Coastal Closet Makeover

First, I'd like to thank Kristin from 
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
for featuring our home remodel on her Tuesdays Treasures. 

A little trip to Home Goods inspired the organization of
our closet in a neutral, coastal cottage style.
The table lamp gives off more ambient lighting than just the over head recessed lights.
These woven linen baskets are holding baseball caps on the left and 
keys, wallet, cell phone and charger on the right.  
Here is the closet before we moved in to the house.
And after...We added shelving, rods and repainted the built in cedar lined dresser.
Clothing is organized by type of garment and then color.
The fluffy wool rug is from Target is nice on bare feet.  
I have seen similar rugs at three times the price!
The idea to add framed photos came from an Interior Design Musings post.
Note:  We wore dark colors when we lived in New York and Paris and added lots of color during our
time spent in South Florida.  Anything sort of goes here in southern California.
This little bench is also a convenient chute to the laundry room. 

I am not much of a  "clothes horse" but I really appreciate this Chanel suit 
my husband gave me as an anniversary gift.  
When we lived in Paris, he took our two kids (and Rocky--dogs are welcome practically everywhere) over to Rue Cambon.  The three of them picked out this suit and surprised me that afternoon.  
Later, I went back to the shop for a perfectly tailored fitting.  I usually wear the pieces separately.
In the process of organizing, I edited and I dropped off five bags of clothing to the Salvation Army.
Leading into the closet...these shallow shelves are good for accessories...

  The key hooks are from Target and
the mirror below was a good deal from IKEA.

 The idea for the flip flop basket came from Cote de Texas
(Joni's friends' over the top, fun Texan closets).
Looking for this basket is what started the makeover in the first place!

How decadent is this closet below?
Some people scanning this post are going to think these are MY shoes :)
Check out more from The Zhush.

Here's a sweet way to store jewelry in vintage tea cups from Martha Stewart via Sadie + Stella.

Speaking of organizing, visit my "File with Style" post for Houzz.com.  
It's a goal of mine to get all our important papers in order with some panache this year.  


  1. Beautiful...your bags and jewelry look like art, set up that way :) Love the silver-framed pictures amongst your shoes! Have a great weekend!

  2. Now that is one impressive closet Mary Ann!!
    Your Chanel suit is to die for. Your family has excellent taste... Loving your Chanel bags too!
    The laundry chute is wonderful.
    You have really thought of everything in your little cottage.

  3. I love the print under the baskets and lamp. Your Chanel suit is so timeless. The images of your home are so calming, quite the opposite of mine! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. What a gorgeous closet! You thought of every detail when you created this space. I'm beyond impressed!
    Have a lovely day, Mary Ann!
    ~ Wendi ~

  5. Mary Ann,
    It's fantastic!! Love it all and thank you for the linky love today! Have a wonderful weekend. M.

  6. What a wonderful closet. I so wish I had space for something like this however as we live in a small patio house in London don't think it is going to happen any time soon.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I love your closet makeover! You really did a great job making it neat and efficient. I bet that will make your mornings so much smoother. I pinned the flip flop basket and the tea cup jewelry holders to Pinterest. Such great ideas!

  8. Mary Ann-
    Love your closet. The laundry chute and the jewelry hooks. The cedar chest is perfect for a closet.
    Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend.

  9. WOW! I LOVE your closet makeover (Chanel and ALL)..super jealous! Thanks so much for the link love too!xx

  10. I thought I was doing good when I picked up our clothes from off the closet floor:/ This is great inspiration, Mary Ann. Can't wait to start organizing all our crap when it comes time to move into our new bedroom. You gave me some really good ideas--thanks:)

  11. I wish my closet looked like yours - I've got mine nice and organized, but it still has all the wire shelving!!

  12. I thought I was as organized as I could be, but I picked up a lot of great tips here, and not just for the closet, as mine is small. I love how you store your jewelry, and the flip flop basket is wonderful (those pesky, yet essential things!).

    Thanks so much!


  13. Great closet make over. I am about to steal the flip flop basket idea - love it. Chanel, Paris......jealous! Have a great weekend.

