has pillows):- But since they aren't changed out for the season- does that excuse me from needing a 12 Step Pillow De-program?

  33. I am definitely an addict but it's nice to know I have company. :) I just bought more yesterday and I love them!! Oh well - it could be worse. I absolutely the blue combinations of pillows - beautiful!


  34. This pillow addict has seriously good taste!

  35. MAJOR pillow addict here. I may need an intervention!! Great fun blog you have here!

  36. Please tell your friend her bookcases are beautifully styled!

  37. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  38. Gorgeous pillows!
    I didn't think i was till my husband pointed out the linen closet! I guess i am lol !

  39. hi, my name is tessa, and i'm a pillowholic.
    lately i just buy a yard or two of fabric thinking i will sew it into new pillow covers. sometimes i do, but really the bulk just ends up in my never ending stash of fabric. i think that might be a whole different addiction! xo

  40. I too am a pillow addict!! It drives my husband crazy. Hehe.

  41. Yeah yeah, nice pillows but I'm swooning over the bookshelves! Wow!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  42. So far I'm not addicted to pillows. One under my head at night is all that I need. I like your photos. They really bring out the details.

  43. Very nice pillows. I have several also. Blessings, Debbie

  44. Cute pillows! I just bought a sewing machine a few months ago and this so makes me want to be a pillow addict, too! Look what you've started! ;)

  45. Yes, I am a pillow addict (along with lamps). I love the colors, textures and styles and how they bring such big changes to any room!

    Fun, Fun!

  46. I'm a pillow addict too, it's just that I never get the combination right like you do. You have some beautiful pillows in your collection. ~Delores

  47. Super pretty! I adore pillows, the more the better!

  48. Gorgeous Pillows! And before reading your blog I had no idea, but I am a Pillowholic.

  49. Beautiful!!

    This is a fun series, but I'm afraid it isn't helping my pillow addiction :)

  50. I love them all! All the pillows are beautiful.

    My Blue Monday is here.

  51. LOVE your pillow collection ... all beautiful! I recently bought the same floral/stripe pillow from IKEA, too! Thanks for sharing. xo

  52. I have lots of pillows, but they never seem to stay where I put them. I have to rearrange them frequently. Yours are very pretty.

  53. Some women collect shoes, or bags, or dishes...I collect PILLOWS! I have never been diagnosed until today- but thank you! I am officially a "pilloaholic". If you don't believe me, visit my website and you will see what I mean. I am at www.starfishcottage.typepad.com- click on "The Cottage" button. I change out all my pillows seasonally, I just changed them again and will be posting photos soon. I love how a simple change of pillows can instantly update a room. Thanks for sharing...love your blog. Kristy Seibert Starfish Cottage

  54. When I first started blogging I did a post just like this!! I admitted to my pillow addiction. It is a very hard addiction to break. I have never met a pillow I did not like for me or someone else. It is horrible. even if I don't need a pillow I still look at them just in case. I am almost as bad with lamps and mirrors. there in lies the problem in my garage!! No room for the car!! Yikes, Kathysue

  55. What a great post!!! Your photos are just lovely!
    I am just loving the tour of blogland tonight! I am so excited to have time to visit some of my favorite blogs...they are all so inspiring and I am NEVER disappointed! I am lucky to see are inspirations that I would never have found had I not found each of the my friends that I see online! I wish I had more time to visit everyone more often... Thank you so much for sharing with me/us!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

  56. Well, pillows are not an addition with me, but the ones you have here are beautiful. I think the silk ones are gorgeous!

  57. Those cushions are stunning, It is amazing how the fabrics and styles can lift your spirits. I like the way that we can change all our cushions and get a totally new look.

  58. I'm so inspired to update my couch with pillows and changing them each season! Thanks for sharing!


  59. Hi! My name is Ricki Jill, and I am a pillow addict! ;P

    Love this and the following post. Wow, talk about inspiring! I love these posts.

    Ricki Jill

  60. My name is Doreen and I am a pilloholic, with no interest in recovery.

  61. Gorgeous pillows! I'm already a pilloholic and this just makes me want more!

  62. How pillows can change an entire room, that idea is very easy to get from your blog. You have some beautiful pillows in your collection, Those are gorgeous.


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