Bring The Outside In

We live part time in Mammoth Lakes, California, high in the Sierra mountains.
In the winter there is world class snow skiing and in the summer, breath taking 
hiking, mountain biking, golf and fishing.
 Gather color inspiration for your home from your surroundings.

As my husband and I hiked around, Convict Lake, one of the many lakes in the area, 
inspiration for mountain interiors was all around us.
Benjamin Moore "Snow on the Mountain" #1513

"Look at that snow.  Some white or light grey wash on beams 
and ceilings would lighten up dark interiors."
 Benjamin Moore "White Dove"

Benjamin Moore "Imperial Gray" #1571
"Imperial Gray (has some green that warms it)
on the walls in a bathroom with Whale Gray stone flooring?"
Benjamin Moore Silver Song #1557
 "Kitchen cabinets in Silver Song and an accent wall in Springfield Sage?"
"Pink and white linens in a guest room?"

"Night Mist" #1569
"'Night Mist' on the walls in a bedroom and 'Greyhound' on bathroom cabinetry 
with 'Deep River' colored stone counters?"
Another hike (Mosquito Flats elevation 10,300 ft.)...
 Look at the sapphire blue of the lake.  I could see this color on velvet pillows 
on a oatmeal colored washed linen sofa.  This pillow is from Jayson Home and Garden.
With my friend, Sue
 The driftwood pieces are natural sculptures...
appropriate for mountain interiors.

It is impossible not to be happy when you are hiking and enjoying the fresh air 
(and thinking of your next decorating project).  
Can you bring your surroundings inside?
Best wishes,
Mary Ann


  1. Your surroundings are just intoxictaingly breathtaking! WOW.....the pictures are just so amazing....lucky you! I love how you tied the paint colors into the inspirations from the great outdoors all those beautiful earthy colors are my absolute favorite (also like Belgian design) and the soft cools and warms remind me of that too. Love how you tied it all together.......happy hiking!

  2. We love the Sierra's. Such nice memories of our family vacations. Summer always makes all of us want to get our fishing rods out and head for the hills. You are so creative to find inspiration in the natural colors in your surroundings. Have a great time and relax! :)

  3. What a beautiful presentation, Mary Ann - Stunning images and wonderful color suggestions!

  4. I wish I was there! It looks so cool and beautiful. Love the paint selections. I'm really into blue/grays and steel colors now. It's such a nice contrast to wood tones and white. Very fresh looking, just like your images!

  5. ... "What THEY all (above) said!!! (And MORE!!!)... ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! If THIS can't "make your day", NOTHING can, huh?

    THANK YOU, Mary Ann~~~ such natural beauty to wake up to is breathtaking! I feel like I already D*I*D my PT for the day!!! Smiles~~~

    Linda in AZ *

  6. Mary Ann,

    Great way to gain a new perspective from higher ground. How refreshing and inspirational to be engulfed with such a pure palate. Love to hike...it's a workout both mentally and physically. I enjoyed this post because when designing a great starting point is with nature. Love the colors...fabulous!


  7. Hi Mary Ann!!

    Absolutely breathtaking photos - the Mammoth area is absolutely gorgeous!
    I am feeling a bit proud of myself since I based the colors in my living room around the colors of one of my favorite places - Catalina Island!!
    I love how you showed the paint palette with the photographs. I am definitely going to have to remember this the next time I have to pick out paint!!

  8. Wow, what gorgeous inspiration you have! How wonderful it must be to spend time in such a breathtaking setting! Love the colors!

  9. What a gorgeous place! I have to laugh though because while you pick out the neutrals and slatey blues in these photos my eyes are instantly drawn to those orange flowers, the bright greens and the sparkly dark blues. All nature inspired, but totally different focus!

  10. Beautiful sights! How can you NOT be inspired?

  11. Spectacular surroundings! Love taking inspiration from nature!

  12. Beautiful post. Love the color comparisons to my favorite paint...Benjamin Moore.

  13. What a great post! How brilliant to tie together photos of such gorgeous scenery with paint and decorating colors! I love it. You live in a beautiful place. Your home is lovely too. And thank you for adding My Little Bungalow to your list of blogs! I'm relatively new to blogging (since December) so I really appreciate it!

  14. Beautiful. Looks like some amazing scenery!

  15. Oh my goodness, those scenic shots are GORGEOUS! They took my breath away! Love them.

  16. How lovely, the photos are terrific and what wonderful choices you've made. Hugs!

  17. Mary Ann,
    These images are stunning, and I don't think I would ever leave!
    Thank you for the paint references.
    Have a great day, and thanks for sharing this little piece of Heaven.

  18. Love how you tied the paint colors to the fabulous surroundings. I would never want to leave...

  19. Mammoth looks beautiful! I grew up in Colorado and sometime forget just how gorgeous the mountains are in the summertime. I can see how you would be inspired! Enjoy!

    xo annie

  20. Gorgeous photos. You are right, you can't help but be inspired when you are in such beautiful surroundings. Thanks for the paint chip pairings!

  21. Oh wow! Your colour palette is just gorgeous and you are so lucky to be inspired by such stunning scenery! Those views are breathtaking and your pictures are so beautiful! Your natural landscape in Calafornia is so amazing! I can't wait to come back for another visit! Lakes and mountains... it couldn't get any better than that! X

  22. Oh your photos are amazing!

    What a lovely place,
    lovely views and beautiful surroundings.

    You will never run out of inspirations in a place like that.

  23. You lucky thing - I love the sapphire blue and agree that it'd be great on a pillow!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  24. What beauty!! I can almost smell the fresh smells! I love the blues you've chosen. Thanks for popping in to see me and you're certainly invited to come to my party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. What gorgeous views!!! That blue water is just breathtakingly gorgeous!

  26. Mountains, coast, France -- you've got it all covered! Oh you lucky lucky girl.

  27. What a perfect spot to get inspiration for your interiors.

  28. What a delight to see the incredible landscape of Mammoth Lakes and then to view your selections to bring it all inside... lovely, mon amie!


  29. Hi Mary Ann! What gorgeous scenery! The views of the water and mountains are breathtaking.
    xo, Sherry

  30. Wow! What beauty! I can't wait to see how you translate this scenery into your space! You know i would love to see some of that pink! Have a great weekend ;)

  31. What a gorgeous ,gorgeous place to hike. Loved seeing all the gorgeous mountains and lakes and streams and all the pretty color chips too!! Kathysue

  32. So pretty! Awesome photos. Great paint colors as well.

  33. MaryAnn!! I should never go on vacation without my computer again! I missed the beautiful photos in this post and your first two pillow addicts. I am also loving your new look! Don't do so many great things while I am away, okay? :)

  34. OMG..!!
    I like all the photographs or also the lovely colors on wall,it looks really so pretty..!
    I also like this natural beauty of hiking mountains and river..!!
    Häuser Estartit


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