My Holiday Traditions and Tasty Giveaway

Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling asked if I would write about
 "a favorite holiday tradition, something you look 
forward to every holiday season."

Elizabeth is the talented designer that helped me 
with my blog design.
Check out one of my favorite traditions here...

Another special tradition... 
each year, my three long time buddies and I make time to have lunch together.
 Yesterday, we celebrated with Christmas music, scented candles, a fire in the fireplace 
and take-out soup and sandwiches (easy during this busy time).  
Debbie set the table with garden flowers.
Some thoughtful presents were exchanged...most importantly, the gift of friendship!

at Houzz.com.

A delicious gift is B.Toffee.  You will love it!
You can get the packaging customized.  We did this for Christmas presents last year.
It's also fun for party favors for other celebrations like showers or birthdays.
EASY to enter giveaway:
Just like B. Toffee on facebook HERE (so Betsy will know I sent you),
follow me and leave a comment on this post.
Drawing to be held on Dec. 18.  Open to US and Canadian residents.  I must have your email address.

Thank you for being here and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your home looks stunning, Mary Ann. I hope you enjoyed a day of love and laughter with your friends. What a smart idea to keep the meal plan simple.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  2. I love your tradition of taking time out of your busy schedules to nuture friendships. So special. It is something I like to do too! Your home looks lovely and the toffee is calling me name (my favorite kind of sweets!)

  3. Take out! BRILLIANT!!!
    I need that toffee! hee!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. This Friday I'll be going to an annual Christmas breakfast where we all bring a design book and exchange it. The first Friday in December I host a luncheon after we go to Tudor Place and make Boxwood wreaths in a lovely carriage house on the property. It's so fun to look forward to these events.

  5. Follower, followed on Facebook. Such a nice giveaway, Mary Ann!
    I am so happy you were able to get together and have this time!

  6. Your home...the pretty table and gorgeous tree, has never looked more beautiful!! And you have the wonderful gift of friendship to top it off!! Happy Holidays!!


  7. Your home looks beautiful! It is so important to make time for your friends. We all get so caught up in the shopping so it is nice to remember what is really important!
    Cheers - Shelley

  8. Love your pics! And now I want to have a party and make toffee! lol

  9. It is all about good friends. Great traditions.

  10. So glad you are taking the time to visit with friends and enjoy each other during this busy time of year! I just did the same with my girlfriends last night - so good to have a laugh together!

    The toffee looks delish!!

  11. I bet your kids love the surprise of your tradition each year - it's so fun and I loved seeing your post over on Elizabeth's blog. She is so talented and did such a nice job with your blog design. What a nice tradition to do lunch with your girlfriends, and so special. Hope you have a great day!

  12. what a lovely idea! Every year I host a Christmas tea party for my girlfriends and it truly has become such a special time that we all look forward to every year.

  13. All you had to say was "toffee" and you know I was going to do anything that you asked (c: Loving B. Toffee on FB and following you, natch (c; Have a Merry Christmas!

  14. Mary Ann-It sounds like you are having a delightful Christmas Season! Happy Wednesday! xo Diana

  15. Your casual and cozy lunch sounds just perfect, and a great way to have some much needed downtime during this chaotic but wonderful sesason!! Now...I know we are 'buddies" in addition to our love for other candies I LOVE Sees candy, as does my mom, and I buy her a box every year (and sometimes even treat myself)!! Lovely post......and enjoyed your guest post.

  16. I am following you. Also, the Mustard Ceiling designed our blog at The 2 Seasons, too.

  17. Amazing giveaway. You always feature the most interesting friends! I can't wait for your next post! I hope I win the prize :))

  18. what nice traditions and beautiful decor!

  19. What wonderful Christmas gift ideas - and such a beautiful tree!

  20. I don't FB (I know, the last remaining old schooler)but I wanted to tell you how pretty your table settings were.:)

  21. I am off to checkout your post for Elizabeth, I love to find out others traditions...So happy you were able to get together with friends! I am a happy follower and now I am off to FB to like them....Toffee is my favorite!

