Join Me For An "Endless Summer" Home Tour

Let's pretend the clocks aren't "falling back" with a visit to Jill's and Mac's ocean front 
home called  "Endless Summer" in Atlantic Beach, Florida.
Noteworthy before the tour...
1.  "Endless Summer" is also the title of a 1966 surfing movie about
following the summer season by traveling around the world.
2.  All the reclaimed wood beams and flooring
came from Mac's father's old warehouse.
3.  Their home was featured in "Coastal Living" Jan/Feb 2006. 
Welcome.  Slip off your shoes.
Here is the ship shape foyer with folded Kantha quilts, books and shells.
Upstairs is the main living living area.  Below is a partial scan from the 
"Coastal Living" article.  Six years later and the style is as fresh as ever!
Can anyone please tell me how to get better scans?  How do all you bloggers do it?  
Off the living room is a ping pong table with solid base that fits the décor
...I am thinking partay!
Great sliding doors.
From the vaulted ceiling hangs an antique paddle board.
The dining room looks out over the ocean.  
Love the color and shape of the plant and pot next to the art work below.
This breakfast nook is so inviting...and sweet sentiments on the chalk board.
Upstairs to the right and left are Jill's and Mac's office alcoves with a 
comfortable sitting area in the middle.  Notice the beautiful rug that Jill got at a local estate sale 
(right before their trip to Turkey--big savings versus shipping a rug home)!
Confession here:  this little door leads to a Pillow Addict's Attic.
Yes,  Jill is one of us.
Got some beauties here.  I'd love to dig around but moving on...
How cute is their teen-aged daughter, Abbe's room? 
This is her cozy study nook.
Look where all the neighborhood kids play football! 
Who needs to travel around the world when you have an
"Endless Summer" here?
Thanks, Jill and Mac for letting us visit.

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  1. Hello Mary Ann

    This is a beautiful, lived in and loved home and thanks to Jane and Mac for allowing photos to be shared with us.

    Thank you for such beauty

    Helen xx

  2. What a gorgeous home...wow! Love the theme throughout! :)

  3. Maryann, I love home tours. I remember the issue. Love their home. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Mary Ann, This is a beautiful beach house and what a gorgeous view!

  5. What a lovely home! Love the pillow addict's attic :)

  6. Lovely home - and I hate to admit but I do remember Endless Summer - a classic! Love the open plan with the wonderful beams and as they say - it's all about location!

  7. What a gorgeous home in a perfect setting! Abbe's room is so cool. Thanks for giving us the tour :)

  8. Abbe has one awesome room...love it!!!


  9. Beautiful home, Mary Ann! LVOE the dining room. Would never leave it.
    hav ea great Sunday.

  10. So pretty and I love how the interiors are a true reflection of their passions and obvious love of travel and exotic furnishings. The setting is gorgeous! The dining room was my fave. Thank you both for sharing!

  11. OK, I wish I lived there....mostly because of the weather! What a beautiful home.

  12. Beautiful home and that is funny about the pillows. I have tons here and there.

  13. I totally remember that home in Coastal Living!!! And please...lock me in that pillow closet :)

  14. Oh, that view! What a great place to live and the interior of the house is lovely too. Thanks to you and the homeowners for sharing it with us. Home tours are such fun!

  15. Don't you love all the pillows?;>) I remember that issue,too! It is fun to see it again though- nice post! xo Diana

  16. Beautiful, thanks for sharing, Ginger

  17. Mary Ann, Jill and Mac,

    Thanks for turning the time back today in more ways than one...lol. Great home tour and lovely space.


  18. What a gorgeous home. I love all the vaulted ceiling and wood beams. The paddle board looks terrific hanging.

  19. Beautiful home - I could snoop around in houses all day! I love the pillow comment too.

  20. You always feature the most fabulous home tours and this is no exception! Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann!

  21. Great house tour! I love the simplicity of the interior - why compete with such an amazing view?

  22. Fabulous! Love everything about it! Her daughter's room is so sweet...love all the color. What a great idea to make your ping pong table a little more custom. We have a black one, but it never occurred to me to customize it. Love where they play football...does it get any better than that?

  23. All of those wood beams are really great. I also love the plant pot and art vignette that you got, and the sitting area on the second floor. They have a beautiful home - thanks for the tour!

  24. Beautiful style and so comfortable looking! Gorgeous dining room with that to die for view!
    Thanks for giving us a tour.

  25. Another great tour! Keep 'em coming! lol This is beautiful.

  26. What a beautiful home! Love the study nook and pillow addict's attic!

  27. Beautiful home! I love the personality showing through in her daughter's room - how fun! Love the suspended paddleboard, too! So many really great details! Thanks for sharing.

  28. I can usually pick a favorite area or element in a home but this is a tough one. What a great home, so many finishing touches that I would never have thought of-especially love the quote on the chalk board.

  29. Dear Mary Ann,

    I love that Ocean in the background.



  30. that is really awesome!!
    so many beautiful rooms:)

  31. I remember that issue and I remember that movie. The home is perfect because it's truly enjoyed and lived in. I love the wood beams and vaulted ceiling. The old paddle board is perfect in it's location. Great fun to see this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Oh, this is so generous of you to share this beautiful post with us. Loved seeing every inch of it! It's the kind of house you don't want to leave! Don't you agree?

    Have a great day, Mary Ann!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  33. Seriously, I don't think you could ever pry me away from that perfect place! I could sit on that "football" field *forever*! So gorgeous...I'm going to try and sit in my backyard and see if I feel the same way...I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be *quite* the same! (c:

  34. Just catching up with my favourite blogs. Another creative and stunning home. Thank you.

  35. What a beautiful home. I can see why it was chosen to be featured in Coastal Living. Love the palm tree canvases, that's such a cool idea.

  36. Love the location #1!! Also the old paddle board and the colorful attic bedroom (gives me some ideas for mine).


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