Exterior Lighting for The New Longer Nights

Time to light up and refresh the outside of your home!
My guest post for Houzz.com was just on home page.
You will find my suggestions for looks that 
work in coastal, rustic, traditional and 
even modern outdoor environments.
Some of them we used in the remodel of our own
beach cottage.  See more with links to buy here.
One last thing.... JACK POT!
Look what I won from Sherry at Design Indulgence...
The vintage enamel boxes are in the Mammoth condo, 
the measuring sticks in my office, 
the embroidered linen pillow cases in the guest room, striped fabric TBD 
(my style though), and the chicken wire baskets are here...
Organizing my bath products ...rustic baskets with the all frou frouness 
(not really a word, spell check is going crazy).  
Thanks, Sherry.

And thank YOU for visiting.


  1. Oh- I love your win! Fabulous white things! And I need to get our lights on for the winter too. We usually set them to start when we set the clocks back.....coming soon! xo Diana

  2. EEK!! I'm so excited about your Sherry winnings - how fun! And that lot does look like it's right up your alley and perfect for your home too. What a great score. Oh how I would love to win one of those lots one of these days. And great outdoor round-up. I haven't explored Houzz much but now I have more reason to and see your post.

  3. Love your pretty landscape lighting. And, I'm soooo jealous... I wanted to win those fun things from Sherry :)

  4. Girlfriend you win so many prizes in blogland. Congratulations!!! Did you ever make pillows out of the Trina Turk fabric? Happy Weekend!

  5. Wow, such a nice gift (gifts)! Love the garden light especially!
    Have a nice evening, Mary Ann.

  6. Lovely lights and wonderful wins, Mary Ann!
    Have a nice evening,
    ~ Wendi ~

  7. Very nice outdoor lighting and that was a great win! Love what you received!

  8. We had on every outdoor light tonight because of snow, it's snowing like crazy here in New England. You featured some wonderful choices of outdoor lights too. Congratulations on your win from Sherry and love what you did with the wire baskets.

  9. Lucky lady - what a great win!

  10. Love how you displayed all those wonderful goodies you won! Perfect, on the prowl for out door lighting now....gotta have it but there are so many choices its quite overwhelming!

  11. You must have read my mind. Heading over to check out the lighting.

  12. Love the lighting...darker eveinings, not so much! Lucky girl, pretty collection of goodies!

  13. Can't wait to check out your post on Houzz! So glad it all arrived in one piece and that you have found homes for most of it. Love what you did with the baskets.

  14. Lucky girl!!! Don't you love winning things online? It's incredibly fun!!!

    Light fixtures! I'm wanting to change some around my house. I need to check your picks!

    By the way, I'm sorry I'm missing some of your posts lately. But I'm trying to spend very little time in front of the computer. I have too much pain if I stay here for too long. So, I'm trying to take it easy now, since there's only 4 weeks to go. :-)

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  15. Enjoyed catching up on your blog today. So many great posts! Your lighted fountain still remains one of my favorite features of your outdoor space.

  16. Lighting is so important, inside and out! You've got it all figured out, with a great selection! I'm seeing lots of the Frenchy wire baskets these days and like the look! Cheers!

  17. Congrats on your win! Sherry always has some of the best giveaways!

    Great outdoor lighting, by the way!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  18. Mary Ann,

    Luck be a Lady born in October! Congrats on the win the goodies are great and how fun for you! Really love the lighting assortment on Houzz too.

    I was attending some Pottery Barn (once a month classes) and I won their give-aways for three months in a row. The staff said (after the third win) "If Bette wins again" we'll draw an additional name...too funny.

    Happy Friday!

  19. I am all about outdoor lighting!! I love looking outside in the backyard at the soft ambient lighting. You showed some wonderful examples here. Congrats on such a fun win!! I loved the enamel pieces!! happy Halloween weekend,

  20. Love the flat lantern style fixtures, and your chicken wire baskets.
    Have a good weekend,

  21. How lucky are you to win such a great prize!
    I need to choose outside lights for the new little house - thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a pretty day!

  22. Great gifts to have won. You certainly made good use of them. Congrats. Hugs, Ginger

  23. Congrats on your great win! I'm still enjoying the candle I won from you! I really need to find a new outdoor light for my house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Congratulation on your wonderful prize - lucky girl! I also love the exterior lighting you shared...that's on my must do list too :O)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


  25. Congrats! Lighting is such an important factor. This is why luxury home builders
    always makes sure that it is accounted for.


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