Claire's Fresh Furniture Makeovers

Claire has been busy!  
This is the "after" photo of a chest in her daughter's room.
She spotted this at a garage sale and liked the design of the legs.
A bit of labor and new fun, chrome drawer pulls and look!
 Some more of her recent projects...
 "Before" child's rocker
And "After."  
I'd like to design a child's room around this.



Claire's Home Tour 
is one of my most popular posts.

The above photos were taken with a cell phone.

Speaking of which, isn't this a fun
cell phone cover ($18)?
Do you think it is just too decadent to have 
more than one cover?  
Or one that you want to take a bite out of?

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  1. I NEED the ice cream sandwich cover.....though I might be tempted to bite on it when hungry:) Very cute, love the trasnformations, amazing what good taste, a little imagination and a bucket of paint can do!

  2. Claire did a wonderful job on these pieces. Very busy and talented lady. I just adore the mirror and carpet in the last image, Mary Ann!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Wednesday.

  3. That cell phone cover is adorable! Can you imagine pulling this out of your purse!
    These upscaled pieces are really incredible! I love the dresser and those drawer pulls are very chic!

  4. Hi Mary Ann, I just went back and revisited Claire's home. I think it's one of my all time favorites. I could stare at the details of every room for hours. Thanks for linking to it. Her makeovers are great, especially the new white chest for her daughter's room. I want to hang out with you guys!!

  5. Great updates Claire! I love the dresser and the bench and the chair - they look really cute. Oh my gosh, I love ice cream sandwiches - that is a riot. I'd probably try to eat my phone. Now I'm off to see Clair's home tour because I don't remember viewing it before.

  6. Claire sounds like a fun friend! I need to check out the home tour to make sure I didn't miss anything.

  7. Do you think your friend Claire could come to New England and paint a few things for me? She does such a beautiful job of everything. I don't think I saw her home tour so I'm off to check it out.


  8. Claire's furniture transformations and home are just amazing, I can see why it's so popular! LOVE that ice cream sandwich!

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  10. Hi Mary Ann,

    Wonderful before and after photos of the chest. It looks great in white! What fun that cell phone cover is. I've never seen anything like that!


  11. Hi Mary Ann,
    Love the before and after pictures...great job! That mirror...is to die for...I love love it! Hugs

  12. all fabulous, but i especially love that dresser- it has a beautiful shape and i love the contrast of the new hardware!

  13. Oh, what a little time and talent can accomplish! Where did she find the cabinet pulls? Can you ask? They are wonderful! Love the phone cover, too!! I'm starting to think those things are like "the new accessory" and so it's definitely OK to have more than one! I'll leave my purse behind now, more often than my phone!

    And how is it that you have such designerly (new word!) friends!? Lucky you!

  14. What great transformations. I admire those that can DIY with such flair.

  15. It is NOT too decadent to have more than one cover! I'm afraid to tell you how many I have. :) Phone covers are basically fashion accessories!

  16. I can not get enough before & afters! love them!!!
    I NEED that cell phone cover! And 18 dollars! Whoo hoo!
    Have a pretty day!

  17. These before/afters are incredible! How I wish I had those skills!

  18. Love all those before and afters. That stool is especially darling. As for that cell phone cover I can just see one of the grandkids biting into that! xo Diana

  19. Claire has fabulous taste...just like you and all your friends! Love the chest. Would never have thought about putting those
    handles, but they are perfect! Makes it feel so new and chic. Love the chair and stool too. Of course, I had to go back and review her beautiful house...checking out every detail as I get ready start accessorizing my living room! I need that phone case...how cute is that! And so appropriate for me since I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

  20. I love the ice cream sandwich. :) The dresser and stool look so nice.


  21. The dresser turned out great (as did all her projects!)... and that ice cream sandwich - very funny! I think it would make me want to eat one - especially with this heat, haha.

  22. Great makeovers. Claire is so talented.

    I repainted a dresser from my childhood in a dark grey-blue, it's now in our bedroom. It's great to re-purpose things and give them a new life!


  23. that dresser looks great! Love the mirror, I have a similar one.

  24. Love the dresser transformation... especially those chrome pulls! I'm afraid that cellphone cover might make me crave ice cream even more than I already do :)

  25. Wonderful transformation. Boy, what a little bit of paint will do. I am also in love with her mirror.

  26. You have really remodeled it in a new way a given a beautiful look..Amazing switch over.

  27. Wow! You are really talented in transforming those furniture. I really like each of them. Great job!

  28. This post is giving me lots of ideas...just need more time to accomplish them! I love the bright and bold fabrics to update the rocker and the bench...need to do this with those chairs I scored for Madeline before we left CA. I love that iphone case...Lorna would have loved this!!!

  29. That cellphone cover is unique, it looks similar to cookie.

  30. What a brilliant decore. Each item has its own uniqueness and visibility.

  31. Wow! Those transformations are honestly cool. You truly have the talent to put new faces on things that look old and outdated already. And, let not forget the delicious case. I really liked that iPhone case included.

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