"Pillow Addict VI" • Strictly Simple Style

Karen from  Strictly Simple Style  
is a Midwestern girl who delivers beautiful, affordable design.
  I remember smiling reading one of her 
posts where her daughter's friend commented (totally paraphrasing here) 
that nothing ever stays in one place for long in their home.  
Then, I knew I loved Karen!  
A girl after my own heart...and OF COURSE...she has a pillow problem, too...

Hi everyone, I'm Karen from Strictly Simple Style. I am a card carrying member of 
Pillow Addicts Anonymous and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 
I love experimenting with new looks in my home and swapping out the pillows is 
the most cost effective way I know to do that.

Just about a year ago I was completely caught up in the light and bright trend and 
my choice of pillows reflected that.
Spring 2010

As winter approached I was yearning for a change to a warmer, cozy feel in my room. A darker wall color and black and white chairs were added. Time to switch out the pillows again!

Spring 2011

By keeping high ticket furniture pieces in neutral colors, it's easy to add color, pattern and texture to a room in the form of pillows. The entire mood of a room can change dramatically as well.

Let me illustrate. These bright pillow covers that I picked up on clearance at Pottery Barn normally brighten up the bed in my guest room, but I could toss them on my white sofa to instantly give my room a casual, cheery feel.

But look what happens when I trade one pillow and reposition another. The look to me is a bit nautical and slightly more masculine.

The above looks feel summery to me but that's an easy change with the help of pillows. These neutral pillow covers could help me transition into the cooler weather.

Presto chang-o! By flipping the brown pillow over to reveal a different fabric on the reverse side of this cover I get an entirely new look, perfect for autumn. Reversible pillow covers equal more bang for your buck. I think I'll use the leaf patterned pillow on the brown leather chairs in our tv room this fall.

I regularly stalk my favorite online retailers like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and West Elm to find new pillow covers when they go on sale. Buying pillow inserts in standard sizes saves money, just unzip the old cover and replace with a new one.

You probably won't find this hard to believe, but I'm ready for a change again. I'm having white slipcovers made for my black and white chairs to give me more options. I'm already daydreaming about new pillow covers in a deep amethyst.  Give me a nudge if you see any.

A big thank you to Mary Ann for letting me share my story of how pillow addiction affects my life-for the better!

Great tips for changing seasons, Karen.  Looking forward to what you do next.
Guess I need to start thinking about the Fall pillows for MY neutral back drop.  


  1. Great ideas, Karen! Love all the different looks you can achieve just by changing the pillows. Love all the pillowtalk, Mary Ann!

  2. Oh I am so a pillow addict too. I seem to change mine all the time. It works wonders for the feel of a room. Love all of your looks. Hugs, Marty

  3. My name is Shannon and I am also a pillow addict! My family does not really understand my addiction. I love your pretty colorful ones. The amethyst would be lovely as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Yep, she has the same problem I do. Constantly changing things in the home is a real problem, too. Love all those pillows.

  5. I leaned a lot from this post. I love pillows...never thought of changing out the bedrooms ones to the living room. Great ideas here!


  6. What a great post, Mary Ann and Karen! I'm constantly changing my cushions, throws and small decor accessories - sometimes from room to room, sometimes taken from my overflow stash in my 'design closet'.
    You have gorgeous pillows, Karen. I love them all!

  7. Karen, yep its official you are an addict!! But I love the many lives of your gorgeous pillows!! That first grouping I AM IN LOVE WITH!!!! Love the gold and navy against the white and you might have just inspired yet another idea for my home office where I want to incorporate these colors with some fun bold graphics. GREAT looks and thanks both of you!

  8. Thank you for allowing me to share my addiction Mary Ann.

  9. You are truly so an addict! But, I love your addiction girl! What a great post...loved it! Hugs! Loretta

  10. Mary Ann and Karen,

    I enjoy learning about how others use pillows in their homes to change with the seasons. Great presentation of colors and I love pillows and could see why some have shelves full of pillow covers. They're contagious, easy, fun and so vital in rooms. Fun post Ladies!


  11. I love pillows as well. I know it is an addiction. I love the idea of neurtal furniture, you can change the whole look of the room with pillows.

  12. Those pillows do magic! I love them all!

  13. Love Karens pillows. I feel such a kindship with her and her pillow dance!!! Once again she proves I am not alone with this infliction.....

  14. I love Karen and her blog - and her pillow addiction! Her home is beautiful and I always learn something from her. I found your blog from The Mustard Ceiling and your blog makeover - it looks great!! I'm a new reader.


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