Inspired Spring Post and Spring Vegetable Ragout

Rocky enjoying the view of Newport Bay.

 It was flattering when Maureen, a source of great inspiration herself, 
asked me to participate in...
 Check out what makes me excited about Spring/Summer over at

The other night, I made 
Grilled Spiced Lamb Chops With Vegetable Ragout
 from a Food & Wine recipe.  
My husband gave it the stamp of approval by saying "We should serve this at a dinner party!"

Source: Tina Rupp

Not all of our friends eat lamb, but they would love the 
vegetable ragout by itself with shaved parmesan.
It's super Spring-like and flavorful.  I just served it with French bread.

Debbie Duggan's daughter's room
Also, Joni from Cote de Texas has some photos from my blog 
on her fun post on girl's bedrooms...check it out.

An e-designed bedroom

PS.  I'd really like a new camera for Mother's Day...anyone have any suggestions for me 
for an upgrade from my Canon Sureshot?  


  1. Canon 3ti is what I use. That sure looks yummy.

  2. i get a new camera every 2 years on overstock.com.
    they have great cameras for ridiculous prices.

    i just beat the heck out of my cameras.
    try it overstock.


  3. Seeing that first photo of that Duffy and the bay and I want to get in my car and head to my fav spot....Newport Beach! You are so lucky to have that just steps from your door! I'm not a "lamb fan" but that looks delish! And I did see your photos in Cote de Texas yesterday and Debbie's room were without a doubt....THE BEST! Hope you have a great weekend with your son coming home. A great start to a wonderful summer!!

  4. Mary Ann-
    The ragout looks amazing. Will give it a try! I am thinking that a piece of prime beef would be great. I will have to go look.
    I saw the post over at Joni's. Fabulous, and the e-design room is beautiful!
    Happy Thursday.

  5. Yum..that looks really good! I love my Nikon D300 its user friendly and takes great pictures though admittedly I am still learning only because I refuse to read an owners manual so unlike 95% of normal people who will know how it operates the first week of owning it because they READ the manual, it takes me a year or two because I have to do it MY way:) Hey every picture session is like an experiement, I have no idea how they will come out...lol!
    Happy Mothers day Mary Ann!

  6. Yes Mary Ann, I have a Nikon D5000.
    It was a birthday gift two years ago from my family. I was overjoyed but... at first I wanted to take it back. I am ole school manual. I didn't know anything about computers or digital anything! Now I am a total MAC girl. iMac, laptop, iPad. I love them all*
    In addition...the Nikon D5000 takes video too ... I know, couldn't believe I didn't have to haul around a separate video camera.

    The Nikon D5000 is my first digital, I am sooo picky, I have always had a nice manual Nikon camera ,truly I was worried about the quality of digital. I do have a love for great photos, I have only had my children's photographed once professionally. Photographing my children was so personal and I knew how I wanted them photographed. I know enough to be dangerous from being in front of the camera for many years and also listening to the best photographers ...my adversity to the technical aspect is my own doing behind the camera, but I am ok with that but.. I use my good eye!!

    P.S. Like Tina aka {Enchanted House} I am a owners manual rebel... I haven't seen one I liked or can comprehend!

    *Happy Mother's day*

  7. Very good article. Congratulations.

  8. Love the view....that plate of food looks good...wish someone would cook it for me.
    That bedroom is all of my colors.
    I am still messing with a Canon G12 which is basically an amped up point and shoot. Never read the manual.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi Mary Ann,
    I didn't used to think I cared for lamb but after tasting it using a friends recipe I am now a fan. I'm also happy to have a second recipe for lamb, this looks delicious and a perfect meal for a spring dinner party. Thanks.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  10. I love lamb. This looks delicious. Loved the post over at Jonis. So fun to see you over there.

  11. LOVE that big bolster and tufted headboard!

  12. LOVE that big bolster and the tufted headboard!

  13. Gosh I hope you KNOW how fortunate you are to live where you do!
    I need a camera too, so I will be interested to see what you decide.
    Happy Mother's Day Mary Ann!

  14. MaryAnn,

    Lamb looks really yummy. New cameras are fun hope you get exactly what your looking for. Because you do present us with some lovely photos and we want to see more!

  15. THat ragout looks delish. I do love lamb....after living in Australia for two years, definitely. Learned to love it there. I saw your bedrooms on Joni's blog...just beautiful. Congrats!

  16. That day cruiser on the Bay looks fabulous: nice way to pass the time!
    Happy Mother's Day MaryAnn!

  17. Rocky looks so happy just sitting there watching the boats go by. What a beautiful spot!
    I have a Canon Rebel and I love it. Have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day.

  18. Mary Ann This image makes me miss my years in San Diego!

    Happy Mothers Day!!

    I want to invite you to join my Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

    Art by Karena

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  20. That lamb looks delicious. Lamb is actually my favorite - my husband made it for me yesterday for mother's day on the grill - delicious!! I LOVE my little point and shoot - it takes great pictures - it's the Panasonic Lumix - has a Leica lens!

  21. You are one busy lady Mary Ann - can't wait to try the lamb recipe - it's a favorite! Heading to Maureens ~

  22. We made that same dish! You are correct it is great!


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