Gorgeous Beach Home Tour--You Are Invited

After recently showing Debbie's kitchen, I received an email from
"Jamie from Tallahassee" asking if I would show the rest of her house.

  Over time, I have shown parts of Debbie's Lido Isle house, but I told Jamie that I 
would pull the photos, along with some new ones, for a tour.  
Come on in!
Welcome to Debbie's entry.
I love the circular window. The dried boxwoods (really good ones)
are from Restoration Hardware and are placed in unique cement urns.
This chest is just inside the foyer and beyond is
Debbie's living room.  Her spring pillows are made with fabric by Raoul.
This is one of our favorite places to hang out.
She has a great collection of design and art books...and its hard to yank myself out of here.
You can see where we removed one of her winter pillows and placed it to the right of the chair
...just playing.
I have been to some fun parties in Debbie's pretty dining room.
The chandelier is by Niermann Weeks.  This is the view looking into the living room.
Here is the comfortable family room.
She has already changed the cushion covers on these chairs...ha!  another post, I guess.
This is the view looking into the family room from the kitchen.
You can see lots more details of Debbie's kitchen here and here.
This is the pretty powder room with Pillement Toile wallpaper.
I ordered it for her when I was working for Scalamandré.
Love this stair design.
Thanks so much, Debbie, for letting me be a tour guide.
Notice the sky light which illuminates the interior stairwell.
 Please come back to see the upstairs and the garden next!

I am in Mammoth, taking advantage of 

all the recent snowfall for a beautiful morning of
Spring skiing.  Wish you were here!

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  1. Thanks for the tour! What a beautiful house, especially love the family room.....

  2. Love this house! You have some fantastic friends , neighbors and clients!!!

  3. Debbie has such a beautiful home as do you! Thank you for the lovely tour!

  4. A really pretty home with lots of thought with the details... Love it.. reminds me of yours, it's sooo pretty too!

  5. This is gorgeous! I love all the fun details and different patterns.

  6. What exquisite taste! The turquoise chest is a gorgeous statement piece, and I love the chandelier! Thank you for the tour of her beautiful home!

  7. I loved seeing more details of Debbie's gorgeous home. Have a great time skiing, Mary Ann!

  8. MaryAnn-What a gorgeous, gorgeous home. You can bet I will be back to see the rest of the tour. Hope you have fun on the slopes- lucky girl! Diana

  9. I love Debbie's sense of style. Elegant but relaxed. I really love the family room...perfect for a beach house! Thanks, Mary Ann!


  10. I thoroughly enjoyed your tour of this exquisite home Maryann!
    I love how crisply edited it is. She has mad skills when it comes to arrangement.
    Her bookshelves and tabletop vignettes are so inspiring. Did you show her parents home before?
    What is her background?
    I have a funny request... I would love to see a perfectly ordered home like this photographed after it's had several days of living going on or does it always look so perfect?

  11. What a stunning home! I love her breakfast nook....I could hang out there for hours!

  12. Thanks for a wonderful tour. You photos are beautiful and showcase the details really well. Would love to be in Mammoth spring skiing with you! If that photo is of you skiing, you are good!

  13. So pretty! I love those family room chairs!

  14. Wow..I'm speechless to say the least!

  15. Looks really lovely.
    I am loving those pillows.

  16. Thanks for the invite! I so enjoyed the tour. Such a beautiful and inviting home.

  17. I am in love with every detail of that house - the lighting, the windows, the colors, wallpaper...Thanks for the lovely tour! Have fun skiing!

  18. That is a truly gorgeous home! :-)

  19. Debbie's house is "drop dead" gorgeous! I knew when you posted her kitchen it just had to be spectacular and it did NOT
    disappoint. I love every detail! Thank you for sharing this magical home with us. Hope you're "shushing" up the slopes having a wonderful spring ski day!

  20. Yes, thank you for the tour as always! I love the family room and breakfast nook - they are so pretty!

  21. Her home is absolutely stunning! I love the banquette area and would linger there for hours! Have so much fun skiing. :)

  22. Mary Ann-
    Thank you for string this gorgeous home! I love it all, and the turquoise chest is amazing.
    Happy Thursday.

  23. Mary Ann, I am in love with Debbie's home. I especially love the entry with the beautiful mirror and blue cabinet. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at the Open House party and enjoy the snow. Hugs, Sherry

  24. Could you tell us where the mirror over the blue chest is from, pretty please?

  25. What a beautiful home! Love the turquoise chest, and her light fixtures are gorgeous! The wallpaper in the powder room is so pretty! Thanks for sharing this tour.

  26. I have been pouring over each picture of Debbie's "to die for" home. How I wish I could just move in; it is perfect! I am mesmerized by her remarkable decorating talents. And you are an incredible tour guide. I always look forward to each of your entries. I imagine we are kindred spirits... separated only by the expanse of the entire United States.

    1. I told you I would get back to you, Jamie. :) I love Debbie's house, too. It's fun to show the photos as I notice more details each time. I'll be in Florida next weekend for Easter...our son goes to UF and my husband's family is in Lake Wales...we are going to New Smyrna...nice to have some beach weather...although the snow was great today!

