"Ten Palms" Home Tour in Atlantic Beach

Last weekend while we were in Florida,  we stayed with Mercedes and Mark
at their home called "Ten Palms." 
Many of the homes in the community have names. 
Their Florida style house is named for the ten palms Mark planted around it
 and for the ten palms (hands) of the growing family of five that live there.
The main living areas are upstairs.  Many of the interior doors have
frosted glass panes allowing for more light.
I love the the horizontal plank wall treatment.
Spread out on the table are these colorful tropical giclées created by our friend, Eric.
He uses them for display in his architecture business.  
Eric has other gorgeous photographic themes that you can see and purchase Here
This is the centerpiece along the polished cement kitchen island.
 The kitchen was in a constant state of motion for 
several meals for our group of 25 to 30 so I didn't get any great shots.
We cleaned up after this.
But it was back to this in the morning...
can you see the empty wine bottles in the window sill?
Just off the kitchen is a large deck for entertaining.  Love the hanging candles.
 All the palm trees give it a tree house feeling.
 There is another cozy deck in front with a table decorated by the kids.
 Beautiful pool in back and beyond that...
a skate boarding ramp.  Mark is a lawyer...wonder if the neighborhood
kids signed waivers?  Isn't this a fun house for entertaining?
Thanks again Mark and Mercedes for a great weekend!

Next post...their friends' beautiful ocean front home
just down the street.  It was featured in "Coastal Living"...I have the "unstyled" shots since 
I barged in on them on a Sunday morning.


  1. This is such a remarkable home! Oddly, what really caught my eye is the kitcken island. I love love that center where you can have almost everything right there! Thanks so much for an inviting tour. Have a super week and weekend! Hugs! loretta

  2. Wow...I love Ten Palms! The attention to detail is just amazing inside and out. There are so many interesting spaces in this house. I just love the skateboard ramp...those kids are lucky!

  3. Beautiful home...I love the horizontal planks also :)

  4. Thanks for that tour! Lovely home, and the polished cement island, is wonderful!

  5. Pretty place. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see if I recognize the other one.

  6. Perhaps Mark will send me some photos of the kitchen the way it normally looks.

  7. Love this house, Mary Ann. I also love the name. Such meaning.
    The leather chairs are perfect and the concrete island is amazing!
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Gorgeous home - I love that the kitchen island seems to be the hub of activity. And I bet the back porch gets a ton of use too.

  9. I love when you take us on these home tours! Beautiful! Can't wait to see the next one!

  10. Great plank walls. Love a fun beach house.

  11. Beautiful...looks like a fun weekend, seeing those palm trees has me yearning for hot tropical weather. Love that neat centerpiece for the table..thanks for letting us in to take peek!!

  12. Mary Ann, your friends' home is amazing! What a wonderful place to live! I especially like the concept behind the name 'Ten Palms'. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Wendi ~

  13. Thanks for sharing this--so fun! I love the incredible centerpiece and the plank walls.

  14. Beautiful! I love the exterior and those plank walls. What a great house. Looks like you had fun!

  15. I love Atlantic Beach....such a cute beach town. My dad lives in nearby Neptune Beach. That does look like a great entertaining house!!!

  16. The centerpiece on the kitchen island is awesome!!

  17. Beautiful home for entertaining or being the entertained! :) The kitchen looks amazing, even in its' state of 'maleness!' Can't wait to see the neighbors!

  18. What a great home for entertaining or just family around...I love all the details you photographed and really love the wall planking! Your friend Eric's art is gorgeous!

  19. Lovely home, Mary Ann! That kitchen looks HUGE! Love it. Can't wait to see the next home!!


  20. Mary ann, What a fun home. Its fresh young and stylish. The art work is fabulous.Can not wait to see their beach house!

  21. What a beautiful home and perfect for entertaining! I love the planking on the walls, something you just don't see very often in Seattle!

  22. I want to have a home with a name!
    This place is so cool!!
    Hugs & have a pretty day!

  23. Mary Ann,

    Looks like your becoming a regular reporter with great blog posts on homes from all over. People love their costal homes and it shows.


  24. A delightful interior.........a home in which the style is a true reflection of its occupants' personalities is always appealing. How do your friends keep their house looking so neat with a large family.

  25. What a fabulous house, thanks for sharing!

  26. A beautiful home - so interesting! The size of that kitchen (and island) is amazing! (And LOL about the wine bottles on the sill!) Thanks for sharing Mary Ann, loving these home tours!

  27. Wow! Fantastic home! Worthy of "coastal living" too! I can't wait to see the next post!!!

    I hope everything is great w/ you, sweetie.

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  28. Based on the window sill it looks like a great time. Love the horizontal planks you pointed out too.

  29. It looks like a fun weekend in a lovely home. I am so taken with the centrepiece on the kitchen island. I might have to copy that idea. x Sharon

  30. Wow- what a beautiful, fun home! it must have been a wonderful stay there! I can't wait for the next home feature! :) Happy Weekend!

  31. Beautiful home! I love the plank walls and have been pushing for some in my in-laws future cottage remodel. Love the sense of fun in that home, and wonder how many times a kid has biffed off the edge of the skateboard ramp aiming for the pool. I'd imagine it's more than once.(Maybe it's just the mom of 2 boys part of me.) Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing.

  32. This looks like a great party place! Very family friendly too! Looks like you had a great time and I'll bet you're glad to be back home!

  33. What a great house, kid and entertaining-friendly. Was the weather perfect during your visit? Florida is often warm and tropical, right?

  34. What an absolutely gorgeous home! I just discovered your blog and I am your newest follower. xo

  35. Oh I just love a good hour tour! That one was so beautiful! I just love those walls - and that kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Such a fantastic home! My friend Kevin Mullican of Jacksonville is the designer of this unique home, and deserves many kudos for doing yet another great job! - Anne, Orlando


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