Coral Floral for a California Home on the Water

Pretty Schumacher Embroidered Linen
There are two bergere chairs in my client's mostly white living room that she 
would like reupholstered in a 
floral with coral/salmon colored fabric.  It is a rather formal room on the 
Newport Beach bay.  I haven't searched for coral floral in a bit.

Throwing out some ideas...
 I like the look and feel of natural linens, especially at the beach.
The above floral has more sage green.
Jeez...do I need to iron these before I show them to her?
This classic linen "Voyage to Cathay" is pretty.  I'll take some solid fabrics, too (thinking she'll 
want to recover the couches--off white linen,  once she see's how great the chairs look).
 It might be nice to do some nautical accents in these.  The rope cloth is a 
soft indoor/outdoor from Ralph Lauren...probably too casual.

I like this Lee Jofa floral linen (most expensive, too, darn).  It has pale blue 
(my client's favorite color) in it that we could pull out with a
cashmere throw blanket or an accent wall.
And just in case the living room looks so good that we have to do the kitchen...this thick woven stripe would look great on the kitchen chairs (and it's durable and washable indoor/outdoor).

I have other "coral florals" up my sleeve...we'll see what happens.  
Which do you like best?

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  1. Last fabric bottom left and 3rd from bottom on left , GORGEOUS!

  2. The first photo with the three fabrics is my favorite if she wants formal. I love that whole color palette and always have. Salmony coral is a color I always seem to gravitate to. :)

  3. Oh the first one and the floral with more sage green looks fabulous ♥

  4. The fabrics in the 3rd pic are my favourites. Love the combination of them. Good luck. x Sharon

  5. They are all gorgeous. My favorite isn't important. Your client will make a great decision, with the fabulous selections you have for her.

  6. Definitely the Lee Jofa on the back of the chair -- I love green and it has the prettiest shade of green with that lovely coral. Funny, I usually lean toward the most expensive things ... go figure.

  7. Beautiful fabrics! Voyage to Cathay is always a good one, but then I also love the coral spray underneath it. That would look beautiful in a beachhouse. Can't wait to see what she chooses. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the first but think that stripe in the last picture is quite great looking and could work for a home near the coast, some of the others while I love them feel very formal, very traditional and I am sure you want some reflection of being near the coast, right? Good luck, there is n't a bad one in the bunch...all beautiful and what rich warm colors.

  9. The second grouping is my favorite, and the embroidered linen is gorgeous.
    Have a great day, Mary Ann.

  10. Mary Ann...since I have your blog delivered to me in my email...I have not seen your new blog design!!! So pretty. I love these fabrics...Schumacher is one of my favorite showrooms, along with Lee Jofa. Those are all beautiful.

  11. So many pretty ones. I love the first, the stripe and the rope one. I may have to see if I can find the rope one. Is it expensive?

  12. Love that woven stripe & that it is indoor/outdoor & won't fade! I also love that Ralph Lauren rope indoor/outdoor...

  13. I have so many favorites here that I don't think you could go wrong. But then again--I always love your work. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Love the first fabric...so beautiful and dressy without being stuffy - perfect for a home on the water!!

  15. Love the Lee Jofa. Their printed linens are fabulous!

  16. I love them all, specially the Lee Jofa, I always have and of course, Shumacher! Thanks for sharing such lovelies, with such rich and beautiful colors! You're a lady of great taste, I loved seeing this. Lots of hugs! FABBY

  17. I'll take the Lee Jofa with anything you want to put with it! The colors are divine and I am crazy for linen. It would be wonderful to see a few snaps of the mag-ready room(s)... "yes" to la cuisine also!


  18. All beautiful!! Too bad the Lee Jofa is the most expensive - it's my favorite and love the idea of pulling out the blue!!

  19. Mary Ann,

    Great choices and it looks like you've covered all possibilities too. You could do a combo natural linen and a print on the same chair. That way you get the best of both. Good luck she'll love the selection.


  20. Shumacher has some best fabrics around hands down. There are a few other great companies...

    I can wait to see those chairs reupholstered.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  21. I love all of that fabric the colors all go together so well
    love the wrinkled linen


  22. Lee Jofa is a favorite of mine too! So pretty. Looking forward to seeing this come together! Have a great weekend. xo

  23. They are all beautiful. There's something special about all of them. But I do love the 3rd one. The 1st picture is stunning. That fabric is a winner!

    Your client is so lucky to have you!

    Wishing you a blessed weekend!

    Many hugs to you.

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  24. These fabrics are simply stunning. I love the corals and brick reds. Pretty!

  25. beautiful choices, Mary Ann! You are amazing with fabric. I can't wait to see what you decide! Have a great week!

  26. Those are all lovely, but I like the first one...the embroidered Schumacher, best! Is it available anywhere??
    Many thanks for any info,

  27. Beautiful! I love all of your choices! And I'm sure you'll be doing the kitchen next! It's going to look amazing!


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