"Pillow Addict V" • 6th Street Design School

Our next PillowAddict is...
  Kirsten Krason from...
See the pillows at the top in Kirsten's living room?  She has a magical and fearless touch for
mixing color and pattern to marvelous effect.

  Our home was featured on 6th Street Design School when I had just started my blog.
Anyway, you think you have a pillow problem?
Can you imagine the combos constantly floating around in HER head?

Take it away, Kirsten...  

Here are all of my favorite pillows with some descriptions. 
Jett's Nursery has a fun tiger pillow in it. The pillow is by one of my favorite textile designers, Thomas Paul. I think his designs are so fun and playful. Perfect for a nursery! 
 In my Living Room I use a lot of color and pattern in my pillows. I love the Bettina fabric from pottery barn and I used it to make a fun floral pillow. The fabric is discontinued but you can still find it on Ebay every now and then. 

In my bedroom I have some very vibrant floral pillows that I just love. The fabric has been discontinued which makes these pillows even more special. 
Thanks, Kirsten.  Keep those happy pillow combos coming
Good luck and best wishes to everyone dealing with Hurricane Irene.


  1. I love all the different fabrics. Your right she has a knack at putting different fabrics together. I love pillows. I am a bit of a pillow freak. They finish a room.

  2. LOVE the living room prints, the navy orange and white stunning! And really like the bedroom inspiration and love that I found a new blog to visit too:)

  3. Love all the pillows. Great prints and patterns and the colors are fabulous. Hugs, marty

  4. Love lots of great patterns on pillows! Hers are gorgeous!

  5. Ah- What a fearless and fun romp with pillows!

  6. I totally agree with you. She is a master at combining fabrics for pillows. And it is so refreshing to see someone who's not afraid of color in her accent pillows. Loved this one! M.

  7. What a fun post! And one that inspires such an easy room update or transformation. Actually I say that, but I suddenly realize how much effort I've placed in the past on selecting pillow. (smile

  8. I love how Kirsten combines all of her patterns together to create a fun, fresh look. Her design style is fierce!!!

  9. Such wonderful patterns combined beautifully. The perfect pillows can make a room!!

  10. I also love the way Kirsten uses colorful pillow combos! great post! :)

  11. Mr. Art @ Home does not understand my pillow addiction. At all. But he does put up with it :D

  12. By the way, this is a post after my own <3

  13. I cannot wait to add some perky pillows to my addition, but firstly, I cannot wait until we are able to move it....just a few more weeks.
    let the pillow fight begin!
    6th street is amazing.

  14. I'm addicted to pillows aswell - I just love them so I love this post <3


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