Just Chillin' in an Awesome Beach Penthouse

Last year, we decided to do a house swap with our friends, Andy and Clair.

They stayed at our cottage in Newport Beach, California for Thanksgiving.
Now we are staying at their luxurious condo in New Smryna Beach, Florida.  
This is the entry.  
Let me just say....FABULOUS Condo!!!
I love how they added touches like the bleached wood louvered doors
throughout and the ceiling treatment here.
Cool artwork everywhere, too!

Here is the comfortable living room.  What I REALLY wish I could convey is how 
there are water views of the ocean and inlet from 
all the windows.  There is just too much exposure from the Florida sunshine.
This is what you see from the windows.
Great bamboo chairs.  This sky blue color is throughout the home.
On their coffee table is a book about New Smyrna Beach...an interesting read...
along with some fun coastal cookbooks.
I believe the drapes are the Peyton grommet curtains from Pottery Barn.  They are on sale right now. 
I have them in my son's room at home.
Reminder...of the view!!!

The doors to the right to the television lead to the master bedroom.

This way to the kitchen...
I love this butcher block top counter with this fun built-in below.
Clair is an artist.  She did this happy oil painting of children "cannonballing" into the water.
They spend a lot of time in the Bahamas and I think this influences her work.
In the breakfast nook there is a stylish raffia/nailhead banquet and Palacek chairs.

Clair, I borrowed one of your hats for a couple hours
...you can use ANY of mine 
when you come back to Newport.

Pretty mosaic backsplash.  Is that me on the left?
See the knee of a guy just straight chillin'?  We love these high Adirondack chairs.

Easy Smoked Fish Vacation Appetizer
Years ago, in New Smryna, our friends, the Losasso's served us an appetizer of 
smoked fish  (like Albacore or Cobia--already smoked from the local seafood store) 
on plain Saltine crackers a little dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream, a spritz of lemon
cracked pepper,  and a dash of Tabasco...
we have been making it ever since.

Alie's Pineapple Vodka New Smyrna Beach Cocktail 
Put one cup chopped fresh pineapple in a cup of vodka and 
marinate for eight hours or overnight.
Mix 1/4 cup fresh orange juice with a splash of cranberry juice and a 
jigger of the pineapple flavored vodka and pour over a glass of crushed ice.
Garnish with the marinated pineapple and lime slices.
OK...time for a walk to the beach.
These little birds crack me up...they run back and forth on tooth pick legs 
trying to get a bite of something near the water's edge without getting hit by the surf.
Ahh...vacation...with no giant hotel bill at the end.  
Thanks, Clair and Andy...great idea to trade houses.

I will show you their beautiful bedrooms in my next post.
Please join me!

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  1. Your friends have the prettiest homes. Just stunning.

  2. OMG Mary Ann! Your friends do have the most incredible homes! I would have a hard time leaving this house too. What a perfect place to spend your vacation and be surrounded by so much beauty both inside and out! Let them know I'm packing my bags and headed their way. Do you think they'd open the door for me?! Ha!

  3. What a gorgeous home! I love everything, especially those views! Have a great time!


  4. Breathtaking! You have fabulous friends, as I know they do too:) Enjoy vacation! Wish I were on vacation in a beach house somewhere.

  5. What a fabulous house and that view and beach.....gorgeous! I think I want to be you!!!!

  6. Shoot, i wish I was there! The home is wonderful and i love the banquette.Have a great time.

  7. Oh my, what a fabulous place and the view is stunning. I love that banquet seat in the corner. How gorgeous is that. Have fun. Hugs, Marty

  8. I would like to introduce myself to Andy and Claire, and swap my landlocked suburban
    Atlanta home with their beach place. Forever! Gorgeous!

  9. Oh Mary Ann...this is gorgeous! What a fun idea to swap with good friends. I love the banquet and chairs in the kitchen. The painting of the kids cannon balling is my favorite. Love the butcher block counter made by Boos?..I think. I remember those from Williams Sonoma. I think that appetizer may become a favorite around here as well.

  10. I love the fact that you enjoy a cocktail as much as I do!

  11. i think you are really in the land of 'BLISS'

    enjoy xxx

  12. Oh Dear! I LOVE your blog. I'm following. I'm pinning. I'm drooling.

    Thank you ~
    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  13. Maryann,

    This truly is heaven on earth...enjoy and thanks for sharing!

  14. LOVE this stylish place, perfect vacation home. The blue in the sofas is very pretty, sets the tone for the whole space.

    Since childhood, my favorite appetizer is smoked fish on crackers(we usually have smoked trout). Will try the cocktail recipe . You are having a great time, wonderful!

