Party With Us On The Beach and "In Good Taste"

I made this  invitation on Power Point and emailed them to our friends.

In exchange for my help with a little facelift of their beach rental property, 
our friends let us have a couple days to have a party at their place.  
Here's what it looked like before and after...
We used what was already there and added a few new accessories...
 I wanted to keep the party simple and super casual.

It gets cold when the sun goes down, so we set up two tables inside for dinner.

A sail boat race was taking place while we were getting things ready.
I bought lots of beach balls and turquoise "party" items at the dollar store 
(I forgot what a fun place that is). 
Here we are with the birthday boy just before the party started.

Beach Birthday Party Menu
Mammoth Mountain Beer,
Lemonade Spritzers, Aqua Gatorade
White and Red Wine
Smoked Albacore with Crackers, Crème Fraiche,
Tabasco, Lemon
Classic Onion Dip with Ruffles Chips
Grilled Mammoth Mountain Brats
Rolls, Condiments
Salad Trio:
TC’s Three Bean and Grilled Corn Salad
Linda’s Fresh Asparagus Salad
Chinese Chicken Salad (from a restaurant)
Vanilla Root Beer Floats with
Whipped Cream and Crushed Heath Bar

Today, I am over at Design Chic for their series
"In Good Taste."
I want to show you the "Good Taste" of several friends of mine, 
such as Abby's from Wolf-Rizor Interiors'.  
Check it out HERE.

  Thanks for joining our beach party!


  1. happy birthday!

    but i think living there is like a party everyday!

    great job you have done with the place!! :0

  2. What a fantastic party! It looks so incredible and you did an amazing job giving that beach house a face lift. Happy Birthday to Howard! :-)

  3. What a great party Maryann!!!
    Your transformation on that little beach house is incredible!!!
    Belated birthday wishes to your hubby!!!
    So fun!!!!

  4. How awesome was this party!! I want you to be my new best friend! Loved everything you did! Fun fun fun!!!

  5. Perfectly updated 'shanty'! In my old stomping grounds! Looking great!
    Party must have been a blast. And I, too, forget about the Dollar Store or the 99 Cent Store (no key on the computer keyboard for cents, anymore...)

  6. Looks like so much fun and relaxing. Adorable shanty, life is good on the CA coastline! Love that you shared the menu, I serve root beer floats as dessert for summer dinner parties too!

  7. Such a beautiful place to host a party! Everything looks great!

  8. What an awesome beach cottage! So pretty. Beautiful party too! Menu sounded heavenly!

  9. How fun.....a beach birthday party in a darling beach cottage! Love the before and after...you did a great job! And what a glorious day for it!!! Of course, you had all the details just right and the menu sounded delish! Life is a "beach" isn't it? While you were all having fun in the sun....my husband and I were painting our living room!!! Will send pics soon!

  10. Wow what a fabulous spot for a beach birthday bash! Love it and the view, any closer and you would be IN the ocean! How nice that your kids were there and love Howards' lobster? shirt! Its great.....looks like a really fun night (and sounds like a yummy one too)!
    Loved your guest post..your friends are VERY talented! (No wonder they like you so much)! Great minds think alike:)

  11. What a great place to have a birthday bash...and the birthday "boy" looks pretty happy to me. I love the changes you made -they make the place look fresh and fun. Blessngs- xo Diana

  12. The perfect place for a casual celebration! Love your fresh updates! Great menu, I always get excited when I see Ruffles and Onion Dip - I don't ever buy them, what a treat!

  13. How pretty and festive - anywhere with a little cheer will be fun and good friends, good food too :)

  14. What a wonderful setting for a birthday party. Looks like you all had a great time.

  15. Happy birthday Howard. What a fabulous place to celebrate a birthday.

    Mary Ann, I saw you on Design Chic this morning and I've signed up to follow you by email and also on FB. You have excellent taste and I can learn a lot from you. I'm thrilled to see that you decorate with seashells. We lived in the islands for many years and shells always seem to find their way into our homes. I've also pinned some of your pretty dining rooms since I write a food blog. I look forward to getting to know you.

  16. Mary Ann,
    Oh I am so homesick for southern Cali! What a fun beach party and a handsome man you have!
    Great menu too....happy summer!

  17. Mary Ann,
    The party looks like fun! Beautiful weather we've been enjoying.
    It's the little things, the beach house looks fabulous with just a few little tweaks.
    I enjoyed Design Chic, I always find their site inspiring.
    Enjoy your week.

  18. A house right.... on the beach: oh how wonderful! You did a great job, and what a fun evening!

  19. What a great face lift you gave this home! Night and day! And Howard's party looked like a lot of fun! Great casual spot, perfect food and you can't go wrong with that view! Can you share the rental info?

  20. That is my kind of party! I agree with the other gal, it totally makes me homesick!! I'm glad someone has their toes in the sand:)

  21. Some transformation! Love the home, and the party setting and the food is perfect, Mary Ann. You are a busy lady.
    Happy Wednesday.

  22. Maryann,

    You're the renaissance gal... and look how much fun you bring and share...good for you! Love all you do look at all the smiles during your party. Love the view and your right there on the ocean! Great job Maryann!

  23. Looks like a fun party! What a great family photo.


  24. Amazing how a few simple changes transformed this cute cottage inside and out!!

  25. What an awesome party by the beach! Great menu too!!

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  27. I love what you did to the beach cottage! It's adorable!

  28. how fun!!!!!! Gorgoeus home, I have a suprise for you on today's post, just e-mail me your info. XO

  29. Painting that gate blue was the best idea!!! I love how you refreshed it....so much better. Hope the party was fun...looks like it!

  30. These sounds to be a great and most amazing homes ever come across.

  31. Great interior designers with the most amazing techniques...

  32. It looks awesome! Thank you for sharing this with me. Makes me wish I was back there now. Hopefully we will be heading out that way again in the fall.


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