Pillow Addict from Cottage and Vine

There is a lot of pillow madness going on over at Cottage and Vine...
and have been enjoying René's obsession for a while now.  See what I mean...
Hello to all of Mary Ann's readers!  I was thrilled to be invited to participate in this fun series.  
I love Mary Ann's style and she is always super sweet!  Her blog has been a 
constant source of inspiration for me.

Pillows.  Where to begin?  Well, I could honestly say that I would rather have a new pillow 
than a new pair of shoes.  Pillows are to a house what shoes are to an outfit.  
You can't have too many.  My husband might disagree though ;)
I am forever switching pillows around at our house.  Other than painting, 
pillows are the easiest way to update a room.  
These are the pillows that used to be in our bedroom.
And here are the new ones.  I'm really loving this fresh blue at the moment.
Sometimes I like to mix several patterns and colors together.
And sometimes I go for the paired down and simple look.  Slowly I am replacing all of my pillow covers with down filled pillow inserts.   A feather insert + fluff + karate chop = pillow perfection.  
Here are a few of my favorite pillows on etsy...
So many pillows, so little time.  That's all the pillow talk for me, get it?  
Pillow talk, ha!  Thanks again Mary Ann!

I love that, René..."A feather insert + fluff + karate chop = pillow perfection" 
and thanks for resources!
Please see what else is going on over at


  1. Oh my!!! I love this pillow addict pillows! Where did you find that great Ikat print pillow? Beautiful inspiration here! Way to go Mary Ann and Renee!

  2. Loving your pillow choices Mary Ann! I am enjoying the pillow addict series too. Carrie

  3. I am a pillow addict too! I agree, it is the easiest thing to change and I do it often. Off to check out Cottage and Vine, and Etsy, of course!!

  4. I absolutely love the new blue pillows in Rene's bedroom. Another great guest post, Mary Ann!
    Have a lovely day...
    ~ Wendi ~

  5. Love the fresh blue pillows in your room..so pretty, and love the idea of mixing up patterns, no rules..just trial and error! Beautiful examples of when having a pillow addiction is actually a good thing:)
    Signed a fellow sufferer

  6. Rene...Rene...Rene....I always knew about your little secret and now it is out there....true confessions. As with Mary Ann and the other pillow addicts featured.....you need not suffer alone. We welcome you with open arms :) Love the new Etsy sites for even more pillows to obsess over.

  7. I love it, "I'd rather have a new pillow than a pair of shoes!" I so agree on this. A girl can never have too many pillows.


  8. Hi everybody! Thanks for the nice comments! The ikat came from this lovely shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/kassapanola
    I hope this helps. Thanks for having me Mary Ann!


  9. Hey, great posting! Just wanted to let you know that this post rocks. Your color combination is awesome. Please keep up the amazing work. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Thanks!

  10. Love Mary Ann and her blog. I am drooling over the second image!
    Have anice weekend, Mary Ann and Rene.

  11. I love your pillows, Rene, especially the ikat in the living room. Love the black & white with the peacock blue!

  12. Pretty pillows, Rene! I love the one on your bed. And, I love the shoe analogy :)

  13. Mary Ann Thanks so much for having Rene!! From one pillow addict to another!

    I will be having a Giveaway of a pair of pillows starting next Friday!! Mark your calendar!

    Art by Karena

  14. Rene always seems to introduce us to the nicest blogs! I'm glad to have discovered yours Mary Ann!!

  15. I'm with you...I'd take a new pillow any day over new shoes! Love the pillows on your bed.

  16. Seriously, pillows or shoes? I think I'd try to find a really fabulous bargain and justify both!! :)

  17. I'm a pillow addict too. Your choices are so pretty with your white sofa and bed linens. I'd like to find some new pillows in Fall colors and at a reasonable price. I'm looking. :)

  18. Hi Mary Ann, Rene's home is beautiful and I love her pillow collection.

  19. Good stuff! I wonder who invented the karate chop for pillows?

  20. What a stunning selection! I definately have pillow envy! X

  21. Although I think I might have to go with the shoes over the pillow, love the way Renee mixes it up!!

  22. Its fun mix patterns though I am too chicken to do it. She did a great job, its very fresh looking.

  23. Loving your new pillows and that stylish living room of yours! I'm a total pillow addict too - my husband rolls his eyes dramatically when he sees me headed to the pillow aisle at tj maxx. :)

    PS - thanks for stopping by my blog recently! I'm so glad to have found yours!

  24. Renee has beautiful taste. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Love the zebra pillows. Very pretty. But I love most animal prints. Wished they went better with my color scheme.

  26. I love Rene's style. She has some gorgeous pillow and I love the new blue ones!

  27. Hello. My name is Kristine and I too am a pillow addict. lol LOVE to karate chop an accent pillow. It is just plain fun. My husband hasn't cut me off yet on pillow shopping. I think secretly he too is an addict. You should see our bed. It is loaded and I am thinking of adding more! lol

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my pillows..it totally confirmed my addiction and is encouraging me to add a few more pillows to our family.

    Have a great day!! I love your blog...just love it.

  28. Love the idea of a series on pillows..Rene has shared some great pillows and I love the formula!


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