Colorful Outdoor Deck E-Design

The thing about e-design is that is saves you money 
but you have to do all the running around.
Dana wanted to wait to show her deck until after four of the sconces below were installed...
But lots of times, e-clients (you know who you are) 
never send me the completed photos.
AND, I wanted to show you this while it's still summer.  
Dana's family likes color, especially red.
Here is the before photo.  She said the teak set could go but 
I said "I love to use what you already have...
when it's GOOD." 

And after...imagine this with the new cool lights and red seat cushions on the teak chairs.  Dana wanted to use the green garden stools (nice) and they were on sale at Ballard.  
It's a good time to take advantage of summer sales on outdoor furniture.
Here it is with the rug going the opposite way...which I might like better.  If Dana was not an eight hour drive away, I would go over in the evening, have a glass of wine 
and play with putting a garden stool in the middle 
of the teak chairs and one at the end of the 
sofa on the right.  I would also bring over the 
lanterns and tray from the mood board.
 Or perhaps we'd just relax, like Lucy above, 
and enjoy the view of the flowers and pool...
So, that's the downside of e-design for me...
I don't get to see the space or new friends, 
like Dana, in person...but it is still fun.

If you are a design enthusiast who needs jumping off point with a mood board, sources and floor plan, check out my Services Page.

PS.  Nice job, Dana!


  1. Love what you have done and totally agree, I would separate the garden stools to be used as tables. We're having fun with e-design clients as well. We've gotten so involved with one in Houston that we are taking a truck load in two weeks and doing the install ourselves...Draperies and all. We've had so many conversations...I can't wait to met my client in person. We laugh and say it's going to be like extreme make-over when we show up with the truck. Have a great weekend. So glad I stopped by to see what you are up to. Mona

  2. That looks so beautiful!! Love the sofas and am considering a simliar look, amazing how much furniture, a rug and prety colorful garden stools can transform! I love that the outdoor living has become as important as the indoors...and if I were lucky enough to live in California that is where I would be most of the time:) Well done!

  3. That looks awesome. And I love, even though the garden is in the distance, how the rug colors connect the seating arrangement to the colors in the garden.

  4. Great job Mary Ann! It looks so comfortable and inviting and I love the pops of bright colors!

  5. Looks great, love the transformation! Very inviting space, perfect for entertaining and lounging!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a set of customized business/ calling cards (100 pcs), if you like!


    Enjoy your weekend, Mary Ann!


  6. Mary Ann,
    Looks great...from just a boring space that had lots of potential to a great outdoor room. The colors of the rug and garden stools just blend in naturally with the colors of the garden. lovely indeed!

  7. Bravo Mary Ann! I can see how inviting this outdoor space is and just wish you could meet your client with that glass of wine!

    I think you will like my Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

  8. Beautiful job! Where are the two sofas from? Thanks!

  9. Beautiful! Love the green stools along with that rug.

  10. Looks terrific, Mary Ann! Love the sofas, and the stools and rug really liven up the deck. Nice job :)

  11. That is a very large outdoor room nice to have so much space to design. I like how they let the deck go natural I think it works better with all the furnishings. Very nice job Mary Ann, love the pops of color!


  12. I think the umbrellas really pulled it together and made it more cozy! Of course, the pops of color from the rug and stools steps it up a notch! I'm a new follower!

    Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside

  13. Gorgeous outdoor space, love your furniture choices and the bright pops in the accessories give it a fun vibe. Beautiful job!

  14. What a beautiful space! I could sit there and enjoy that pool view very easily!

  15. Wow!!! I love the redo!!! Truly wish I had your talent - heck, I can't even visualize for my own home let alone doing it via the web... true brilliance!!

  16. Beautiful! I love the way it all came together. Looks like the perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine and some friends.

  17. Mary Ann,
    Love what you've done. The rug and garden seats really bring the space to life.

  18. While not cheap , even on sale, I love the driftwood color and heavy rattan texture of the sofas and the lime green garden stools are wonderful! Just the pop of color this space needed! Well done!

  19. Nice work Mary Ann and Dana! It looks like an actual living area now and not just a set plopped down in the middle of the deck. I love the addition of the garden stools - that really gives a nice pop. And when the cushions get upholstered in the red it's really going to pop. I agree w/ you about e-design. Sometimes I wish I could pop through the screen and do a little zhushing...but it is so much fun and a great way to get a new design for an affordable price (I think more people should invest in e-design). It looks great!

  20. What a gorgeous space! I adore the rug and garden stools.

  21. wonderful outcome! i adore those chinese garden stools!

  22. Beautiful work, Mary Anne! I love the beautiful neutrals with the pretty pops of color! It is always nice to be able to use what we already have and then add.
    Happy Tuesday.

  23. Mary Anne, It looks amazing. love the the rug and the garden style. It adds a warm touch.

  24. Nice job, Maryann! Thanks for sharing your work.

  25. Great job! I do garden e-designs so I understand what you're saying about not being there to see the final results, but you're able to help a lot more people. Love the striped rug especially!

  26. That is an excellent rug going with the teak furniture. If by any chance your client require carpet cleaning service she can check out this site. They provide excellent service.

  27. This sounds to be great and really well designed idea, just loved the way it has been presented.

  28. Love the way the entire home has been designed especially the outdoors and the courtyard is just amazing, great job guys...

  29. perfect well maintained home. Love this exotic feel of the home. Nice share!!


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