Paris Flowers and The Treasured Home

Barbara at the Treasured Home asked me to confide
"Eight Things You May Not Know About Me" over at her place.
Barbara is a fun and witty Northern Californian antiques dealer and designer.  She gives great
advice on life, too.  She recently prompted us to get a family trust in place.

One thing about me is... I LOVE MONCEAU FLEURS
near Parc Monceau in Paris.
I took these photos on my last trip to Paris.  
I used to go here once a week when we lived just down the street.  After my friends, Anne and
Debbie came to visit us there, they sent me a special gift that I enjoy everyday.
(I don't know those people, but don't they look French?)
A hand painted Limoges box.
Inside is the view we had from our apartment balcony...the treetops (we were on the fourth floor)
and The Church of St. Augustin.

So special.

Please pop by The Treasured Home!

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Au revoir, mes amis.


  1. Mary Ann,
    I loved the ten things you shared about yourself over at The Treasured Home! A woman who loves her family first and foremost is a girl after my own heart.
    The Limoges box from your friends is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift!

  2. How do I vote for you? I clicked "here" took me to site but, don't know what to do next? xo nancy elizabeth

  3. Mary Ann - ah Paris too much to love about that city and the fact that you lived there makes me drool. I too have a great husband that gets the first class upgrade all the time and he kindly passes on to me or even our kids. Great post. On my way over to Apartment Therapy to vote for you!

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  5. Cute post! My friends make fun of me for watching Ina at the gym, too! I ran into Tommy at my sorority house last week. He is now the cool kid on campus and I am old news :( We miss the Pickett family!!

    Love, Ariana

  6. What a fun post, Mary Ann! I can't believe all the places you've lived!!!
    And so sweet that you keep in touch with your kids every single day!

  7. Headed over now...sounds like a good one! The flowers, France...ahhhh, love it all!

  8. WEll I can see why you love the flowers and limoges! Beautiful. Voted.
    Headed over to read the rest!
    Happy Tuesday.

  9. What lovely pictures! I'm heading over to vote for you.


  10. gorgeous post!
    i adore the little porcelain box!!

  11. Oh! To have lived in Paris!! I would have had fresh flowers all the time being near that flower market. I love the little trinket box. You have such thoughtful friends!


  12. What an amazingly thoughtful and beautiful gift!

  13. Beautiful! I tried to vote for you but couldn't figure out how. When I click on your name it just brings me back to your blog. Let me know and I'll go vote.

  14. Hello my dear,
    Thanks so much for joining my series this morning! Hopefully, one day, we'll meet in person.

  15. I went to vote as well. You can only vote as an apartment therapy 'member'. Back I go!

  16. I loved learning more about you on Barbara's "The Treasured Home" blog today. I, too, found that to vote for you I had to
    become a member of "Apartment Therapy". So I joined and voted for you...I wonder if you can vote everyday or if it's just
    a one time thing. Anyway, I read that you do e-design. I really would be interested since I adore your style and need some
    professional help!

  17. Mary Ann darling! That was a fun interview! You have a cute sense of humor!

  18. Mary Ann, I did not know that you lived in Paris. How exciting!I will go to her blog and vote for you.

  19. love Paris & love flowers! these are just too gorgeous & those limoges...gorg!

  20. Loved getting to know you better! Those flowers are gorgeous! X

  21. What a treasured little gift. Beautiful in more ways that one. Love gifts like this too.

  22. I voted for you...good luck. Love your blog.

  23. I love the limoge gift and such a wonderful reminder of your time in Paris. We are going (for the first time!) to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in June. Anything "Paris" is on my radar and making a note of spots to visit. I'll pop over and read your interview!


  24. What a special gift indeed. I pinned this as a place I must go when in Paris this year. I love love flowers and this looks like a place I should not miss. Kathysue

  25. Beautiful...it has been way too long since my last visit to Paris!
    Congrats on the blog honor!

  26. I just got back from Argentina this morning and am catching up on my blog reading while doing the laundry. It's great to see your beautiful photos again. I pinned a few.

  27. OK I'm finally getting around to commenting after spending the last hour reading your blog.....you have a wonderful blog! Love the flower shop and how kind of your friends to give you a gift that you'll always treasure. I just joined and will place you on my blogroll!


  28. Oh my goodness your Limoges Box is so very special!

    Off to read more.

    Art by Karena

  29. What a sweet, personal gift. Lovely! I'm off to vote!

  30. so many beautiful flowerS!How exciting!I will go to her blog and vote for you.


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