Uniquely Designed Coastal Restaurants

Come with me to Lure Fish House north of Los Angeles in Camarillo, California.
My friend, Debbie Duggan designed it.  It's a family operation that I was fortunate to see come to
Although on some of the design shopping trips.
I was/am truly in awe of the way Debbie pulled it all together along with 
her restauranteur sister, Patty and brother-in-law, David.
Their parents had a say in the design with this "private family dining room" 
which you can reserve for special occasions.
How about this cozy nook in the bar!  I love all the textures:  stone, wainscoting, tufting
AND the nautical feel of the round interior window.
Here is the bar with a huge gothic mirror.
Laura and I are saddled up to the bar (sorry about the I-phone photo)...
for a glass of wine and delicious ceviche. 

The food is fabulous.  Bravo David!!  Fresh fish is flown in daily.  
Debbie's parents treated us to dinner for her birthday but most of the photos at 
night time didn't make the cut...except this cool window box.
Debbie's daughter, Julie, designed the logo.
The restaurant is so popular that they are opening two more
in the area with different decorating schemes.

On to more of a crazy but fun restaurant south of Los Angeles in
Del Mar, California is Burlap.  The cuisine is Cowboy-Asian fusion.  Seriously.
My mother, sister and I had brunch here... flavorful and unique food combinations.
The décor is a riot of western and far eastern; lots of outdoor "loungey" spaces with a fire pit
...quite the night-time scene, I'm told.
Thomas Schoos was the designer. 
The waiter spilled a mimosa on my sister.  Except for my sister's shriek, we remained calm. 
They gave us the entire meal for free!  
That was even BEFORE I said I was going to blog about it.

One more thing...while we were in Camarillo at Debbie's parents house...
look what we did.  OK, I look nerdy but I want to do it again! 

Have you been to any fun restaurants lately?


  1. The fish restaurant is fab! Your friend did a great job! It has a lovely fresh feeling!


  2. All this does is reinforce what I told my hubby last night, that we are way overdue for a trip to good ol California...I am craving some of that sunshine and warm air desperately! I think everything even tatses better there and these restaurants look amazing. I want to go and that ceviche...yum! You look like quite the cool mom on your segway:)

  3. Beautiful spaces! Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  4. Oh gosh...that gothic mirror behind the bar is to die! The whole place is designed so well.....and you on the Segway....looks like it was fun!

  5. Wow, what a talented team, amazing job! Love the Noir lighting, such a sophisticated, casual vibe they created in all the details!

  6. Mary Ann,
    I love seeing restaurants take some interest in creating an exceptional decor. So many restaurants are boring. Two of my favorite restaurants for their decor as well as food are on opposite coasts: Pinot Provence on Bristol in Costa Mesa, CA. Love the authentic French decor, very understated and beautiful and then in New York, Freeman's...antiques done with such flair. On my visit I had to remind myself I was not in the English countryside.
    Great post, thanks,

    1. I have been to both of those places, too...great choices!

  7. Your friend Debbie is so talented, what a beautiful and warm feeling restaurant. The weather in California really works with that great laid back vibe too.

  8. Love it! I want the picture in bathroom and chairs in family style dining room:)) any chance I can get the source?;).
    You look so cute ( and SKINNY) riding

  9. In love with the decor in the first restaurant!! I love the gothic mirror. Something so fresh about this place.
    I am seriously dying to ride a scooter! Looks like such fun, Mary Ann.
    Happy Monday.

  10. I know I'll enjoy the first restaurant...
    cozy chic and lots of seafoods... Count me in.

  11. I am in love with the decor of the first restaurant, You look cute in your helmet, Kathysue

  12. Maryann, Lure is about 10 minutes from my home. I heard it was good and the decor looks amazing, but i have never been there. Next time your in town email me- I would love to meet you for lunch.

  13. Yes, your friend's family restaurant is perfect! I sold food and was in sales management for 20 years for Sysco (food distributors) and after a while, you could tell which restaurants were going to stand the test of time. This one will! The second one!? Hmmm...! But, hey...maybe the lanterns look better arranged like that in person!? :)

    Bob and I rode those scooters in Hawaii and they are a blast! You pulled off the helmet look much better than I did!

