Wish I Could Do That

I received a new camera (a Canon Rebel T3i) for Mother's Day...
just cannot seem to make time to watch the owner DVD.  
But I admire everyone else's photos.
 Would you look at the vibrancy of these flowers from 
La Vie En Rose's upstairs bathroom?  
The petal detail?  I wonder if my new camera can do this?  
I feel like I can touch the bouquet 
through my computer screen.
This is a pretty shot, too.

The Polished Pebble also has great original 
photographs of her home and garden.
She's a southern Cal Gal...wondering if I could get 
some lessons from her?

I like the patina on these old keys from 52 Flea.  There is a sweet story about how two friends found this bundle, bought them together and divided them up one by one over a glass of wine.  You should read what they did with the last one that was left over.
Don't these cherries look juicy?  This is from Air Kissed.  
She gives us a French Cherry Clafoutis dessert recipe that 
I want to bake.

I bought the same camera as Kim at Savvy Southern Style but she knows how to work hers...
Doesn't this look like pure relaxation?  When I  am stressed out...I should envision lounging on Kim's hammock.  I also wanted to learn how to do watermarks like Kim does.

So, for $30 I purchased a program from Plum Amazing.  There have been  a couple of times that I have seen photos from my blog with out recognition on other blogs so this should solve that.  
I am not sure how often I will use it though.
Here is a photo using my old "point and shoot" but with the new watermark on the bottom right. You can change the font and location on the photo.  I will still use this old camera on trips and places (it is so inconspicuous).

This photo was taken with my new camera on the auto focus...
not bad but I have to get past the "Auto."

Lucky me!  I won a sign from 
When I look at it, I start singing "I love you..."  So, I thought I should put it where my son would see it first thing in the morning (and the gray colors all "work" here.

He is home from college for the summer.  The east coast gets out earlier than in California so he had a jump start on looking for a summer job.  So hard to find a job now a days...but he did!
You can get other sweet signs at Tiff's Etsy shop here.

Lots of projects are in the works that I will hopefully show you soon.

"...and a hug around the neck!"
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I just got the same camera too! I am still learning and looking for nearby classes too!

  2. Oh, you are too sweet. I really am not sure what I am doing when I take pictures. I just play with the settings. You can do the watermarks for free with picasa or picmonkey.com. I use picmonkey mostly. They have different fonts to choose from and you can resize them and change colors, etc. Free.

  3. Hi Mary Ann....I have a Canon Rebel as well...but an older model. I still have so much to learn about my camera too...it's a process so have fun with it! I love the photo you took of your table setting...and those aqua blue glasses are beautiful!
    Thank you for your kind words and link to my blog. I appreciate it so much!
    Take care, Laura :)

  4. Thank you so much Mary Ann! My husband bought me a Canon rebel for a Christmas present knowing I would need something decent for blogging, my old point and shoot was on it's last legs!! I'm still on the same setting (Flash off) ever since. I also use Picasa for editing and I find it brilliant!!! I crop pretty much everything and straighten, lighten etc. The Canon is fantastic even on just the 'Flash Off' setting, but I must do a course or something to learn how to use it properly. I've always thought your photos were gorgeous, so can't wait to see what you do with your new camera. Have fun!! I love taking photos of flowers now - the detail it picks up is unbelievable!!!

    Again, thank you so much for including me in your post- it is greatly appreciated.



  5. Hi Mary Ann, Thank you so very much for including me in this post with all of the other wonderful bloggers. I use a Canon Rebel too! I sometimes use a macro lens which is something you may want down the road. It takes the most wonderful amazing close ups. You can get one at the camera shop in Fashion Island. I can't remember the name of it but you know the one!

    Have fun with your new present....xo kelley

  6. Forgot to say I love your sign you won. She is a new sponsor of mine and I will be hosting a giveaway for one of her signs this weekend.

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  8. Mary Ann,
    (Always proofread before hitting publish!)
    You may want to consider taking the online class at ShootFlyShoot, the husband of The Lettered Cottage bloggers. It's really inexpensive, they use a Canon Rebel and show you exactly what dails and buttons to press. Since it's video, you can watch it over and over again, as well as take the entire course at your own pace. I thought it was really helpful.

    1. That sounds perfect! I have the same camera. But, it spends most of its time in the cabinet because I get so frustrated with it. I tell myself that the iPhone's photos are great too, but, I'm sure they aren't!

