A Young Lady's E-designed French Bedroom

Such a fun project!  Karen, who lives outside of Atlanta is a great e-design customer.
Currently, we are in the midway stages of redecorating her daughter, Caroline's "boudoir."   
Caroline is a darling freshman (ask my son who has seen her photo) at the University of Georgia.
Photo taken at Blanc d'Ivoire Store in Paris
Inspiration:   Their newly purchased dove grey IKEA duvet cover, 
existing painted wood furniture and a chair rail lead to 
a "Blanc d'Ivoire" look which is...

French, tone on tone, soothing, very little pattern, 
elegant with a modern edge... 
a young woman's room with an eye to it also serving as a guest room.

Plan by Chez Vous Home including sources and floor plan.
Reworking the floor plan, the dresser moves to a different wall and the 
desk becomes a vanity.  
It is important to have a focal point as you stand in the doorway, 
in this case a pretty bed.
"Before" a Sweet Young Girl's Room
Time to buy a queen sized bed as down the road this will be a 
part-time adult guest room.
There was already a chair rail, so to further the French feel, 
I recommended a box wainscoting.  
Karen is an engineer and designed the new wainscoting herself.
Here are some photos of what has already been accomplished:
The wainscoting is in and painted white along with the walls.  
The ceiling is a soft blue grey
and the queen sized bed frame is assembled.  
The vanity has been moved to the far wall.

Karen took the light fixture idea I gave her and found an alternative (above)

on the internet for half the price.

 Notice the the new iron bed side table and Karen's pretty accessories.  
After I mentioned seeing a lamp similar to the one in my plan at 
Home Goods in California and she found the one above at hers!  
Lucky and a big savings.
 The crystal vanity lamp was already theirs and is a good fit.  
It is all coming together.  The other items such as the hanging chandelier, tufted slate velvet headboard, custom oversized bolster 
and chair are already ordered.  

Great job, Karen!!!

Would you benefit from an e-design?  Check out my Services page.

Another update to follow.
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  1. This is beautiful, Mary Ann! So soft and elegant.

  2. Fabulous transformation. Love the new colors and designs. Gorgeous bedframe. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wow! Talk about a huge change! :-) That room is looking gorgeous and I just love the wainscoting she designed. So smart to have the room do double duty as a space for guests and the calming color palette is perfect. Great job Mary Ann!

  4. This room is going to be so beautiful when it is is completed, I can tell. Very calming room, love those wainscoting as well! Looking forward to see the finished room.

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a charm bracelet, if you like!


  5. Quite a change...I know you will make this room beautiful...eager to see the entire makeover! Happy Wednesday!

    Best Wishes,

  6. It looks very welcoming and fresh

    I like the transformation

    Helen xx

  7. Love love it!! I think I need to take a trip to Ikea, My son asked for a gray duvet cover for Christmas, you just solved my searching issues, Love the room and it is so soothing and definitely grown up!! happy Wednesday!! Kathysue

    PS I have a fun Christmas gift giveaway on my blog. I used it for an entertainment themed gift one year!! Falalala ♪♫♪♫

  8. Great work! I really love all the details and coloring!

  9. It is looking so grown up and appropriate for a young adult - great work! Those changes that pack a big impact are ones I can relate to for sure.

  10. Love your plan and it's all coming together nicely :)

  11. I've had so much fun working with Mary Ann! I can't wait to complete this project and move on to my master bedroom -- again, virtually with Chez Vous. The old decor in Caroline's room clearly reflected her middle school years, and the recent addition of an inexpensive comforter that didn't match the old decor was temporary - a high school girl studying (and sometimes snacking) on a custom coverlet sent Mom (moi) to Bed, Bath and Beyond for something spill-proof. She made it to college before we could at least agree on the Ikea duvet. Mary Ann took it from there, and we can't be happier with the outcome! What a restful retreat to come home to after final exams in December. Shall I add a "No Eating" sign? Maybe in French?

  12. Dear Linda,

    It looks lovely so far.

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Very simple but elegant! The perfect room for both the daughter and guests! Love the wainscoting!


  14. That is looking beautiful! I didn't know you were doing design services. That's awesome!

  15. Everything looks amazing.
    YOu are good, real good.
    She sounds like an ideal client, especially with her engineering skills and ability to find things at a great price!!
    Good teamwork!!

