Oh the Luxury!

It feels luxurious to ...
 1.  take a bubble bath and
2.  have the space in my bathroom for actual furniture!
We've had bathrooms in the past that only one person could squeeze into(like in Paris, yeah, what a hardship).
 I am trying out this Bergere chair from another room in here.

Remember what the tub looked like before?  
More about the remodel HERE.

Notice the ceramic handle on the sprayer is missing?  It fell apart after just a year. So, it's in dispute with Restoration Hardware.  When I called them, using the Chez Vous Home business account, they said "Hey, you are a good customer."  But that was three weeks ago!
Here's Rocky as a puppy 13 years ago on our, 
very stylish at the time, denim window seat in the kitchen.  I had lots of blue and white going on then...still popular!
try THIS...almost but not quite :)
I bought this hand towel at Home Goods 
and other good ones at Target.

Other news...here is the tidy corner of my office.  It would ruin the mystique if I showed you the floor.

What kind of serious business do you think some of
these contract(read: super durable)fabrics are for? 
I will show you soon.

Just a reminder that if you have an empty vase, to go out and get some greenery from your garden (especially at this time of year.
 I have thought about painting the interior of this marble topped bookcase.  But it is a Napoleon III, circa 1860-1880.  We bought it when we lived in Paris.  I added shells to try to lighten it up.  What do you think?

Don't forget about the give-away 
for this fine thing HERE.
Drawing on July 3.

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  1. So jealous that you can put furniture in your bathroom. Maybe I should start thinking of my tiny bath as a Parisian bath :)

  2. You bathroom is fabulous. I love the chair and that tub is to die for. Hugs, Marty

  3. I would be hesitant to paint that bookcase just b/c of the age. I think you did a good job of lightening it up with the shells. And I love you bathroom!

    1. Mary Ann, I agree about painting your cabinet; however, a pop of color would look nice.
      Here's a suggestion: measure the back; cut a piece of poster board to size (the thicker kind; Dollar Tree sells it) & paint it or cover it in fabric. Place it in the back of the cabinet & there you have your pop of color without compromising your cabinet.

    2. Great idea!!! Or I was thinking of tacking a fabric on the back.

  4. Mary Anne-
    This bathroom renovation has turned out perfectly beautiful. I love the chair in the chair. i am sorry about the sprayer, and hopefully they will come around. Your towels are just perfect for the bath!
    Happy Thursday.

  5. Ahhh, your bathroom looks wonderful...I'm daydreaming I am at the spa!
    I'm "the garden chair" beside of you at No Minimalist Here Open house party. ;)
    All the best!

  6. Your tub is in my dreams. I want my huge tub and surround gone. Maybe one day I can have that ripped out. I hate the mess of remodeling, but love the results. Your bathroom is gorgeous.

  7. Your bathroom is the one I dream about! Love it, Mary Ann!

  8. Your bath is so pretty! I take a daily bath so I am quite jealous of that elegantly shaped tub. The french chair looks lovely but may end up with water stains on the fabric. What about one of those Paris outdoor wicker cafe chairs? Love the fresh white towels and the serene landscape to gaze at as you soak.

    Also the French bookcase looks great the way you styled it. May regret painting it.

    Enjoy your bath time, it is my favorite time of the day to lay back, relax and say my prayers!

  9. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I always look forward to your posts!

  10. Your bathroom is so beautiful and charming. Love it especially the chair!


  11. Your bathroom is wonderful and you did a fabulous job making it into a restful, spa like retreat. Love the chair and love "Fresh" products too. Looks like you have a few "fun" projects going on!!!!!!! This one looks very professional but very stylish...great color palette. I can see why you think the inside of the bookcase should be lighter, but there are some things that should be loved "just the way they are"! Especially a piece like this with so much history. It's beautiful.

  12. So many pretty things to look at here and I love the addition of the French chair in the bathroom. Now I feel like taking a bubble bath ;)

    Beautiful fabrics! Enjoy your week.


  13. Bookcase - who does it need to make happy you or Napolean III? Paint it.

  14. I love the touch of seashells and the chair in the bathroom. I'll just have to pretend the squeezer bathroom is in Paris):-

  15. Oh I don't think I would want to paint ole Mr. Napoleon, especially since he is so old. I like the poster board idea!
    Love the bath too...dreamy!

  16. The bathroom looks amazing! I often contemplate painting an antique piece that may not be my style at the moment even though I own an antiques shop! I never have…I really don't want to compromise the quality of it for a trendy look but I'm all for painting a piece if that's what you prefer! I'm just a dealer that can't break free! LOL! When I see a painted antique piece it makes me long for it!!! I guess I'm trying to talk myself into even still! No matter…it looks great and you've done a great job with it all!