  9. You are such sweetness:)
    I am laughing at your comment about the OC housewives..
    I went out yesterday and bought a fedora!
    Remember I am in Missouri...:)
    I don't care I think they are adorable...at least on tv anyway.
    I will give it a whirl later this week.
    thank you for sharing my sign...pray it blesses your heart and home

  10. Lots of beautiful pictures here..and yours ranks right up there with them! When you have a beautfiul home, even a disposable nothing can't take a bad picture:)

  11. I want your camera.... the sign looks fabulous in your home thanks for sharing...xo

  12. Great pictures and your camera did an awesome job on auto exposure! And, I LOVE the sign you won- xo Diana

  13. Mary Ann, your photos are always wonderful. I have a Canon Rebel too and I love it. It's just a matter of playing around with it. That's the nice thing about digital is that you can delete any photo you don't like and shoot right over it. You will love your camera more and more every day. You are right, it's important to watermark these days(my photos have been stolen too)and you can watermark for free on Picasa or Picmonkey. Have fun with your new camera!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I will try the free watermark sources.

  14. Mary Ann: No, no, you didn't have to spend a penny for watermarking!! Just download the Star Watermark program, either for Mac or PC! It's free! You can batch watermark with all sorts of fonts and placements. I will do 10 or 20 images at one time; very easy. Let me know if you want help!
    As to cameras...well, I just use the point & shoot, and of course, my iPhone. Yikes, don't have time to learn anything more!!

  15. Oh wow... ditto what Eye for Detail just wrote - I was going to say the same thing ... I really wanted to get a new camera and REALLY wanted to when I saw a gorgeous WHITE one (I know, I am such a sucker for packaging) but I cannot learn how to use one more thing right now and have picked up my iPhone for photos more than my camera it seems lately! I love that image of the cherries - and seeing that makes me want to retire and learn photography - just beautiful! I hope you have fun learning everything about your camera.
    I also had to smile about your new sign - that is what I sing to my sweet granddaughter all day long. So funny but I didn't know all the words and at first was singing "a noose around my neck" - soooo bad and I knew that wasn't right. I had to laugh when I finally had time to look up the lyrics. A hug is so much better! :D

  16. So happy that you are enjoying your camera, Mary Ann. You images look amazing.
    Happy Friday.

  17. Hi Mary Ann!! So good to talk with you and you definitely have the "eye" for photography - the tech part is pretty easy once you get the hang of it - when you get back from your trip let's schedule a day and you can come over and we'll shoot all day!!!

  18. Mary Ann,
    Congratulations on your new camera. I recently took a photo class in hopes of learning to use the fancier camera we own. I didn't get very far, too many settings and have gone back to my point and shoot for now. Let me know if you find a good source for instruction.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. I am so dumb for not asking my blogging friends about watermarking (and getting it for free). Lots of great tips on educating myself.

  20. Maryann, Thanks for the info on water-marking. I looked up the free star program and I going to look into it. Enjoy your camera.

  21. They're all great photos - I wish I was that talented behind the lens!

    Coastal Style

  22. So sweet, MaryAnn. Keep us posted on how you like the Rebel. I desperately need to polish my photographic skills. I'm notoriously terrible and it does cost me a lot for professional shots.

  23. I just got a new camera too and have tried a number of times to read the manual but it is just so 'dry'! I am trying my luck with it and it seems to be working out! I am hoping to be able to produce some photo like these one day!

  24. I really need to learn how to learn my camera too. That "auto" setting is a crutch!

  25. I really need to learn how to learn my camera too. That "auto" setting is a crutch!

  26. Congrats on the T 3i- I still haven't read the manual that came with my Christmas gift. I let my husband read- and ask him lots of questions.

  27. A fabulous post! I haven't graduated from my point and shoot as yet, but I am feeling very inspired by this, and feel that the time is nigh!
    Paula x

  28. I'm sure you're loving your new camera! I recently signed up for a class on how to use my camera. Currently, I have no idea what I'm doing now and feel like I have to take so many to get a decent shot and they don't even turn out half as good as yours. I also need to look into the watermark site that someone mentioned for free. I think I need that!

  29. Mary Ann,

    Your photos are always gorgeous! How did the photos at RJ Imports turn out?...I'm working on a post...once I figure out which blog I'm using.


  30. Your post gave me the motivation I've been needing to learn how to use my camera. I always keep it on auto and I know my photos could be much better. I'll check out the watermark site, too. I try to remember to but my name on photos that I take and post, but sometimes I forget. Photoshop works, but I bet the other is faster!

  31. Still using my old trusty point and shoot, but your images have inspired me...so pretty!!

  32. You lucky dog....I want a new camera. Great post....so many beautiful pictures. Love the sign.....

  33. You should check out the online video photography classes at Shoot Fly Shoot! They are so easy to follow it's like having a friend over to show you how to use your camera. I highly recommend them. They are super reasonably priced and it is well worth the money. It's the best thing I've done since buying my camera. I am not associated with them at all, just a very happy customer. Check it out!

  34. I've actually told some other bloggers where your photo came from! Glad you got a watermark! XOXO

  35. I say to them hey that's my blog friend's home!


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