"Pillow Addict II" • No Minimalist Here

Sherry is a pilloholic!  (Are you surprised?)
The title of Sherry's blog, No Minimalist Here made me smile the first time I read it.  

She is a southern gal with a talent for antique collecting and vignette design.  
Sherry kindly featured our house a while ago at her
 "Open House Party."
"No Minimalist" might make you think Sherry is a 
maximalist (i.e. clutter), but she decorates with a warm and edited style.  
Your turn to confess, Sherry...

Thank you, Mary Ann for inviting me to be part of your Pillow Addict series.
Yep,  I can honestly say I am addicted to pillows! 
Most of my pillows have been purchased, but occasionally I'll get on a kick and
attempt to make some myself.  Keep in mind I DO NOT sew!  Yeah,  I can sew a
somewhat straight line but I keep a good seam ripper handy.  Just don't expect to see any
fancy trim, buttons or ruffles on my handiwork.

Our deck needed a little sprucing up so I made pillows using shell and sea fan prints
from an antique book.  I played around with the colors on Picnik, copied them to
transfer paper and then ironed them on.  The ready made pillow covers were purchased
at Ikea for just a few dollars.  If you would like these two images
I have them posted on my website for your use.

Next are pillows I made using dish towels.  The red stripe towels are from Ikea and
I just transferred the image from the Graphics Fairy.  

The blue and white pillow is made from a dish towel from Dollar Tree.

The following pillows were purchased at various shops and antique markets.
My absolute favorite is the vintage grain sack cover I bought this year at Lucketts Market.
 I also love the french script and bird pillow from Gathered Comforts.  You can find their
link in my sidebar.  I made the little Belle Jardiniere pillow from a tote bag and the
Paris pillow was purchased at a barn sale held monthly by Chartreuse and Co.

Thanks for having me as your guest,  Mary Ann!

Thank YOU, Sherry.  See who else has a "pillow problem" next Saturday!
Best wishes,
Mary Ann


  1. Sherry is a sweetheart and I love the pillows that she is addicted too. I did a post last year professing my addiction. Alas I still have a problem with pillows, lamps and mirrors!! Sometimes this job can be hazardous for my hubby!! Kathysue

  2. Hi Mary Ann, Thank you so very much for the feature and your kind comments. It was my pleasure to be part of your Pillow Addict series. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the party tonight!

  3. Well I have some bad news for Sherry and the other Pillow Addicts, including me. There is no help out there for us, no rehab, no 12 step program. I know I have tried to cut back, just this week I checked out Tuesday Morning and there they were... many many great pillows.
    For someone who doesn't sew Sherry did a great job. I love, love the pillows on her bed.
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Kathy

  4. Hi Mary Ann,
    This party is such a great idea. I came over from Sherry's blog because I had to see her pillows. What a great idea to just transfer a print onto a ready made pillow! I don't think I have a pillow addiction but I could develop one easily.

  5. I always love to see what she is up to. Her home is stunning and her taste is exquisite. Love all of her pillows. Yes, I have a terrible addiction also. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love Sherry and her home. What great pillows. Love the outdoor ones and when I was at Ikea I wish I had remembered her making these out of the towels they had there.

  7. You have the most beautiful pillows! My most favorite is the vintage grain sack with the stripes in the middle!

    Happy weekend!


  8. I wish I knew as much about antiques as Sherry does. She impresses me with her beautiful style every time I visit her beautiful blog.
    Nice job on the pillows!

  9. Sherry's pillows are wonderful. I am totally addicted to pillows. Every time I go to IKEA I pick up at least 4 of their inserts. They are a great price and hold a karate chop! I've just mastered the art of putting a zipper in pillow covers. Makes all the difference. Pillows are the easiest way to switch up a room. This is a great series. Can't wait to see who is next.

  10. I love that pillow made from a dish toe from dollar tree and the long pillow made from a vintage grain sack... Love them all actually!

  11. Sherry I hear a pillow business calling!! Wow you are so creative and your pillows are just beautiful, love the elegant vintage vibe I see in each of them. Fabulous, the shell pillows look terrific next to the red, they really pop and your dishtowel pillow...brilliant! Wonderful post....

  12. Love her bedding/pillows/headboard! This chick is right up my alley! xo

  13. Love the French pillow especially!
    Have a great weekend, Mary Ann!

  14. Sherry's pillows are awesome and for someone who does not sew????? Holy Christmas!

  15. Mary Ann, thank you for having Sherry, feature this week. Everything she does is special. She has way of pushing the envelope or pillow if you will. Thanks Sherry for sharing your talent and inspiring us.

  16. Mary Ann, I am a new follower. Please come by and visit. I am having a great giveaway featuring Savannah. Ginger

  17. What stunning cushions! I love those shells that you have done! They look amazing on your deck! The French style ones are so lovely too! I think using the dish cloth is very inspired! X

  18. Dish towels.... I gotta get me some pretty ones! Love all the pillows and the fabrics, Mary Ann. Love your outdoor shell pillow covers! :-) Sue

  19. .I love pillows Mary Ann. I think they are essential for a comfort home.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. The vintage grain sack cover is definitely my fave too. I love the Dollar Store tea towel idea! If you can sew you can really outfit your home!

  21. It's amazing how big this "blog world" is and how "small" it is at the same time. We tend to know and appreciate the same talented people and that's so wonderful.

    I admire Sherry so much and I'm always reading her blog. She's truly talented and not to mention, a sweetheart. So nice to read more about her here!

    Have a blessed week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  22. Such lovely pillows, especially the ones with the sea shells. Very creative!

  23. Mary Ann, we love Sherry!!! She is very sweet and does such a fantastic job with her blog. Thanks for including us in on your post.

    Shannon & Julie
    Gathered Comforts

  24. Love all your pillow ideas!!! I love to make pillows, so I thank you for the inspiration. Newest follower.


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