Our Renovated Master Bedroom

Our 1950's beach cottage has an addition 
built in the 1980's over the garage.  
It is spacious and light filled.
After photo
Here is what we did to make it our own retreat...
I wanted it to feel peaceful 
with creams, whites, soft blues and crystal...
Before Photo
Before we moved in...not bad but we needed
more efficient windows and new flooring.
Also, we wanted to build a wall across here to 
make a more intimate bedroom and 
carve out a home office.
I have posted about my new office here.
Rocky approves.
This leads to the bathroom...

You can read more about the new bathrooms here.

We kept the gas fireplace where it was and 
cleaned it.  It's nice that it is higher so that you 
can see it from the bed.
Big television for Howard...ah, well, compromises.

I will include more details about the renovation 
(paint colors, materials, sources, etc.) in an upcoming post.

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  1. Mary Ann, Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love all of the soothing colors. It looks like such a nice place to relax!

  2. what a beautiful house! I love every single piece in your house, great furniture collection x

  3. For some reason this post was deleted and then I had to republish it--but I was able to see everyone's lovely comments--thanks so much!

  4. Deja vu, here I am I think I left a comment yesterday:) Glad I am not losing my mind. Beautiful, welcoming elegant master suite just like you Maryann! Love it.

  5. Absolutely stunning! And I love Rocky! He must love living at your beautiful home!

  6. Oh my word! You did a fantastic job!!! I need someone like you to come into my home and help me! lol Thank goodness for inspirational blogs like yours to keep me going during our fixer upper challenges!!! :)


  7. Your room is absolutely stunning!

  8. Ha Ha....now I can't remember if I commented or not :) If I did then here it is again...Love your bedroom...so soft and pretty!

  9. It looks gorgeous and fresh! Great adjustments and additions. I would love to lay my head there at night. So peaceful!


  10. So beautiful, Mary Ann. You are very talented.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  11. I'm not sorry. It is so pretty it's worth a second look!! M.

  12. calm, relaxing...i'm yawning just looking at it. job beautifully done!


  13. I love your master bedroom. Very relaxing and beautiful. I love love love love your floors. What kind are they and who makes them? Thanks for the great info you pass along on your wonderful blog.

  14. What a soothing space. I'd love a fireplace in my bedroom.

  15. Wow!!! Yes, give us the room color because I'm in love with it! Your bedroom is simply the way I love! Light, bright, comfy and so welcoming! Gorgeous job, my friend!!!

    Have a lovely day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  16. what a fabulous, fabulous space! i love the color (so soothing and relaxing!) and that chandelier. and the space you turned into your office.

  17. Mary Ann, Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love the soft colors and the wood beamed ceiling. Perfection.

  18. Hi Mary Ann, beautiful wall color and I love the ceilings! Excuse me, while I jump into that yummy bed!
    Best to you,

  19. I saw it before but loved it the seond tine too! LOVELY! xo Diana

  20. I love your master bedroom, it's just gorgeous!
    Thanks for linking!

    My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
    (bloggger issues)

  21. This is just stunning! Perfect in every way. You have great style.

  22. Love your beautiful bedroom! It's very calming and relaxing. You did a great job, Mary Ann!

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway. Come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish travel bag (worth $75) by Scout when you get a chance! Don't miss out!

    Have a great weekend!


  23. Hi! the bedroom is so beautiful! and I laughed about the TV... yep, the men have to have 'em!

    Really lovely all around, love the floors, colors are so soothing

    xoxo Kit

  24. What a beautiful and unique space! (Men and their big TVs, right? I'll never understand.) :)

    Thanks for the visit today!

  25. So pretty! I love the serene color palette! Awesome beams and flooring.

  26. I love your master bedroom and I love the soft colors and the wood beamed ceiling. Thanks for the great info you pass along on your wonderful blog.

  27. I love what you have done here. Fine work indeed. The remodeled master's bedroom is exquisite and is a dream concept.

  28. Excellent job. I'd love to this in my own bedroom, though I'd add a little more Victorian elements to it.

  29. I agree with the comments. You did an excellent job in renovating your rooms. I like what you did on the master's bedroom. It looks very minimalist. I'd love to have a bed just like that.

  30. Thanks for all the details! Your bedroom is just gorgeous! Love the large monogrammed pillow. Love the subtle wall color and how the lines and the rug work together. Very nice!

  31. The bedroom looks amazing and gorgeous. The time and efforts you spent really paid well. I wish I had that kind of room. Anyway, in renovating a house, let's not take for granted the outside part. It is important to secure the house and the family.

  32. I like the simplicity of the color and design of your room. The color of the wall and linen complemented with each other very well. Those kinds of furniture and other accents can really add beauty to a master's bedroom.

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  33. That's beautiful. Your bedroom reminds me of apartments for rent near brussels. They have both exquisite and elegant designs. I think the property is worth the purchase.

  34. Your master bedroom is gorgeous! So luxurious!
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