  14. As always, your makeovers are so inspiring! My closet is not as spacious as yours--no room for a lamp :( but it could still stand a sprucing up! Thanks for the great ideas, Mary Ann!

  15. I forgot to mention that my daughter, Alie helped me pick out the baskets at Home Goods (and she was instrumental with the suit decision). THANKS, ALIE.

  16. Mary Ann, your closet is TDF! {I'm learning my kids' texting language :)}
    Seriously, a whole room? I could live in there and I love how well it's organized!
    So glad you post this as I'm about to embark on painting Hannah's closet and needed some ideas for organizing!!

  17. Wonderful closet makeover! Love the baskets and table lamp! And your handbag collection is AWESOME!!! Have a great weekend!

  18. I have a flip flop basket, too! Only I call them thongs- guess that dates me a bit, huh? LOL Your closet looks great, Mary Ann. When our bathroom/closet gets their make-overs, I want organization like yours! It will be a major undertaking, I'm sure. I saw that closet in Joni's post, as well. Now THAT was one heckuva closet!

  19. Your closet looks great! Mine is totally organized, and there is nothing on the floor except a step stool. Yay, me!!! I love the idea of storing jewelry in vintage tea cups. How sweet!

  20. Ahh..... the beauty of an organised life! I love shoes, but that closet full of shelves and shelves of shoes is way too much.
    Bonne weekend.

  21. Oh my gosh...you are so organized Mary Ann...I want to move into your closet. I love every little detail! And that suit your husband bought for you...that is so sweet. You must love it every time you wear it or see it hanging in your closet. Maybe on my next trip to Paris...but it won't be my husband's idea.

    I have a lamp and photos in my closet...but it does not look this wonderful...that's for sure. WOW!! That's all I can say!


  22. I have to say, not as good as your, Mary Ann, and organization was my New Year's resolution!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

  23. I am now very inspired! I saw the ones on Cote de Texas but they were a bit over the top for me and I don't have that much stuff. Yours is the perfect inspiration. Love the baskets for the caps and the bags hanging on the rail and a bit of colour co-ordination makes it all easier on the eye. Guess what I am going to be doing today! Have a great weekend. X Sharon

  24. Wow - that a pretty and organized space! We are in the beginning stages of doing something (anything?!) to our master closet. We desperately need to up the anty from what the builder gave us. I can't wait to have a clean space like this!

  25. Wow Mary Ann.....very impressive, looks so organized and tidy and pretty to me. I love getting baskets and finding reasons for them (there are counteless in my household) I am planning on having the most organized closets on the planet in the new house. Hate opening a door to a messy closet and there is nothing like an organized one. There are so many great tutorials and tools now that make even a small space capable of holding a lot more than you would think. This post is very inspirational..and on a sidenote, love your Chanel suit (love Chanel anything for that matter)
    Thanks for taking us inside your closet!

  26. Mary Ann this is so timely since I am in the middle of my own closet purge, so far so good!!! I have purged 19 pairs of shoes, 10 purses and one large garbage bag of clothing. I still have more to go and your post has given me more inspiration to continue with my chipping away!! Thanks for the inspiration,
    Happy weekend,

  27. Mary Ann~ I don't know where to begin!!! The laundry shoot is wonderful. The organizational ideas abound!!! When we did our addition, I added an amazing closet. I think I am just overwhelmed and don't know what to do with it. You have given me some great ideas. I guess I will stop hiding my messes in there when people come over, and truly make it a vision of loveliness!!!
    Amazing post!!!!
    Oh, and the Chanel suit... swoon!!!

  28. So many wonderful ideas! My 2 favs are the laundry shoot and the space for accessories. I'm going to borrow that flip flop basket idea. Loving all of your Chanel! Your closet is simply amazing.

  29. Such an inspiration you are. I don't have a closet as nice as yours but I certainly can improve. Thanks for sharing.
    I noticed that everyone, including children dressed almost entirely in black, in Paris. Wonder why? Any insight?

    The Chanel suit is to die for. Such a wonderful gift.

    Blessings, Ginger

  30. Maryann, I am going to be cleaning today. Your closet is beautiful. It would take me a week to clean out my closet. Boy, does it need it!