  15. Wow what a perfect place and what a view...I feel like I almost there with you! I love the way its decorated, very elegant but casual and inviting. Can't wait for round 2~ Enjoy!

  16. Do they need more friends? :) What a fabulous home - I am crazy about the banquette.

  17. You have friends with beautiful houses!!!! What a fun idea to swap.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and reminding me where I got the stair picture. I couldn't remember because I saved it so long ago in to my photos (pre-pinterest!) but just went back and linked it to your blog.

    Enjoy your vacation!!!!

  18. Now this is the way to vacation! Beautiful home, and the view is amazing!
    Have a nice trip and weekend, Mary Ann!

  19. What a fabulous place to stay! I'd say that was a perfect swap.
    Have fun!

  20. Mary Ann- What a great place to stay. The exchange is such a good idea. You know we have a timeshare in New Smyrna Beach that we have never used! We have always ended up trading it for some other vacation property. We were talking last week that this year we should just use it and enjoy the beach...so I think that is what we will do. xo Diana

  21. Amazing!! I don't no anyone else who has as many stylish beachy friends as you! XOXO

  22. Wow! Lucky you!! That is one awesome penthouse. Love the banquette and Clair's artwork. This seems like an odd thing to comment on, but I am trying to pick out a seagrass rug for my living room. Since I'm in the midwest, there is no seagrass in sight. Seems as if both this penthouse and the last house you featured have seagrass rugs. I'd love to know if you and your southern friends have any recommendations or suggestions on seagrass. Thanks!! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and drink a pineapple vodka for me :)

  23. If only our weekend cottage looked like this! You live in a world of beautiful interiors.

  24. What a gorgeous place! Even with the bright sun, you can tell what an amazing view it has! I love the sophisticated beachy decor and her beautiful artwork!

  25. That is an incredible condo!! Now I realize just how very badly I need a vacation! LOL! I loved the banquette in the kitchen and truly the entire home is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this little slice of heaven with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  26. What a beautiful home! I think I need a beach home so I can trade with friends!!

  27. Maryann what a wonderful place to vacation, looks like heaven to me. The ocean always beckons me! Kathysue

  28. I really love the blonde wood, the louvered doors, and the banquette. Such a great condo! Looks like a fabulous vacay.

  29. Fabulous! Looks like the perfect vacation spot! Your friends have some pretty amazing homes!
    Enjoy! xo-Lisa

  30. You had me at the incredible ceiling, art and rustic urn in the entry! Love the casual elegance! Life looks good...enjoy!

  31. Mary Ann,

    Wow, what a great place to vacation. It's nice to swap homes and coasts. Thanksgiving would be a great time to be in Florida. A very pretty condo.

  32. How absolutely delightful! Your friends' decor is perfect.

  33. Wow--great condo ! You are very lucky! Have a great time!

  34. *** Girlfriend, you have friends w/ the MOST C*H**A*R*M*I*N*G places!!! And I remember seeing, in one posting, a lovely "welcome to our home" gift"... Yesireebob, I DO like the THANK YOU/HOSTESS gifts you give/receive~~~(Such fun to do NICE things for NICE people, isn't it???)... E*N*J*O*Y!!!

    Sending alllll the best to you, MA!!!
    Linda ("in AZ *")

  35. Gorgeous! The decor is a perfect reflection of the location and surroundings. That banquet is to die for! Such a great detail.

  36. omg = soooo beautiful!!!! jealous!

  37. Oh my - I feel like I just took a mini vacation with you!! What a beautiful condo - love the colors and the beautiful textures. So many clever creative features like the paneling behind the TV, the fabulous bar built in and the stylish distinctive banquette! Can't wait to see the bedrooms!!

  38. WHOA....this is really awesome. What a wonderful vacation spot.
    So glad you had such a great time.
    xo bj

  39. Does your friend need more friends?! What a fantastic place to get away!!!

  40. What a great place to vacation and the exchange idea is wonderful. Beautiful condo. I know you must be having a fabulous time. Great view!

  41. Oh boy...since I am reading backwards...more gorgeousness. I love New Smyrna Beach...I had a friend years ago [she was killed by a drunk driver here in Atlanta] who had a place there.....and it was on the beach. Kind of a shack but she renovated it and it was beautiful. Had so much fun going down there. It is such a great sleepy little Florida town.....or at least it was 20 years ago. This condo is so beautiful.

  42. Oh, Mary Ann... you're so right! These are great bedrooms!!!

    Great post, my friend. I hope everything is great with you.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  43. OMgosh! How awesome is this! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  44. Always great to have friends with fab taste and oceanside homes! That breakfast nook is especially fantastic.


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