  14. Both restaurants sound wonderful but a little far for me to bad since I really love fish. You look cute in your helmet and I think we would all look silly but that's half the fun!


  15. The restaurant looks incredible!!! I almost bought that convex mirror, too! Great minds think alike. I had so much fun catching up with you on the phone last week. I swear we could talk for hours!!! I have some updates to share, but will put it in an email. Have a great week!!! P.S. look at you go on that scooter! Looks like fun. xo

  16. I'm so excited to try "Lure Fish House". Fabulous ambiance! We frequently go up to Ventura and points north, so will have
    to make a point to stop in Camarillo to "shop" outlets then eat at "Lure". I've always wanted to try riding a "Segway"....how fun!
    And you could never look nerdy....just sporty "chick"!!!! Love it!

  17. Lure Fish House looks beautiful...and love the eclectic decor of the place in Del Mar. They can spill a mimosa on me anytime so long as they refill it and take care of the tab! You look adorable on your Segway...not at all nerdy!

  18. What a gorgeous place, and look at you on the segway!! You Go Girl!!

  19. I love the restaurant design/decor of Lure. Debbie did a great job.

    Del Mar is only about 30 min. north of us, will have to give Burlap a try for lunch next time we are up that way. Just curious if you ever go to the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach...


  20. The restaurant looks beautiful! I love all the lighting and walls. Looks like you had fun too!

  21. The first restaurant is just STUNNING! Love all the decor details and how personable it is. Makes me want to dine there stat!

  22. You were having soo much fun. I want to ride a Segway!!
    Hugs, Ginger

  23. Wow! Thank you for the post about Lure. We are heading north next month and will have lunch there! Perfect!
    I have been to Burlap and loved the inventive design, furnishings and menu. Our experience there was a great one.
    Love Pinot Provence. But now, I must go to NYC to Freeman's!

  24. amazing post :)
    you have an awesome blog!!


  25. i'm often very inspired by restaurant decor. There are some great places here in Philadelphia that we love to check out. We were recently at a farm to table concept restaurant and it was just like being in someone's home - big farmhouse table, comfy chairs, etc. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  26. Beautiful decor! I love the coastal charm of the Lure! All of the details add such ambiance!

  27. What fabulous restaurants. The first one has so many of my "beach house dreaming" elements - adore the lighting!!

  28. What a fun post! Both restaurants are gorgeous and inviting, and within my geographical range so we'll definitely check them out at some point.

  29. I love checking out new restaurants! I dined recently at 'Blossom' in Charleston, SC (http://www.charlestoncvb.com/visitors/tripplanner/where_to_dine~2/seafood~27/blossom~317.html0
    and 'Saltus River Grill' in Beaufort, SC. )
    Both were so yummy!

  30. The restaurant is beautiful! I'm so happy to hear that it's such a huge success!

    I would love to ride on a Segway. They look like so much fun.

    Have a great day.

  31. Beautiful restaurant. I love the soft neutrals used throughout and all of the textures....oh and those chandeliers, gorgeous. You look like you were having fun on the Segway Mary Ann. I would love to try one someday.

  32. The decor and photos are amazing. I love how the nautical theme is done so well and very classy!

  33. MaryAnn,

    No wonder you're having such a great time because you have great resources! Love the decor shots and glad to read the restaurants are doing great. Good for our economy. You look very confident on the Segway...mush have been fun! Thanks for sharing.


  34. What fabulous looking restaurants. Lure looks right up my alley and LOVE that fabulous tufted banquette!!

  35. looks amazing & that ceviche looks delish! Reminds me of The Oasis here in Austin!

  36. I can't stop talking about beautiful interior design, your friend is amazing!!! Lv lv

    Especially lv the paint colors? Would I be able to find out about the colors used??

    Thank you

  37. I love the stacked stone! Can you please send me the manufacturer and the color? Please??? :) Thank you so much!


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