"Pillow Addict VIII" • A Delightful Design

Abby from A Delightful Design is one of the most DELIGHTFUL 
Pilloholics you will ever meet!

Abby, her husband and two little boys recently moved into
a new home and its so fun to watch her plans unfold.
Notice the new horizontal stripes in the hallway and chandelier?
She is also working on a project that will be featured on 

Hello!  I am so honored to take part in this series!  I am always in love with everything 
Mary Ann designs and I was beyond thrilled to be included.  
Of course I've been following along in the series and I tried to think of what else I could bring to the table.  Everyone has gorgeous pillows to share!  So I've decided to share 
my pillow addiction with some tips.
What if you're addicted to pillows but 
feel frozen when it comes to combining patterns???
(in our last house)
I am always a fan of breaking "the rules" when it comes to design.  
But if you're feeling stuck, here are some rules to follow.

1) It's all about proportions!  Start with a large print that you love, like the peacock fabric below.
2) Next, chose a medium and small print that are different than the large.  For example, if you use a large floral, then you'll need a medium geometric, and a small stripe.
3) When selecting a solid I always look for texture.  Velvet, mohair, linen,and wool will help your room feel finished and sophisticated.  If every fabric is the same texture it can get boring.
Here's another example:
Here is a board with two "large" scale fabrics, but it still works because one is a stripe 
and the other is more geometric.
I hope you pillow addicts are inspired to keep mixing your colors and patterns!  If there are any pillows you like, simply click on the board and scroll down.  They are each linked to the source.  
We recently moved, and only now have we gotten our home to what I like to call "baseline" so I'm still  making decorating decisions like which pillows to buy.  Today I shared pillows I would love to have in our living room and I hope you would too!  
Thank you so much for letting me visit!

GREAT TIPS for combining patterns/textures.
More fuel for our addictions.  Visit Abby here.  I wonder which pillows we'll be 
seeing on her sofa next?


  1. I enjoyed reading what all the pillow addicts have to say! Great idea Mary Ann!
    Debbi @ the beach

  2. Great advice- easy to understand.

  3. I adore Abby and her pillows are perfect! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for having me! I'll be sad to see the series end.

  5. Crazy! My daughter has the Schumacher zig zag and grey and white stripe in her bedroom. I was hoping to add one more pattern. Thank you so much for sharing! I have loved betwixt for forever and never thought to put it in the mix:)))

  6. It is so fun to see other's pillows, of course it makes me want to go out and buy more. Of course it does, afterall I am a pillow addict too!! Kathysue

  7. Abby has great taste, and I love her fabric selections and suggestions.
    This has been a fun series, Mary Ann. I'm very comforted by the knowledge that so many others share my pillow addiction!
    ~ Wendi ~

  8. Fantastic post, and I so agree about a solid pillow being a texture of some sort to keep things interesting! Your home is beautiful and I love your ideas on how to make pillows work.

  9. This is a great series and I love seeing Abby contributing to it. I'm also excited to see what she chooses for her own home - the color palette is so pretty. The Betwixt board is my favorite I think - great tips Abby!

  10. I have to admit, I have a bit of an addiction. Pillows, pillows everywhere. They just complete a room. You have to have a pillow or to me something is missing.

  11. Great tips -- I love Abby and am thrilled to find your blog!

  12. Good, concise, foolproof advice on mixing patterns. Thanks!

  13. Abby is a doll! It's fun to share her excitement as she decorates her new home!

  14. Love all her beautiful pillow selections and tips!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  15. Abby should open a pillow shop - so I have a good place to buy wonderful pillows from! I am more into pillows than shoes!!!

    Mary Ann, you have an open invitation to join Maryanne and myself - any time! - for lots of "Champagna" and Brie. I know that you are a delight!

    I have so little time for blog hopping, but it will hopefully get better now when all 3 kids are in school.

    Warm hugs to you,


  16. Great advice - and I follow and love both of your blogs! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Good reading. Love the pillows you chose to share.

  18. Of course these are fantastic tips, Abby is a decorating genius! It was her adorable mix of pillows that first attracted me to her fabulous blog! Love it!

  19. Love,love,love the combination with the peacock pillow.

  20. Mary Ann & Abbi,

    Everyone has their techniques to share that bridge a new understanding and ignite a love into a passion. Great series, great guest posts and who could ask for more as we move inside our homes on the last Sunday of Summer.


  21. Beautiful! I love pillows!

    I have a question for you. I have some PB down filled pillows and I made a new pillow cover to put over them and for some reason these pillows are always shedding feathers! Do you have a remedy or any suggestions for this problem? Thanks,

  22. The fabrics are just to die for! Love them!

  23. I love pillows and make sure they are full and poufy!
    Great examples here.

  24. fantastic post, Abby! I love the combination in your first example, so much energy!

  25. Gorgeous pillows!!! And great tips Abby! I will definitely visit your blog!

  26. Awesome post Abby...love all the selections you put together!!!

  27. Great combo of color and texture in these pillows! Extremely inspiring!

  28. Thanks so much for all of your Pillow Addict Posts. I struggle with mixing, matching and finding the perfect balance with my pillow and other accessories. These were a total inspiration and education:)


  29. Hi Mary Ann! Fantastic tips from Abby. These pillows are to die for! I headed over after I saw your kitchen on A Delightful Design, it is absolutely fabulous! I'm looking for inspiration for our new home we will be remodeling soon. Loving your casual style. Carrie

  30. I joined as your newest follower too. Hopefully you'll stop by The Corson Cottage somtime and consider following:) Carrie


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