Spring Break in Florida

 We are having a fun vacation in Florida. 
 The first night, we stayed in Orlando with our good friends, Woody and Netta.  Above is the bar in the kitchen that Netta designed.  I love the bar stools.  She painted them white.
This is the breakfast area.  They have a lot of great art through out their home.
Woody and Netta will be moving soon and I will miss this house.  But they will begin building their dream home on property by a lake with a huge oak tree and a view of the Orlando skyline.
  I saw the plans and it's going to be spectacular!
Here is our small, but luxurious guest room.  Aren't the lamps cool and the way the linen 
comforter is folded?  This room was professionally styled by Violette Jetin.

 The house was built in the 1920's and has the original pecky cypress wood ceiling. 
 The dining room is painted Shenandoah Taupe by Benjamin Moore, a color that looks great at night and during the day.  The artwork is by Bernar Venet.  I like how some of the ghost chairs are slipcovered around the zinc topped table.

Netta designed this free standing table in her entry.
This was the only photo I took the following morning.  It's of their art filled library--
all the books shelves are to the right.  
Then, we headed out to Lake Wales, Florida for my mother-in-law's birthday party.
We had to make a pit stop on the way.
This is a cultural experience that we do not have in California.

Happy birthday, Earlene!

Right now, we are staying in a fabulous, penthouse condo over looking the Atlantic Ocean...
I can't wait to show you the photos of the interiors.
This is my view right now.  Going for a walk soon.  The weather is perfect.
Wish you were here!


  1. You have NO idea how much I wish I were there, too!!! I love your friend's house. It is a combination of old world character with the pecky wood ceilings and modernized by furniture and artwork. Very striking combo. Have fun and enjoy your weather. We are supposed to get all the way up to 0º today here in WI...woo-hooo....xo Diana

  2. Absolutely beautiful home... what a jewel. I WISH I was in FL right now (I'm a gulf person all the way) My boyfriend says every once in awhile... time to go to FL, my gills are dry! Enjoy your vacation - and thanks for sharing. Jalon

  3. What a lovely home and your view from the penthouse condo is fab! Enjoy.

  4. I wish I were there too since it's still cold up north. Your friends have a beautiful home and their kitchen looks close to mine. Their backsplash is making me think we need to take our soapstone all the way up I love the look. I hope you're having a fabulous time!


  5. I am in Florida too! It is the most beautiful day, so I am going for a walk on the beach.
    Have fun.
    This home is amazing. I am in love with the kitchen and bar areas. Hope we get to see their dream home.
    Happy Wednesday.

  6. I wish I was in Florida with you! Your friends home is stunning and cannot wait to see photos of the penthouse. Have a wonderful time, Mary Ann. Everything looks picture perfect!

  7. Gorgeous view! To me, there is no better place than the beach. Sounds like you're having a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing your friend's home -- it's lovely.

  8. LOVE Netta's house! :D She has lovely, unique taste!


  9. Lucky girl! I love FL. Keep visiting your friends so we can enjoy these wonderful house tours! ;)

  10. What a glorious vacation! Staying in Netta's beautiful home and visiting with friends just makes it even better! Enjoy your long walks with family, and we'll be ready to devour the pictures of your penthouse when you post them. Cheers! :-)

  11. Beautiful home! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time on vacation! Enjoy!

  12. What a beautiful home, it also proves you don't need a huge house for it to look pretty. They seem to have great taste. Hope you have a great vacation.

  13. Once I saw the bar, I knew it was vacation time! Enjoy yourself, and thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  14. Wow....their house is "WAY COOL"! Love it! Hope you're having a wonderful vaca....and hope you'll be posting more pics when you get back.

  15. Great house. The decor is so creative and fun. Have a great vacation..

  16. Great place. I usually skim through the photos before I read anything and the art really caught my attention. Some really good stuff.

  17. Seriously, Mary Ann, you are going to have to publish a coffee table book featuring your home and your friends' homes! Another beautiful home. Love Netta's art and lighting.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  18. Oh how fun for you Mary Ann...one coast to another! Have a wonderful time...can't wait to see your pix.

  19. Hello Mary Ann,

    Thank you for sharing. I'm missing FL right now!

  20. What a beautiful view and your friends have a lovely home. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  21. What an amazing home! I am so glad you shared this one- each pic was packed full of style and detail!
    xo Becca

  22. Thank you thank you thank you for posting those beautiful pictures of her home.

  23. *** Looks like F*U*N, Sweetie!!!! ... hmmmm, wonder "W*H*O" is "THERE", soaking up sun n' havin' fun, too!!!

    Welll, suggest you KEEP YER EYES OPEN & OFFER TO DO THE MARKETING!!! (Maybe you'll see M*Y boyfriend Tom(my) SELLECK.. Oh how I A*D*O*R*E his SMILE!!!)...

    "Happy vacation" hugs!
    Linda (yea, "me"..."in AZ*"

  24. What a gorgeous home.. love your guest bedroom... the linen looks heavenly.. xv

  25. Gosh you and your friends have beautiful homes!!!
    Enjoy your vacay!!!

  26. How beautiful! I love the mix of old and new!

  27. Mary Ann, You know you're back home in FLA when you find the boiled P-NUTS!! I love all the different spellings they come up with :) Love that guestroom, too. That's close to what I want you to design for my master. I've got to get the pics taken...Karen L in Atlanta

  28. I love the wood ceiling.. and the large painting in the dining area.. and the view.. I wish I was there too.

  29. Mary Ann,
    What a pretty house your friends live in. Looks like the weather was perfect. Have a wonderful spring break.

  30. Netta has great unique style! We just returned from Blue Mountain Beach, Florida and are really missing it. Have a great time!


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