Daughter's Room Updates

Our daughter, Alie and a friend are here from New York for Labor Day weekend.
She needed new sheets, so I recently bought these "melon polka dot" 
sheets and shams from Serena and Lily on sale.
Love buying things on sale!
One of my nice readers, Joanne, asked where I purchased the bed frame and headboard
The frame is from Brocade Home and the headboard is from Ballard Designs
(it was on sale when I bought it).
The "antiqued" convex mirror is also a new purchase on sale, $39 now from Pottery Barn.
Another new, sale purchase from Pottery Barn is the fish pillow.  
Our daughter speaks French and appreciates "Chicken of the Sea."
For $14, I had to get this pillow cover...see how this fat fish is at home with
the fish plates that I bought in Mexico?
I love how the shells are formed into roses.  
This mirror was purchased in Fort Lauderdale years ago.
There is a lot of built-in storage in this tiny room (drawer pulls from Target--yes, on sale).
The ceiling light is from Circa Lighting.
Please consider painting your ceiling a color other than white
and do not argue with me!  (Sorry, touchy subject...painters and clients want to debate this).
Some fragrant roses from our garden by Alie's bed.   
Welcome back to California!
Dinner on the patio...

 Lemon squares for dessert!


  1. Mary Anne,

    Your daughter's room looks young and fresh. Love all your "sale" shopping spots:
    Serena and Lily
    Brocade Home
    Ballard Designs
    Pottery Barn
    I have a Restoration Hardware Outlet Store about 20 minutes from my home which I use often too.

    Of course I love the shell mirror and the room's decorative ocean theme the dots look like a coral color. Everything looks wonderful, lamps and lampshades, and headboard.

    I really like the new Blogger design features and once you get back to the list of your posts you can edit it and pull it back off of your published page.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Your daughter's room is stunning. I love the new sheets and all of your accessories are beautiful. The built-ins are wonderful. So much storage and keeps the room so uncluttered. Have fun and enjoy your time, it goes by way too fast. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wow! What a stunning room! I certainly would like to be a kopy kat! It has to be the starkness of the white that makes the minimal of color pop! I love...love it! Great post! Hugs!

  4. I thought I had already commented on this post! The room is very pretty. I love the coral accents and lampshades best.

    You are lucky to have such nice built-ins!

  5. What a gorgeous room!! I love the color scheme and the seaside theme! I love how you got such great bargains on everything, too! Nicely done!


  6. Love your daughter's room. It has a vibe that I have been slicing for our master bedroom. I collect elements of a room and then wait to I have everything to put it together. Would you mind sharing a close -up pic of panel trim and ceiling paint color? Also , if you push publish to soon , go to edit post and select that post , wait until next day to push publish again:)

  7. That is an absolutely gorgeous bedroom! Stunning! You have such a gift for creating these lovely, luxurious and yet welcoming spaces. I'm off to look at the pics again!
    P.S. Your daughter is just beautiful!

  8. Love it! So fresh and fun yet sophisticated. Love the fringed lampshades. Have a great weekend:)

  9. What a beautiful room for your daughter...sure to lure her home more often!! Love the headboard and the fish pillow adds just the perfect touch of whimsy. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend ~

  10. What a lovely room. Even though it's small, you've have made it look airy and spacious, and I love "chicken of the sea"! x Sharon

  11. What a gorgeous room! I love those colours, and the fish pillow is fantastic! X

  12. What a beautiful room you have put together...the pillows make it. And love the headboard....it has such a happy crisp vibe. If such a beautiful room and gorgeous outdoor setting won't bring her home more often can't imagine what will........enjoy your time together this weekend:)

  13. Your daughter's room is so pretty and inviting. I know it must mean so much to her to have a dedicated, beautiful room for her to come home to. Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  14. Beautiful room Mary Ann! I know your daughter is happy to have such a beautiful place to stay:). Enjoy your weekend.

  15. The room you designed for your daughter is an excellent example of how you can easily mix pieces from both high and low end retailers to create a beautiful room. I love the pillow you added for both a touch of humor and to add a piece with personal meaning to your beautiful daughter. Hope you enjoy your weekend with her.

  16. What a beautiful room!!! I love all of your SALES!!! Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. I love your daughter's room and enjoy sale shopping as well.
    I also push the publish button too early or mean to schedule a post and hit the publish button without changing the date/time.

  18. The room is beautiful in every detail. Thanks for showing it to us.

    I've hit publish too soon as well. Or schedule for the wrong date or time. I always blame Blogger!

    The shell mirror is my favorite thing here. I've never seen one like this. Planning to pin it on Pinterest.

    Enjoy your time together.

  19. That is a lovely room! It´s very nice to see all in a nice and relaxing creamy palette with a touch of coral. I loved the mismatching side tables and the bed cover. Your daughter must feel very at home with such a welcoming decoration!

  20. Mary Ann,

    Your daughter's room is so beautiful...thanks for the heads up on the Convex mirrors, I've always loved those so I just ordered two small ones from PB before they ran out!


  21. Mary Ann, I love this room. The color in the duvet, the crisp whites and of course the sea shell mirror.....so pretty!! As is your daughter! How lovely to have her home!

  22. What a great room! Love when people share their sources too! I'm on the fence with the new blogger, some parts I like and some parts I don't. I can't leave a comment on my own blog at the moment, which is a little irritating! So glad I found your blog.


  23. Such a pretty room and Oh how I love the ceiling light from Circa too, They have the best collection of fixtures!
    I love the colors you used and how elegant and neat it is for a girl's room!
    She must be thrilled with it.

  24. I love the shams and those shades!! Of course, the whole room is beautiful too!:). Isn't it the best feeling to set a fun and pretty table? Yours was lovely.