  16. That bedroom looks amazing! You are so talented and have great taste!

  17. It looks beautiful. You have such great advice!

  18. Thanks Karen for sending the "midway" photos...so fun to be able to post them. We DO make a good team! :)

  19. Wow, this looks fabulous. Love the color palette, so soft dusty and elegant..some of my favorite colors and so perfect for a bedroom! Welll done:)

  20. Wonderful. How much fun you must me having! Love the whole concept and color of the imspiration and the final room!
    Job well done on everyone's part!

  21. I love that colour palette. It looks great!

  22. I love everything so far! This is similar to a plan I have in motion for my home office!

  23. LOVE this, Mary Ann! Can't wait to see the finished room. The wainscoting looks great too!
    Hope that you are having a nice season.

  24. Wow this is going to be so wonderful. I can't believe Karen did the box wainscoting herself love it! I can't wait to see the results.

  25. Just beautiful and so elegant. The lighting is my favorite part.

  26. I love a great before & after. It was fun seeing the progession pics and I look forward to the completed pics. It was important to me when coming up with low cost decorating for my 4 and 6 year old that it not look too childish. My sons room on occasion becomes the guest room and I have not had a complaint yet:) He thinks its fun to sleep on a hideabed.

  27. I love this! The colors are so pretty and will be a relaxing space for guests. They may never leave!

  28. what a great transformation! i love seeing "little" girl rooms grow up! that is SO amazing that you spotted a lamp at a home goods bear you, and your client found a similar one in georgia!
    the room is really beautiful and sophisticated. thanks for sharing!

  29. It's coming along amazingly! Love the chandelier fixture! Beyond pretty. xo

  30. Pretty room! I love all the soft grays. That bedding is seriously from Ikea? Seems I might have to make a trip to mine...

  31. Love it! Panelling will always make me swoon :)
    Nancy xo

  32. I love your design philosophy.
    Great post showing the room's transformation. Thank you for sharing with us your design board - it's fabulous

  33. E-design is amazing. Love all of your picks, Mary Ann, and your client has done a great job of recreating your vision!!

  34. Beautiful! I love how she's translating your mood board into reality. It's such a soothing, inviting space! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Stunning! Love the color palette, the wainscoting and the crystal light fixture. So fun to see your design come to life!

  36. Love your recommendations! I'd love to see the lamp base painted grey, as on the design board. She's lucky to have so much space! It's going to be lovely!

  37. Gorgeous! I have to ask....which duvet cover is it from Ikea? The Ofelia? I may have to order it! SO lovely!!

    Thanks for a sneak peek! :)

  38. AMAZING! The new transformation is so CLASSY.
    LOVE it!
    Have a pretty day!

  39. So much fun to see the transformation. Looks great!

  40. I believe the duvet is the ofelia vass in grey...is is a seersucker material only available at the store.

  41. Mary Ann, it is so much fun to see the transformation. Thank you for sharing.


  42. That is a great gallery wall! Somehow, my frames always tilt on one side or another! ..

  43. Thanks so much for the duvet info, Mary Ann! It's gorgeous! I would love to hire your e-design services in the future!

  44. Mary Ann, You do such a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing. I love the work you have done with me, and you are such a delight. You are just as nice as you come across on your blog.

  45. Love this post. Gives me some great ideas. I am currently working on redoing my closet...love this light fixture. That would look great in my closet. I will see if I can find one like it.

  46. Mary Anne,

    Love this room...e design is such an interesting concept. I read your page and it really does make sense for the client out there that can take your ideas and follow through with them. I love all your touches...very sophisticated!


  47. What a beautiful transformation. The colors are so soothing and the room looks so inviting.

  48. To Love of the Sea: here's the light fixture - I purchased it from Crystorama online. It comes in a variety of finishes and sizes, too! http://www.crystorama.com/p-190-710-eb-cl-mwp.aspx?EID=13&EN=Category

  49. What a beautiful transformation! So soothing too :) You're a wonderful designer, and Karen has a good eye for style too.

  50. This is a beautiful transformation from a little girls room to a beautiful adult room. You are so creative and talented. This post has been a joy to see. Everything is lovely and soothing and in beautiful taste. Lovely!

  51. Lovely! Coming together so nicely. Hard when you can't see the room but your seem to have the hang of it :)

  52. I love this soft palette. Is that just that old, brown paneling painted cream,in the first picture? My friend has that old stuff, I'm trying to convince her to paint it. i sent her the picture. Thanks, lovely blog!

  53. loving this! and that bed. did u say where it was from? its so cute!

  54. It's truly coming together so beautifully! Love the soft dove grey color...so soothing. :)

    xoxo laurie

  55. i am laughing -i was asking about that frame a year ago!!!! ahah what a nudge i am!


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