"Pillow Addict X" • Sweet Chaos Home

What does this beautiful bathroom below have to do with an addiction to pillows?
Let me explain.
Last March, Carolyn of Sweet Chaos Home faced a dilemma with her contractor.  
After all the cabinetry, counters and plumbing was installed, a subcontractor
 gouged the marble counter top.
Would you settle for a repair job or rip it all out for a new counter 
and endure the subsequent delays?  

Carolyn had me worrying about this in the middle of the night. 
(Seriously, Carolyn). 
She had it repaired. That was my conclusion also.  
My point:  Our master bathroom design is similar to hers, ergo, 
we are kindred spirits, ergo 
(who uses "ergo"?)
she MUST be a pillow nut like myself...

I am so honored that Mary Ann has invited me here today.  Not only do I adore her design style 
and gorgeous home, but I think she is just the sweetest thing ever!  Aren't you just loving her 
"Pillow Addict" series??  I mean, what's not to love about pillows? They're soft and cozy. 
They're a place of comfort for a tired head or an aching back.  They dress up a bed, 
provide texture and color, and soften a room.  I love a pretty pillow, and my family 
lives with several of them.   In fact, we've even taken in our fair share of pillow pets :)  

Here are a few of the pillows you'll find lying around our house.
I had pillows made for our sunroom in this pretty indoor/outdoor fabric. I highly recommend using an indoor/outdoor fabric in rooms with lots of direct sunlight. I've had these pillows for a few years, and they haven't faded at all. I know a lot of people change their pillows with the change of seasons. However, I love this aqua blue color, and in the dead of winter, I feel like I'm on vacation in this room!
The ivory duvet cover in our master bedroom used to be adorned with jewel-toned pillows to complement our previous home's "Old World" vibe. When we moved to this house, I wanted our bedroom to have a light, airy, coastal feel. These pillows from Pottery Barn helped achieve the look we were after. (How many pillows does one need to have on the bed before they are classified as a "pilloholic?")
This sweet little Oilily pillow was a baby gift for my first-born. His baby clothes and toys are long packed away, but this pillow remains in his room. I will never be able to part with it!
Ever since my grandmother gave me her French Provincial bedroom furniture, I've been hunting for vintage aubusson pillows for our guestroom. They're not difficult to find if you're willing to spend some serious cash. I've seen most going for $150 on up... some as high as $500. You can get them from China for around $80. I wanted a vintage one, and I was determined to get a deal. I am afraid to admit how many hours I logged on Etsy and ebay, before I finally "won" this one for $36. Now I need one for the other bed :)
I found my latest pillow purchase at a local fabric store. I can't believe I left without it the first time I spotted it. I couldn't stop thinking about it for a couple of weeks (yeah, maybe that's a problem), before I went back in and snagged it. It sits on a bench in our side entry, and it makes me happy every time I come in the house! My living room is currently undergoing a makeover. It's still a work in progress, but this is what it's looking like today.
Since the walls and furnishings are neutral, I'm looking forward to creating a new look with simple changes... art, accessories, and what else? Pillows! My current pillows are cute and cottage-y.
I haven't decided what direction to go with new pillows yet, but below are some looks 
I'm digging right now.

via Pinterest
Obviously there are so many great pillows out there! More than enough to keep this "addict" hooked for a long time :) Thanks, Mary Ann. I had so much fun being here today!

NO doubt about it, Carolyn..."couldn't stop thinking about it (a pillow) for a couple of weeks"
--you are totally hooked.  Join the ranks.

Check out Carolyn's fun blog Sweet Chaos Home.


Decorating with Vintage Flags

I had a nice surprise this morning.  Cheri from "It's So Very Cheri" emailed me to say that our son, Tommy's room was featured on her blog.  You can check it out here.
Thanks, Cheri!

Have you noticed a trend in decorating with vintage flags?
Here are some pillows made from sailing flags.  I suggested to my friend in England 
that she do something similar for her boat house's new décor 
(and her father is an avid sailor).
These photographs were taken at Juxtaposition Home in Newport Beach, CA.  
I love this store.
This flag pillow looks great on leather and with industrial style furniture.
How about making a pillow from a college pendant?
 Or a Girls Scout Troop flag?  Notice how they left the grommets.  Nice detail.

 Framed flags hung on a wall definitely make a statement.