  25. What a lovely room! The mirror is my favorite thing. I'm inspired to try to recreate it. A couple of suggestions: I would put sea shells in the glass lamps and a plush throw rug next to your daughter's bed.

  26. Great finds! Such a beautiful room for a lovely young lady!

  27. Your daughter's room looks wonderful and so welcoming!! I've been considering the same ceiling fixture for a front hall area - love it. And also love your pretty table - I'm sure dinner was lovely!!

  28. Hello,

    Happy Labor Day! Your daughter's room looks beautiful...love the colors!

    Table setting pretty as usual. Enjoy your day!

  29. You did such a good job. It looks beautiful and I love the colors.

  30. Such a lovely bedroom! I really love the burlap lampshades w/the trim. It's sad to say I've never tried to publish delayed - should sit down to try and figure it out sometime.

    On another note - is that a Ballard Designs Sonoma bookcase I see in the background of one of the photos? Just bought one on sale the other day and am looking forward to it's arrival.

  31. I love your daughters room. Everything about it is so pretty. I have to admit I have never even considered paining my ceilings anything besides white. I also have a feeling I'll never paint them white again. Did you paint Alie's ceilings gray? What about other rooms in your house?

    I love your idea of overhead lighting. The fixture is perfect. It sounds like you have the same kind of discussions with your clients/painters about ceiling paint as I did with my contractor about overhead lighting. Why is that contractors always think you need overhead recessed lighting? I love the one from Circa lighting that you chose.

  32. Mary Ann,
    Your daughter's room is gorgeous. I love the beautiful color. You have done a fabulous job.

  33. Love your home! Love the green plates.Thanks for sharing

  34. Wow, I just love everything about this room. It is so beautiful. My 14 year old daughter would adore this room too.

    Best wishes,

  35. Such a lovely bedroom !!!she's so lucky to have you both! the beautiful colors truly pops it well..gorgeous!thanks for sharing :-)

  36. Whoa! What a lucky girl! Her bedroom is magnificent, Mary Anne! But of course, having you as a mother...

    I love everything, incl. the ceiling color!

    Lemon squares? We want the recipe! ;-)

    Lots of love to you!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  37. This is a beautiful room! Love the color combos, mirror, headboards and the duvet!

    P/S: Come enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from My Urban Child (BONUS: plus two other websites to choose from to spend your $50 if you win).

    Don't miss it!


  38. Hi Mary Ann,

    I love the updates to Alie's room - the pillow is just perfect with the new linens!! How fun to have her home for a few days - looks like you had a lovely dinner out on that gorgeous patio of yours!

  39. How wonderful that you had your daughter home this past weekend! her room is beautiful! I love the ceiling light fixture and I also love to paint ceilings a color! I totally agree with you that it's worth it. it is often the forgotten wall! :) I'm sure you had a great holiday weekend. :)

  40. Hi Mary Ann~ Your daughter's room is just lovely. Love the colors and the furnishings. And I totally agree with you about painting ceilings something other than white. I tell people this all the time. It is something that not many people are easily convinced of.

  41. Love the fresh decor for your beach cottage. You have such talent. I could sure use you over at mi casa. xoxo

  42. A very sweet room in which to rest and feel loved, indeed ~ Alexandra

  43. Lucky girl! I love the polka dot sheets and the pillow shams! I too believe that ceilings should be a color that coordinates with the room...someday more people will get...I hope!
    Thanks for sharing!

  44. You amaze me girl! Pink and coastal. So feminine. She must love coming home to that room. It's beautiful!

  45. As always, so much to admire in your taste and presentation.

  46. Mary Ann , you are a superstar! Your gorgeous kitchen is on Pink Wallpaper's blog:)))

  47. I love her room because its so fresh and airy looking!

  48. What a beautifully thought-out room! The details are fantastic! I would love to have you share this @ Show & Share--

  49. Oh wow what a beautiful bedroom! I've been looking high and low lately for the perfect polka dot sheets, and these are so gorgeous!!

    And I use Wordpress.org, but I've done some design work on blogger templates. Now I'm super curious to see their update.. lol!

    xox Linda

  50. You never cease to amaze me. This is such a beautiful room. Clearly, you never want your daughter to move out :)

  51. very nice room thanks for sharing

  52. This room is absolutely gorgeous! Love every detail.

  53. Hello there,
    Just found your blog, thanks to the Enchanted Home! Very nice...and good to see another California blogger! We seem to be a rare breed...at least in my travels!

    I use Wordpress and like it very much. You might give it a look-see, if Blogger doesn't work out.

    Take care,

  54. What a happy room - I just love the colour of the bedding. I love the fish plates and pillow - don't you just love it when you find things on sale and they all just come together into the perfect combination? :)

  55. What a beautiful house you have. I love your style of decorating. I was in New port beach couple of weeks ago, visiting my friends. You live in the most beautiful area in Southern California. Enjoy!

  56. Everything looks so beautiful - love the color!
    I am not used to the new blogger design - in fact I just went back to the old. But I have hit publish by mistake. Just go into edit and copy it and then paste it into a new post and schedule it for when you want. Then go back and delete the one you already published. What I have done (twice actually)... which is WAY worse ... is somehow deleted the whole post BEFORE I published it - that was really frustrating!

  57. Such a sweet room! And yes, I've hit "publish" when I really didn't mean to. I always have to think about it.

  58. I love the room. The coral shams and polka dot sheets are adorable, not too young and girly, but still feminine and fresh. So happy i stumbled onto your blog from Becca's, following you now.

    Oh, and I didn't paint our ceilings white, they are al a very soft gray-blue, with a touch of violet, just enough to make them feel soft and a tad ephemeral (at least in the nursery and other calm rooms:)



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