Taco Tuesday?

Outside of Mexico, Southern California has 
the best Mexican restaurants. 
(Feel free to agree or dispute this statement in the comment section).

My analysis*:
Places I have Lived                                   General Mexican Restaurant Rating
New York                                                   C     (Decent =Expensive)
Chicago                                                      C+   (Decent=Slightly Less Expensive)
Orlando, Fl                                                  C     (Skip it and go for Vietnamese)
Paris, France                                               D     (Don't even think about it)
Fort Lauderdale, Fl                                     C     (Go for Cuban or Italian from the 
                                                                               New Jersey/York transplants)
Southern Calif.                                            A     (Real Mexicans using their grandmas'
                                                                               recipes with fresh Calif. ingredients--and 
                                                                               inexpensive, especially on Tuesdays)

Debbie invited me over last week for Taco Tuesday on her patio.

On my way there, she called to ask me to bring grated cheese, sour cream and sparking water.
Oh yeah, and tortillas!  Good thing I was coming.
But look what was waiting for me when I got there...
The best margarita I had ever tasted!  It had Tommy's Mix 
blended with tequila and frozen mango cubes.  That's it.
We ate dinner outside with candle light.

When my daughter comes home from New York for Labor Day Weekend,
she wants to have fresh fish tacos at her three favorite Mexican restaurants
(all within biking distance).

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  1. Ok, that patio is gorgeous & I love the stacked stone. The margaritas would be a nice touch!

  2. Holy tortilla! I wasn't looking at the food though it DID look quite amazing but her house! Absolutely stunning! Why dont you see if you can convince your friend Debbie if you can feature her GORGEOUS house on an upcoming post?? (I am such a decor/design junkie, my heart beats a little faster when i see a pretty house)!! Love all her touches, beautiful!
    Now the food sounds amazing, and the margaritas even better. We live in NY and I agree Cali reigns surpreme for best but there are two near us that would be a close 2nd. One of them is owned by a really lovely Mexican family...need I say more? They know what they are doing:)

  3. I must get my hands on that margarita mix. Blended with mango? Yes, please!!! I must say, your friends home is gorgeous! From her kitchen to her patio, I am loving it all.

  4. I had fish tacos in San Diego that were out of this world. I haven't found anything close to them since!!

    Debbie's home and outdoor space is just beautiful...what a magical night it must have been!


  5. I love your patio! And yes, Southern Cal. has great Mexican food.

  6. Hello,

    Gorgeous home and I love themes. I'll will have to try Taco Tuesday. My kids would love it. We enjoy Champagne Thursdays! We love Mexican food. SO far I love Corazon del Mar in Nantucket and we also love Miguel's Cocina in Coronado. I love ordering fresh tortillas.
    Thank you for sharing. Love their kitchen and patio.
    Take care,

  7. "Champagne Thursdays"...giving me a great idea!

  8. What a beautiful location--and margarita! I'll be on the hunt for that mix.

  9. YUM!! And Gorgeous kitchen and outdoor dining!! I so need fish tacos!

  10. I'm liking the sound of Taco Tuesday and mango margaritas. Yum!! Everything looked delicious and the outside setting so inviting. Nothing better than being with good friends.

  11. I have to agree, So Cal DOES have the best authentic Mexican food around! YUM! I love Taco Tuesday - think I might need to throw one of those parties at my house (although the setting will be far from those above, talk about gorgeous patio!)

  12. Ay, ay, ayyyy!!!! Mucho tacos, senorita! :-)

    We love tacos here and I need to try your recipe! Yum!!!

    Have a great one, my friend!

    Buenas noches!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. I need a Taco Tuesday - actually a Margarita Monday would be good too...Yes, I agree, Southern California has great Mexican food! I wish we had a good place around here! Your friend's home is beautiful! Those Pottery Barn pillows match the lampshade in my bedroom - I should get the pillows! Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Your friend has a really beautiful home. Love her kitchen and patio!

    Fish taco sounds delicious!

    P/S: By the way, I am hosting a fab giveaway. Come by and enter for a chance to win a beautiful and personalized necklace courtesy of SimaG Jewelry!


  15. Hi Mary Ann~ That dinner looked beautiful. What a nice evening. We have two mexican restaurants that are worth going to here but nothing like you have in California. I agree with you on grading system. California gets an A!

  16. What a beautiful home! We do Taco Tuesdays here, too. It's kids eat free night at Moes. It's not real authentic Mexican food like in Cali, but the food is fresh and tasty enough.

