"Surf's Up" Shower and a New Baby

Recently, my mom and I attended a SWEET baby shower for my niece, 
Kathleen, given by her sister, Carly.
The party was in
  also known as Surf City, USA.
 photos courtesy of the Huntington Beach Visitors and Conference Bureau

Mia, the big sister, welcomes us to the party...

See the shark fin and the bite out of the surf board?  Gnarly.
That guy swimming in the cupcakes is in trouble!

There was an awesome candy "bar" at the baby shower.  
Felt like a kid in a candy shop...cute paper weight for the candy bags.
See the gummy shark pool?
These "sandy" cupcakes are dipped in toasted coconut...love the beach chairs and towels.
They knew they were having a boy and already named him Jax.
The "woody" car is made out of rice krispie treats.
I didn't get a picture of it, but they had baby swim trunks pinned to a line hanging above the tables.

This is the gift I took...inside was a little pair jeans,
a striped short sleeved t-shirt over a long sleeved t-shirt
and a bunch of surfer brand onesies.
And look who arrived not long ago,
 a little surfer dude named Jax...
with his mama and my "baby girl."
Definitely something to celebrate!

Also, Annie from "Lovely Things" was just at my home to visit
and gave me this darling leaf and twig chick.


  1. Congratulations to your niece! Such a fun baby shower! I love the surfer themed treats!

  2. The surfer theme for the baby shower is oh so cute!!! And I love your new little birdie. Tweet tweet.

  3. What a wonderful party. The surf theme is so fun.

  4. What an adorable baby shower - and baby. Your daughter is beautiful!!!

  5. Congrats!! What a fun baby shower and sweet baby. Love the twig chick!!!

  6. Love ALL the surfer details, so clever! Congrats on the new baby in the family! We had a heads up on your sweet gift, too cute!

  7. Every time my daughter and I go into Hollister and see the live image of Huntington Beach....I miss California! Yeah, new baby.

  8. Congrats to your family. Love the theme, the little surf boards are so adorable. My daughter in-law is pregnant and you have given me a great idea for her shower.

  9. So cute...just like that baby! Great surfing theme and so appropriate for your beachy area. Love it!

  10. What cute ideas for a beach blanket baby shower! Love the little twig and leaf birdie too.

  11. Look at that gorgeous baby and what a sweet baby shower!! I love the surf boards - looks like a wonderful event. Congrats to all :)

  12. Congrats...I like that leave and twig chick...so creative. Love love the party decor` what a festive time! Hugs

  13. Love the cupcakes...they are darling. So creative! My boys would love that. I will have to bookmark this idea. and the baby...well...I am always a sucker for those! adorable.

    Happy Spring to YOU! Kristine

  14. What a cute "Surf inspired" shower! Pretty mommy, baby and big sister. And your daughter is darling! Thank you for having me to your gorgeous home yesterday! Hard to believe it's even better than all your gorgeous photos! I feel so lucky to have been able to see it in person and visit with you!

  15. Welcome to the world Jax! What a fabuous idea for a baby shower everything looks so wonderful. I can't get over how creative this idea is and looks....fabulous! Congratulations!


  16. That little twig bird is so cool! thanks for sharing and I will have to find that store on my next visit.

  17. Mary Ann, this has got to be the most adorable shower I have seen. LOVE it, and the baby is just precious.
    I am in love with the chick! Such a talented artist.
    Happy Thursday.

  18. Indeed something to celebrate! What an adorable shower and I love the color scheme. Annie's little creature gift is so cute and thoughtful.

  19. What an adorable baby shower! Love the "sandy" cupcakes!

  20. What a fun theme for a baby shower! Love the cupcakes! And the "woody" was perfect! Love the little bird that Annie brought for you! So adorable and perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing.

  21. What a neat shower! I love the color combo at the candy "bar", and love the name Jax also. I never would have gotten my hubby to agree to such a cool name.
    What a sweet bird too!

  22. How fun! The beachy theme is so cute! Congrats to your niece...Jax is precious!


  23. The leaf and twig chick is so sweet! And I love all of the amazing details at the shower. The cupcakes and candy looked so adorable! And what a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your family.

  24. That little chick is the cutest thing! How sweet is Annie! Adore the party. Looks like everyone had such a great time!

  25. Love the name JAX! Has Style and is unique...
    Best wishes for your niece and her new family!
    Happy Spring*

  26. What a darling shower - so creative and unique! And that chick - soooo cute. Of course that would be from Annie. Just lovely! ;D Happy Spring to you to Mary Ann! xo Sherri

  27. what a great shower! and your little chicken is darling!

    xx kelley

  28. That little Jax is the cutest surfer dude I ever laid eyes on...what a great theme for a shower...and looove those cupcakes, so sweet! Looks like a fun day. Looks like everyone had a ball.

  29. What a darling shower! Every detail was perfect. Such a special celebration for Baby Jax's arrival...he's adorable! Not to mention your gorgeous daughter! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day and event!

  30. What a fun idea for a baby shower and such a precious baby...know you are all thrilled!!

  31. Congrats to your family, looks like a fun shower! Love all the details especially those beach chairs. :)Adore the cute twig bird, too.

    Thanks for sharing with us a wonderful day!


  32. Congrats on the new little one! What a darling shower - So well done!

  33. So many "pinnable" images here. What a fun shower theme.

  34. Congrats on the new baby!

    I remember went we lived in Missin Viejo back in 2010, I miss California. One day we will go back forever.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I see you used to live in Ft. Lauderdale

  35. Maryann too cute that little one. I bet your gifts were a hit! The theme for the shower is so fun!

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  36. What a fun and creative idea for a shower! Jax is absolutely precious and has a fabulous name. And your "baby girl" is so beautiful. I love your chick and it's so cute sitting on a bowl of lemons...a perfect welcome to spring.

  37. That shower looks so much fun
    and I'm loving all the cute things
    especially the yummy foods.
    Such a cute baby too ♥

  38. How precious Jax is and what a great theme for a baby shower. That little guy is already styling the surfer look. Great celebration and great treats.

  39. Wow I'm blown way by that candy bar! The cakes look so tasty, and I love how true they stayed to the theme! The beach towels on the cupcakes had me laughing =D

    And I love your chick too, so cute!

    xox Linda

  40. So adorable! I love the theme.
    Enjoyed catching up on your blog. You take the best photos!

  41. how fun! and that twig chick is just adorable!

  42. Jax is beautiful! Congratulations to your niece!

    What a fun looking shower with such a great theme.

    I love the bird!

    Have a great day.

  43. Awww.. what a cutie!! Congratulations to your niece!! What a darling present - I love the idea of using a stuffed animal as part of the wrapping! Looking at the pictures from the party I was thinking that it would make an fun kids party as well - so many cute and creative ideas!!

  44. Such a sweet shower...love all the surf details! I just had my shower down in Newport and I'm sharing tomorrow!! ;)


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