Here are some rare antique flags that we saw on exhibit at the
Armory in New York earlier this year.
 And just last week, I saw this flag décor below at ABC Home in New York.
Looks good on the aged brick wall.  Notice more sailing flags on the right?

So, what do you think about decorating with
vintage flags?


"Pillow Addict IX" • Savvy Southern Style

So, I am losing track of all these addicts...originally I posted this as "Pillow Addict VIII" but it should be "IX."  Our group is growing and you are invited to join us...

Kim, from Savvy Southern Style has a classic, colorful, warm but edited style.  
I love visiting her charming blog and home 
(and her Wow Us Wednesdays feature is always fun).
She creates an elegant look and gets the most for the money (love that).
Kim, Pillow Fanatic
I was so thrilled when Mary Ann asked me if I could do a guest post in her pillow addict series. 
Then I stopped and thought to myself is she saying I have a problem? 
Who me? Okay, yes, I may have a slight addiction. 
Alright already, yes, I have a huge addiction. 
I can't help it. I go straight to pretty pillows when I'm shopping. I just love them. 
Let's take a look at a few. It would take a very looooong post to show them all.
As you will see in my sun room I am not afraid of color. 
In fact I feel better in a home with color than without.
I am also a big believer in mixing patterns.

This is a mix of patterns on the bed in one of the guest rooms.
Last winter I found these plaid flannel sheets and put them on the bed with some red velvet PB shams that my daughter gave me. I can't wait to put these back on the bed.
This is in the other guest room.
And this is the same room in the winter. Such an easy way to warm up a room is by adding darker warmer color with pillows.
The toile pillows in the master are my favorites (I think) and I love that they are fat and overstuffed with lots of down. They are my favorite find from Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.
I love the texture and colors of this small pillow.
Another favorite little pillow that I found at Scott's. I love the mix of patterns in this room.
These are a couple of colorful pillows in the sun room.
Another one with great texture. Love the button detail on this one. Most of my pillow covers are from Pottery Barn. They really do make nice ones and not bad prices either. They are so easy to change. Just unzip or unbutton and take off the old one and replace with a new one. Then fold up the ones you aren't using and store them away to bring out another time. The easiest way to change up a room is by changing the pillows. There will be a few changes made for the cooler weather coming up.  Thanks so much for allowing me to share my pillow addiction love.

Thanks, Kim, for the great advice (and making me want to iron all my pillow cases).
You have me thinking it is time to change my summer pillows for Fall.  
Speaking of which, check out Kim's beautiful Autumn dining room HERE.


My Favorite Room at Cottage and Vine

Several weeks ago, René from Cottage and Vine asked me to write about 
"My Favorite Room" giving me plenty of time to change my mind about ten times.

 I have a few favorites but decided to show my 
private sanctuary... 
You can see more HERE. 

Along these same lines, check out the guest post I did for Houzz.com:

Thanks, again, René from


Awesome Sunday in New York

It started at the Brooklyn Flea with..
my daughter, Alie and her room-mate, Shireen.
Shireen is from Texas so I bought this vintage cocktail tray for her.  
Tacky? Maybe.

The food stalls are fabulous at this flea market.  
In my exuberant feasting, I forgot to take photos... we split 
a buttery lobster roll, giant home-made ice cream sandwich and fresh basil lemonade.

We purchased this industrial kitchen table for the girls...
made by Mr. Cool (aka John) above from salvaged barn wood.
It looks even better in person and has great metal detailed legs.
See Paul smiling in the back?  He has been refurbishing lighting like these  
school house pendants for 28 years.  I want the one on the right.
Can I get it on my carry on?
Fun prints.  Kid's room?

We stopped at a place called JUNK to look for more furniture for the girls' apartment.
 Signs all over say No Haggling ...really?  For junk?  
I thought this 60's piece had potential as a television console 
for that eclectic apartment (read Urban Outfitters) look...
dovetailed drawers and solid wood.  
$199 (firm, don't even go there). 
Vetoed.  What do you think?

After a fun day, Alie and I went to Buddakan back in Manhattan for dinner.
We shared dim sum for dinner.  
The waiter recommended the edamame pot stickers...and they were amazingly flavorful.

On the walk back to the Bowery Hotel we stopped at Popbar
for a delicious banana gelato Popsicle dipped in dark chocolate.
Doesn't New York have the most fun, innovative, delicious ....everything?