    Your friend's home is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Although margaritas are one of my favorite drinks I never order one east of the rockies. I think El Cholo has the best. Looks like a beautiful evening.

  18. YUMMM....we have TACO TUESDAY here at a Mexican place called Rosa's. We go very VERY often!!:)
    Out here in West Texas, it is TexMex food and the best there is!
    xoox bj

  19. Yummy. Love tacos. And all authentic Mexican food. Especially tamales. One of these days I am going to try and make them. Great backyard!!

  20. Hey Mary Ann, I just wanted you to know I love your blog!! I also wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Allie over July 4th weekend. She is so cute and nice. I hear Cody is coming your way for Labor Day weekend!I know he will have a great time! I love Taco Tuesday. We have fish taco cook offs in the neighborhood all the time! Did you ever eat at Little Siagon(spelling?)when you lived here? Sorry I have not commented more on your beautiful blog but we have been in New Smyrna all summer with very little computer service. Carol

  21. What a delightful setting and the candlelight is perfect for an intimate dinner with those margueritas! I always eat Mexican when I travel to cities with authentic cuisine. As I recall San Diego has some excellent ones. One might not think of Philadephia but I can think of one or two there.


  22. Absolutely! Southern California has the best Mexican restaurants. The Taco Tuesday party sounds like so much fun and the setting perfect!
    Hmm, Champagne Thursday sounds wonderful too!!!

  23. I would not even think of eating Mexican food outside Texas (where I live), maybe in California but no where else. Texas has the best Mexican food.

  24. Mary Anne-
    This drink and meal looks wonderful, and the dining outdoors is perfect!
    I love Mexican food, and we have a couple of great restaurants.
    Have a great day.

  25. Her home is so lovely...I love the lighting on the patio...would love to curl up with a blanket in the fall!

  26. Hi Mary Ann,

    I agree with your grading system for Mexican food in all those cities. You do have the best places for tacos...I love the way you brought the cheese, tomatoes, etc...looks so pretty in little bowls on a tray. Sounds like a prefect Tuesday to me!

    btw...did you live in all those cities while your kids were growing up?

    xo annie

  27. Mary Ann,
    Love this entry...Debbie's home always looks gorgeous and I felt honored to partake in the mexican fare that night!
    XO Claire

  28. what a perfect setting for a night of tacos and margaritas! Believe it or not, there's actually a fairly decent Mexican place here in Dubai that makes the most amazing fresh guacamole. No real margaritas since it's a dry country - but their mocktails are darn good :)

  29. I just love a pretty setting. Don't you feel so special when you walk in and see such loveliness done especially for you. I love doing it and when it is done for me. :) Have a wonderful day ~ Alexandra

  30. I know the food was delicious, but her home and patio...fabulous!! Love all of the blue and white and nothing makes my heart sing quite like sunflowers...adore every inch - itching to see more!!

  31. I love your patio!! Great photos.

    'Please visit our new website www.tableandtop.com'

  32. Okay a few things here: I need to see more of your friend Debbie's kitchen!! It looks gorgeous! Looks like you had a great night over there! My friend Craig makes the best Margaritas ever, so they have been renamed 'round here in his honor: Craigaritas! All I know is that there is Patron and Grand Marnier in them. They are unfortunately quite yummy. Lastly I am not surprised at all about Staci Edwards loving your kitchen! I told you it was dreamy!

  33. Haha! I'd agree with your assessment, however, I've had some pretty terrific Mexican food in the Mission District of San Francisco.
    In any case, I think it is funny that you had Taco Tuesday. So did we!

  34. Yum, This looks so good. What a beautiful place for your dinner. Your friend's home and patio is lovely. Love the blue and white. I am a blue and white lover. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Cette villa est très romantique, et si j'avais été invité, j'aurais volontiers, accepté l'invitation. Et puis, goûter la margarita, hummmm!......
    Bonne journée, Mary Ann!

  36. Frozen mango cubes in a margarita? That's genius!

    The photos are so beautiful! I didn't realize how beautiful they were until I caught myself staring at them for several minutes - just to take everything in.

  37. Your home is so beautiful, love your patio, what a wonderful place to entertain. Your taco night looks quite special. Came by way of Enchantd home who featured this post today, and i can see why!

  38. Just discovered your site, and am loving it, so many beautiful things! I love Lido and have a friend who is in the process of buying a second home there. Love the stadas. May I suggest Martini Mondays on the Duffy?

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