  17. All Beautiful! Where is the bell jar from?

  18. Ooh, I wouldn't paint the antique bookcase. How about lining the shelves with a light-colored patterned paper? Not adhered to the shelves, just placed underneath the books, etc. A quick, easy, inexpensive fix perhaps?

  19. I love the bathroom Tub! I would log some time in there with a note on the door... "Bathroom flooded keep out"
    Beautiful space!

  20. Your bathroom is gorgeous and the chair looks perfect in there. I would lighten the inside of the cabinet, the books will show up beautifully and give more life to the whole piece. The fabric idea is a good one. X Haron

  21. Ha, we had one of those {Paris bathrooms}, too. Thank goodness it has been made over and made larger. This looks so inviting. I'm a bubble bath girl, too. I should frame pictures of my dog...he makes me happier than the kids, at times.

  22. I love the shells! What about taking a fabric you like
    and adding it to the back of the inside of the Napoleon?
    Sort of like wallpaper without it being permanent. I took
    fabric and added it to the back of my hutch-and it looks
    exactly like I wanted it to-easy to change out when I am
    ready for a change!

  23. I love the bergere, and I love it -- or something in that genre -- in the bathroom. It compliments the demilune table. I would not paint such a beautiful bookcase, but you could add some small art or photographs as a backdrop on some of the shelves. The coral works well in the foreground.

  24. Wow, love your bathroom with the free-standing tub. So luxurious and beautiful! I think you should paint the interior of that cabinet, it would be so unique. The wood is gorgeous, by the way. Love your ideas, Mary Ann.

  25. Your tub looks yummy! But I'd leave paint off the antique! That's just me. Could you cut some mirror for the back wall of the interior, to reflect some light? Wouldn't that change the world? :)

  26. Your bathroom is really pretty, so nice and bright. I don't think I would paint the antique cabinet...Christine

  27. Mary Ann,
    I love the bathroom, what a beautiful tub. I love the chair in there. I wouldn't paint the marble topped bookcase...so pretty and your shells lighten it up enough. It's really a pretty finish in the picture.

  28. I really hope that our next bathroom is big enough for a chair or bench. Ours is just way too tight right now and I'm ready for a new one and a change. Ooh and I love the Fresh products - I picked up a lemon scent a few weeks ago that I really love. Looking forward to seeing where those fabrics end up - I'm thinking a coffee shop or restaurant. Have a great weekend!

  29. You bath is so lovely. The tub is beautiful and I love the faucets. I am sure Restoration Hardware will work things out.
    JMO, I wouldn't paint that great bookcase. I think some of the others were on the right track. I would use foam core covered with fabric or wallpaper. If you cut the foam core to fit snuggly you won't have to attach it and the foam core wouldn't damage the piece.
    Have a great holiday,

  30. What a perfect French bathroom! Great job! Love the extra space! The addition of that chair really makes it so very chic! Yep - I would definitely paint that bookcase. It would brighten up the room so much. :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. Furniture in the bath? Wow, what a super luxury. I have a wooden stool and I thought that was great :) Love your blog, came here via refinery 29. I can definitely see the Paris influence!

  32. Love the chair by the tub! Oh, so pretty!
    I have a wonderful old hanging cabinet that needed a lighter interior and I tacked lighter fabric inside to accomplish that. I have used old, single color wallpaper tacked into another cupboard that I just couldn't bring myself to paint. You can use a stapler or thumbtacks to accomplish the coverup! All you have left is some very small holes and no paint on those original surfaces. Hope that works for you, too1
    xoxo, Chris

  33. I have the same tub - love it - so much nicer than a huge built in! And that chair is perfect!

    I do adore your Napolean cabinet - maybe you can paint styrofoam and place it inside - no holes, no glue, no damage!

    And Paris, seriously jealous!

  34. Great bathroom! Love the tub and the gorgeous chair. Cant wait to see what your up to!

  35. Just love that bathroom! X

  36. Wow, Mary ann!

    You inspire me so much! This is my dream bathroom, w/ the products included! ;-)

    Wishing you a really blessed week, sweetie!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  37. Oh I'm SO with you on this one -- there's nothing like a bath. Ours in the midst of a remodel and sometimes I feel a bit strung out not being able to take a bath! showers are overrated :)

  38. Love all the little glimpses into your beautiful and inviting home...and I am all for the many wonderful perks of a bath...nothing like it to melt your worries away and yours is so pretty. Happy July 4th.

  39. Beautiful! Love how the bathroom turned out! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  40. Great ideas! Too bad I missed the giveaway! I've been out of town for over 3 weeks!

  41. I love that bathroom!!!!! WOW

  42. Great innovative idea..The bathroom seems to be really beautiful...


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