  27. What a spectacular home. I love every inch and you drew me in with that first picture and you know I love that Scalamandre paper and all the scrumptious blue and white touches....sooooo well done, excellent job! Thank you sharing!

  28. You had me at Debbie's entry way and I'm so glad you pulled me through the rest of the house. Debbie's home is wonderful.

    I hope you're having fun it just started lightly snowing here...after being in the high seventies last week!


  29. Maryann, I could move into this home. Those are my favorite chairs. Are they from Noir? Love her house.....Have fun in Mammoth.

  30. I wish i were there too! I would love to be skiing with you Mary Ann!

    The home is gorgeous and that piece in the entry...love the color!


  31. Fabulously decorated and appointed home. Hate snow so glad I am not there. Thanks for the tour.

  32. gorgeous! love all the architectural details and the little details, corals, topiaries...decorated amazingly!

  33. Mary Ann,

    I can not get over how beautiful Debbie's home is...that entry is so stunning and I love the blue piece and the mirror over it. She has a real talent, such attention to detail!

    Thanks again for the tour!


  34. Ummmm.... This house is unbelievable. I really don't have words to express how amazing I think it is. All I can say is I'm moving in!

  35. I hate to be repetitive, but let me be the 451st person to say this is one of the most wonderful homes I've ever seen. Love every detail!

  36. Mary Ann,
    This house is perfection. So well done and yet so liveable and inviting. Did you do the design work here? I really like the striped chairs, but I'm sure she selected an equally wonderful fabric.
    Have fun skiing...Happy Friday.

  37. Gorgeous! I'm marking this page for ideas - love that entry, the orchids, the Restoration Hardware topiary's are perfectly placed. Beautiful fabrics and colors!

  38. Oh I love this house! The crispness of the white walls and the color in the furnishings makes me want to paint all my walls white - and I am normally such a color person!! I have the same pillows in the Raoul fabric and am crazy about them! Thanks for the wonderful tour of such a beautiful home. I am going to be in Mammoth for a wedding in August and can't wait - it looks absolutely gorgeous there! Happy skiing!!

  39. Stunning as usual, Mary Ann! Your friends have the most fabulous homes!
    Have a great weekend!

  40. Oh! and have fun in Mammoth! I've been there many times - celebrated my 21st birthday there with my (now) husband and taught are kids to ski there!

  41. Dear Debbie, may I move in with you? Or I could bounce between your house and Mary Ann's? I'll be very very quiet, I promise!

    L.O.V.E. that entry with the turquoise blue dresser and gorgeous mirror!

    Hope you are having a fabulous time in Mammoth, Mary Ann!

  42. ************ ULTIMATELY, SUPREMELY D*I*V*I*N*E.... every inch of it *********

    So glad I was able to see and enjoy this!!!!! MANY THANKS, girls!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  43. *** P.S. I MUST at least CONTINUE to try to convince Jim to move back "HOME"... you all FIND the most WONNNNNDERFUL, beautiful, unique things that I just CANNOT find here in AZ!!!!

    I've happily AVOIDED the green-eyed monster over the years, as I HAVE "matured", but I must say, I ammmmm maybe a tgad bit "envious" (?)...you BOTH just have such a WONDERFUL LIVING STYLES!!! When we were there last month, I came home and experienced "Newport/Balboa Withdrawsal!"... Smiles!!! XO, Linda

  44. What a lovely home!! Adore the Raoul textiles and the Pillement toile is one of my all time favorites. I did my guest bedroom and bath in the black and white in my last house and my sister has it in green in her city bedroom. So glad Jamie asked for the tour!!

  45. For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length--and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.

  46. I am so in love with this house - can I borrow the pic of the daughter's bedroom for a story? let me know if not, ok?

  47. Wow, Debbie's house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing....

  48. Do you know the actual color of the dresser?

  49. That mirror is gorgeous! I've been searching the internet for weeks and this one just tops the list! Do you know anything about it, where it's from? Thanks!

  50. Gorgeous home! My favorite is the blue dresser! Amazing. I linked to your post in a post on my blog via that image. http://www.hypheninteriors.com/2012/09/20-things-you-can-paint.html

  51. Oh wow, Debbie's house is gorgeous -- love all the blue and white!! Have a great time, Mary Ann!

  52. A bit late but still wanted to comment on this beautiful home. Love Newport Beach/Lido homes, so it's great to get a good look at one! I haven't found info on the floors--did I miss it? Would you mind (re) sharing. Thanks for a great tour! -Zuni

  53. PS - I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll stop in and visit back, and follow if you would. -Zuni

  54. reallly delightewd house, thanks for share this post with us...Sharon Bush

  55. Dear Mary Anne and Debbie: This home is so beautiful. You didn't miss a thing. From the entrance all the way through the house I can't hardly choose which detail I love the most. Great work and thanks so much for sharing. I love your colours as well. Could you please share your background colours of paint that you used. The white on the walls and trim, the soft cream colour of the living room and the beautiful kitchen colours. If I can't replicate most of the feeling this home gives me at least if I have the background colours it will help remind me of the beauty. Thank you and thanks for the inspiration. Belle


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