  31. A cedar lined dresser already in place: wow! I just pinned that one. We just...went to Container Store yesterday to begin work on our closet. It's not bad but def. needs some work. Oh my, it is certainly an ongoing process!

  32. What a lovely closet! Doesn't it feel great to be so organized? Love the lamp and baskets you put in there. It gives some nice texture against all the white shelves. Great job, Mary Ann!

  33. What a great closet, its so neat, I am feeling jealous, I really have to get busy getting our closets together. This is one of my many "house resolutions". Thanks for inspiring me.

  34. Mary Ann I had to come back because you inspired me so much I included in my Saturdays Great ideas post!! Thank you for the inspiration, Oh and I forgot to mention the genius idea of the laundry shoot!! Happy Saturday,

  35. Maryann - Thank you for "drifting" me into Houzz - Wow! Love it!
    BTW my closet is smaller and as FABULOUSly organized - not yet a post feature....are you in an old house? Lucky to have that old house feature of laundry shoot! Cheers!

  36. Hi,
    I found your blog through Kathysue. What a beautiful home you have, you took something very dated and ugly and turned it into something that looks like a magazine. I love all the colors you chose. I am not following your blog.

  37. my (miniscule) closet is looking like it totally needs a makeover!

  38. Yes please I would love a closet just like yours - that is my kind of space!
    You can throw in the Chanel suit & bags as well!!!

  39. Wow, what a wonderful closet! I wish my bedroom had a walk-in closet, although I doubt if it would be as beautifully organized as yours :) I'm planning a trip to Ikea soon, and I'd love to pick up a mirror like that.
    Have a wonderful week!

  40. Thank you for all the great ideas! We are just about to install our new walk-in fit out, so your timing is wonderful!

  41. Wow - great closet reno! Love the storage for bags and jewelry. What a great hubs to pick out a Chanel suit - lucky gal!

  42. OK, I have serious closet envy going over here. I love the special touches like the fluffy rug and the photos. Adding luxurious touches make all the difference.

    Thank you for joining the party!

  43. So awesome. Not a single detail was overlooked organizing your closet. I'm going to have to steal a few of your ideas...wish I could steal your laundry shoot too :)

  44. Holy wowness! Your closet is amazing. I love that you put a lamp in there-- it adds that extra special touch. AND that laundry shoot/bench is awesome!

  45. Your closet is fabulous! Love the wicker lamp and baskets. What a lovely Chanel suit, something you will always treasure, no doubt. Thanks for the peek, Mary Ann! Well done as usual.

  46. What a wonderful closet! I definitely have some work to do!! Love the flip flop basket!

  47. My closet? I really let out a big laugh on that one! Let's just say I'll take yours, please! And the handbags and the shoes (yours) will work nicely for me, too! What a beautiful spot to start the day. I want to thank you, too, for all the visitors to my blog that come through your blog roll. I appreciate it. (I still haven;t updated mine since I made a few changes, but you will see yours again soon.)

  48. I have closet envy now! How good would it be to have that shoe collection and the perfect place to store them! I can't complain about my closet space, but love yours! X

  49. That was fun! I'm inspired now, esp love the tea cup idea for jewelry.

  50. Oh my goodness!!I have serious closet envy and am borrowing/stealing a number of your fabulous ideas!!! Your closet is not only functional but beautiful - as is your entire house so that is no surprise!! The Chanel suit is gorgeous and I know looks smashing on you!!!

  51. Our closet space is very limited in our current house, so in our next house I have put big closets (preferably walk-ins) to my "must have" list. I've been making some Homegoods rounds lately and they've had some good storage bin options. And super affordable too.

  52. love it mary ann--gorgeous closet lucky girl!

  53. What a FABULOUS post! I just love how you organized your closet - it looks great!! And of course ADORE your suit - and yes, I would wear the pieces separately as well - I have a boucle Chanel coat that looks great with jeans!! Hopping over to check out your File with Style post as that is my real problem area!

  54. Hi Mary Ann, Your closet is fabulous...every girls dream!


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