Classic French Dining Ideas

We were living in Paris on September 11, 2001 and  
(The View from Our Dining Room in Paris)

on September 12, we awoke to find a bouquet of flowers 
at our door step with an anonymous note 
that said in French "We are sorry."
In the days that followed,  American flags
were hung from several Parisian balconies.
I was proud of the dignity and unity 
our country displayed.

Last weekend, I set the table with flowers that my husband 
brought back from Costco.
I've said it  before that the French say "any man carrying flowers 
is handsome" and that includes mine!

 Recently, I wrote a guest post for
 Très français!
You can check it out here.  Please leave a comment.  I could get lost for
hours on the Houzz.com website.

A not exactly inexpensive but important item for a French kitchen is
a copper sauce pan for quick and even heating.

Also, not cheap but fab, are restaurant quality French porcelain platters
like the one below. It's my favorite platter for hot and cold food.
These are two French recipe books that we have been enjoying lately...
available here and here.

 Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Bon appétit!
And God Bless America.

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  1. I dont believe I will ever get enough copper and cookbooks. I have the icon on my iPad and just love visiting.
    I hope that you have a wonderful Monday, Mary Ann.

  2. I have been lusting after those Mauviel copper pots for years now. They are sooo expensive here in South Africa! Beautiful table setting. x Sharon

  3. Your tablescape is beautiful, Mary Ann. I love your plates and napkins - so pretty!
    Hope you can stop by my blog again some time soon.
    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Wendi ~

  4. I am so moved by what someone did with the flowers at your doorstep. A beautiful gesture. Your table is beautiful, so fresh and lively and elegant. I love copper pots and think they are a good investment, they do stand the test of time (and tell me what kitchen doesn' t look beautiful with them) I am famliiar with Around my French table but not the other so will have to get my hands on it...can never have too many cookbooks!
    Last I will go visit you now at Houzz!

  5. What a sweet post. I love that a Parisian left flowers for you guys. Thanks so much for sharing! This is the only 9/11 post I have been able to leave a comment on....I can't even post about it myself.

    Ricki Jill

  6. Nice to have such a lovely memory of 9-11. Also nice to have such a "handsome" husband who brings flowers on a whim (I have one of those too, arent we lucky?)

    I am new to your blog and enjoyed this post very much.

  7. Your 9/11 story just reinforces my belief in people. What a wonderful gesture towards the Americans in Paris.

    The table is fabulous with its candles, roses, and Lismore.


  8. Loved your story about the flowers on your door step. When I was in Paris, the people were so friendly and amazing. I am going to look into the two cookbooks.

  9. What a lovely gesture by your neighbours. I'm dying to buy a few copper pots :)

  10. I got goosebumps from your story about the flowers on the doorstep! THANK you for sharing a touching story. I can't believe how affected I still am ten years later. I wonder now how my grandparents felt ten years after Pearl Harbor...

  11. Aw, I loved hearing about the reaction of the French when you were there. So sweet. I agree with Taffy. I cannot believe how affected I still am 10 years later. Maybe moreso even due to all of the first hand accounts we are now hearing...

  12. Those neighbors --such a lovely gesture amidst all the sadness.

  13. Thoughtful. Love those pink and white roses. If my husband came home with those I will look at him like he was crazy or something. He just doesn't get the flower thing:)

  14. Hello Mary Ann,

    What a beautiful gesture from your Parisian neighbor to bring you flowers with a note on that horrible day. It must have brought you a moment of peace.

    I love your table and your Costco roses look gorgeous and I agree with what the French say about a man carrying flowers. Can you believe I've never heard that?

    The mauviel copper pots are so beautiful. I regret not buying a few when I worked at Williams Sonoma. It's about the only thing I did not buy. Shopping at WS now is not nearly as fun as when I got a discount.


  15. Mary Ann,

    That was such a thoughtful gesture from your friends in Paris ! I've never checked out the Houzz site (guess where I am going next??). Your tablescape is, as always, gorgeous!

    I love Dorie's new cookbook - so many wonderful recipes in there - we definitely need to get together and cook dinner from that book!!!

  16. How incredibly thoughtful that someone left those flowers with a note. I would have been moved to tears! French cuisine is sounding terrific right now! I'm starving!! Sounds like you've got quite a keeper :)

  17. Congratulations on the Houzz post. I'll check it out. What a thoughtful gesture from your neighbor when you were far away from home.

  18. Your table is beautiful and the French are so correct about a man carrying flowers. Mine brings flowers each week and after 53 years he is the handsomest man I know.
    Love your candlesticks.
    thanks for sharing, Ginger

  19. That is such a unique view point of the 9/11 experience and I am teary-eyed just thinking about it, that is so sweet. It is always amazing to find kindness and love out of tragedy...Love the table it looks so pretty! And that french saying is too true! (c;

  20. That is a very sweet memory you have of Sept. 12. I am moved just to read of it. Give that sweet hubby of yours and extra squeeze! What a man!

  21. Love your gorgeous tablescape ... the copper ... the cookbooks and, of course, any man carrying flowers! I love France ... my brother-in-law is French (from Montpelier), and my Mom and sister are both French teachers! And, what a beautiful gesture on 9/11.

  22. Such a meaningful post.

    Your table looked so pretty. I love flowers from Costco! ;-)

    By the way, congratulations for being on Houzz! So cool, Mary Ann.

    Have a great Tuesday!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  23. Oh my goodness. Your story of someone leaving the flowers on your doorstep really got to me. I find myself tearing up (while trying to eat breakfast). That was incredibly sweet. I also like the bit about "any man carrying flowers
    is handsome". I have a florist friend and can't wait to share that quote with her. And you know, it's so true! Great post.

  24. Bon Appetite! God bless America.

    Men carrying flowers ARE more handsome. That should be part of the boys' curriculum in elementary school):-

    My husband missed the World Trade Center 1993 bombing by one day. The flight from Boston to LA that crashed on 9/11/01 by a week. This year he flew LA through NY on American Airlines. His poor mother was a wreck. Glad she didn't know about "the incident" which triggered a military fighter escort until we could tell her he was safely on the ground.

  25. Loving the view through the beautiful iron work!

    What thoughtful neighbors you had. And I love the thought, "any man carrying flowers is handsome."

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

  26. Breathtaking =) I cant wait to make my own in Paris.


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