  22. Love love love the mantle. So gorgeous. I need to re-do mine.

  23. Thank you for stopping by today Mary Ann to share one of your favorite traditions today. Your mantel is so pretty!

  24. *** Such a beautiful & welcome change "from the norm" on your mantel, Mary Ann... and the red & white table is just as FRESH n' HAPPY as the driven snow~~~ another deeelightful site for these sore eyes!!! (I LOVVVVE SNOW!!!)...

    I read w/ "envy" (the GOOD kind, tho!) about your lunch with the girls... my DEAREST, most long-time (I NEVER say "oldest"! Ha!) friends are scattered alllll throughout the U.S. now, because of the military careers our husbands had... I miss them all SOOO much, & always look forward to when they come visit us here in the desert (usually when it's WINTER where THEY live... makes sense!). Come to think of it, YES, we MUST take up one of my closest girlfriend's offers to visit them in Hawaii... it's been a lonnng time since we were there, and we ALWAYS have soooo much fun together... we shop til we drop, spend to the end and buy til we die... until cocktail hour, anyway!

    Holiday hugs,
    Linda in AZ *

  25. Your house looks amazing. Love your mantle. Isn't Elizabeth nice? I would love to win some toffee! I liked them on Facebook!

  26. I've been kind of enjoying everyone thinking the mantel is mine but it is actually at Debbie's house. I think I will show mine next though.

  27. I am enjoying reading all the posts. Toffee is such a good idea for a gift under the tree.

  28. I own the same silverware!

  29. I sure would like to win some toffee!! Love your blog. I always enjoy reading it!!

  30. The toffee looks both delicious and gorgeous!

  31. Your home looks beautiful and the tablescape...stunning!!

  32. I have been lunching with friends all week and it's been so much fun! Love the holiday decor. So, so pretty!

  33. Love all of your traditions! I'm thinking lunching with friends each year would be a wonderful one to add to my list. Especially since we all still have little ones and it would definitely be a treat to have an uninterrupted lunch (and not PB&J!)! :-)
    Thank you for sharing them with us at Inspiration Friday!

  34. Love your classic decor. The trees and mirror on your mantle are stunning!

  35. Maryann, I LOVE THAT MANTEL!!!!! How nice this tradition is, and how lucky you are to have it! I would have been thrilled to sit at that table. Have a great weekend, Carol

  36. Hi, had to come by and take a peek at your beautiful blog.

    You are certainly enjoying every moment of the holiday season.

    xo jane

  37. Maryann, everything looks beautiful. Its so wonderful to get together with friends. That peanut brittle looks yummy.

  38. Mary Ann,
    This is a great tradition...and love Debbie's garden flowers on the beautifully set table...It's always wonderful to get together with friends and it makes so much sense to get take out soup and sandwiches and just spend the time together...there are those charades you were talking about. I like the packaging.

  39. will debbie fly to boca ???

    everything looks mahhhhvelous!!!

  40. I love your beautiful holiday decor and your holiday tradition, Mary Ann! It's great to have good friends together during the holiday season. By the way, I also have the same mirror!

    Wishing you and your family a warm and joyous Christmas season!

    P/S: I like B. Toffee on Facebook.


  41. That toffee looks delicious!! I already liked it if FB!
    Great pictures in your post!

  42. This is a gorgeous post! I love the mantel! The toffee looks yummy too! I liked it on Facebook! Merry Christmas!

  43. Another beautiful post my friend just love visiting you. Sending you beautiful wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day.

    Always Wendy

  44. What a lovely tradition!! Your house looks so festive and that toffee - all I can say is thank goodness it's not within reach!!

  45. You and your girls did it up right~ it's always fun to get together with special people. I liked B.Toffee on FB and told her you sent me over, That stuff looks decadent! Ya know I follow! Merry, Merry! Sue

  46. Thank you for sharing the season at Potpourri Friday! May you have a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!


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