Behind the Blogger at The Enchanted Home

Good morning!
I have never been interviewed before, except for a job, 
and that is sort of a "sit up straight, engaged, alert, 
focused on how your skills will help the interviewer" experience.  
Exhausting, right?
When Tina, from The Enchanted Home interviews you, you:

  1. feel important because, hey, she's interested
  2. relaxed and happy, like you are on your second cappuccino...and may as well have that biscotti 
  3. dream big, like first class, all expenses paid Italian villa vacations for you, your family and all your best friends
Tina says "I see the importance of living life to its fullest 
...enjoying the moment."  Positive, don't you think?
 Plus, she is in the final, mesmerizing stages of building the most amazing home.  

Please read the interview 
and more importantly check out her fun blog.
*leave a comment there, please--if you do, 
YOU are invited along on our imaginary Italian vacation.  


  1. Just read your interview, FANTASTIC! I loved the questions and your replies, especially about your idea vacation and realizing at 18 our parents really do know a thing or two:-)

    Great to learn more about you. Agree about Tina too, amazing and capable and talented person that she is. You two are a great team.

  2. Lovely interview, Mary Ann. I visited and tried to post a comment. I'm having trouble commenting the last few days for some reason. Hope this works!

  3. I'm off to read the interview...I love her perspective!!


  4. Hope this cones thriough really liked your entertaining interview at enchanted home! Any friend of tinas is a friend of mine and your blog looks like a great find! Could not sign in with Blogger which is strange!

  5. Fun interview, Mary Ann! It's neat to learn new things about people. That dinner your hubby cooks up sounds amazing!!

  6. MA, loved the interview! How fun to dream a bit!

  7. Great interview, Mary Ann! Tina could be the next Barbara Walters! Loved your thoughtful answers and hearing about your interesting travels and love for family!
    Your newest BFF, :)

  8. What a great interview!! You are so stinkin' funny, and I enjoyed reading your answers! I think we seriously need to plan a blogger trip. Do you think we could convince Tina to have it at her house?! Red Vines and Twizzlers could sponsor it! Seriously, Twizzlers should have a full-page ad on my blog... I think I single-handedly keep them in business :) Have a great day!!

  9. Mary Ann, thanks for the intro and flowers (assuming they are for me, lol) It was my pleasure to feature you today, clearly you have many fans! Me being one of them. So hope we will get to meet up one day.....

    Carolyn..now you are talking my language! Licorceaholics anoymous convention forget the blogging:) How fun (and fattening..ugh) do you think THAT get together might be?

  10. I read the interview earlier today, lots of fun.

  11. can't wait to see what you and TIna talked about!

  12. Just loved your interview - so natural and appealing!! And I think we have 2 set ups in order!!

  13. I just read the interview and really enjoyed it. It was nice to learn more about her. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I plan on doing a post someday to show all the antics that my Boston Terrier does. He's a hoot! I was happy to hear that you have one too. I'll have to scroll through your blog and see if I spot any pictures of him. Ha!

  14. Loved reading your interview on Tina's blog and finding out you lived in Paris, too! Would love to visit the city of lights with you sometime and compare notes - I lived there for four years and in Brussels for 12.

  15. You have had an interesting history and a great attitude towards life. It is a pleasure to be introduced to you and your blog via The Enchanted Home.

  16. Loved that interview! You are too funny! Go by there and read the comment I left! xoxo

  17. Great interview.....Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is one of my ALL time favorite movies!!! So darn funny:)

  18. Just discovered your blog through Tina at Enchanted Home. Your blog looks lovely and I love your style. Looking forward to following along.

  19. What a great interview Mary Ann! You are too funny and it was so neat to get to know you better! :-)

  20. Mary Ann I posted this on Tina's blog and wanted to share the laughs here too. What date is your October B-day because I'm an Octo gal also...too funny!

    Mary Ann and Tina,

    Great interview with Mary Ann. It's true that the things that draw people together are the things they have in common but through discovery we learn about the common things later. Learning more about Mary Ann and you too Tina have me laughing and saying well of course!

    Here is what I know currently:

    Of course you two are fond of each other and I really love both your blogs, adventurous spirits, and how excited you both are about life..,mee too!

    Here's the coincendence part:
    Mary Ann, Tina, and Bette have all been married 26 years!
    Autumn birthdays, Mary Ann, Tina and Bette!
    Love for and very involved in Design, Mary Ann, Tina, and Bette!
    Lots of family acitivities especially vacations, and holiday's that rings true again!

    I guess as they say it takes one to know one is so true! Happy Monday!


  21. What a great interview at Tina's blog! So glad to be a follower here!

  22. I love Tina- I have been following her since she started blogging. She is so real and the house is going to be wonderful, isn't it? xo Diana

  23. I loved this interview! you are definitely one of the best interior design bloggers around

  24. This blog is one of my favorites around! I look forward to reading it every time there's a new post. keep up the good work

  25. Esteban De La VasquezOctober 3, 2011 at 11:46 PM

    Wow, this is impressive! I loved the interview Mary!! You truly have a gift and I am very happy to see your hard work paying off

  26. Great work Mary! I have to say this is my favorite interior design blog around. You have very nice kids as well. Your son is very handsome, I'll bet he does well with the ladies! Ha ha! Anyways, I enjoy your blog and can't wait for the next post!


  27. wonderful interview.
    and did someone mention 'italy'?

  28. Sweetie,

    I missed your interview yesterday. Just went there and read it and had to come back here! You're so great, I love your sense of humor, your honesty and how down-to-earth you are. I wish I lived close to you so we could go out for coffee. I'd love to hear your laugh! :-)

    Beautiful and fun interview! So cool.

    Enjoy your day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  29. Fantastic interview! I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you. I know how you feel about missing your sun. My daughter is a freshman at the University of Alabama. She came home last weekend, and I was in heaven!

  30. Agreed! I recommend Mark's blog to folks I talk with more than any other resource. Mark's a phenomenal asset to the small groups movement.


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