It's Just Decorating.

When the mood strikes...I like to switch around my 
furniture and accessories.  
 This photo below has been getting some Pinterest "pins"...
Our only air conditioning is when we open the dutch door for 
the ocean breeze cross ventilation.
Recently, I moved things around...
for easier access to the patio. 

I brought this garden stool inside.

One thing that our son, Tommy and his friends know to be constant in this room is  the supply of chocolates in the jar 
(Hersey's Nuggets right now).  
Tommy goes back to school in Florida on Tuesday.  So, this jar won't get refilled as often and I will miss his big hugs.

Yesterday, our daughter, Alie accepted a job transfer 
from New York back to California soon (YAY!).  She has been on the opposite coast with school and work for the last six years.

So anyway...how about you.  
Do you like to change your furnishings around?

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  1. This room is so gorgeous. Love the new arrangement, it looks great. Congrats on your daughter being back on the West Coast soon. I know you have to be thrilled. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your room is absolutely delightful. The colors and arrangement work perfectly both ways. Congratulations to your daughter!

  3. Mary Ann, anyway you change that room up it will still be stunning. You know I switch things up all the time.

  4. First of all, I really love the mahogany chest. That's really beautiful.

    Second, I like the green chairs in front of the French doors, especially for summer. The chairs provide a better view outside and the color really helps connect them to the landscape.

    It's probably an odd thing to notice but I love the A/C grate up above the archway.

  5. Oh yes! When the mood strikes, theres no stoppping me..less in the summer. I love your changes and the green chairs with the green velvet pillows are stunning!
    Congrats to your daughter, I am sure you will love having her on the west coast.
    Have a great weekend, Mary Ann!

  6. Yes, I enjoying moving things around too! When I saw the first pic where you swapped the chairs for the sofa I thought Oh No! but then I saw the other end of your room with the lovely french doors! It is more accesible this way and I love it!

  7. I love when I see your rooms pop up on Pinterest (frequently). Your style is so lovely, comfortable and pulled together….I wish you would come style my house for me. You make it look so easy!
    Hurray on Alie's news! You must be thrilled!

  8. It looks great, Mary Ann. Your home is bright and lovely and so nicely pulled together- xo Diana

  9. Hello Mary Ann

    Your room is just beautiful and so welcoming.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Helen x

  10. Yes, I move things around frequently and blogging has taught me that I am not the only one! I used to think I was weird.

    Your house is quintessential California cottage...pretty, fresh and breezy. Love your slipcovered sofas placed together, the french doors to the patio and the dutch door! Oh and LOVE the French chest of course!

    Happy for you that you are getting your daughter back in CA, what fun you will have. I am going to visit ours in NYC in September so we can check out the US Open in Flushing Meadow.

  11. I change things so often it makes my husband nuts. I like the new arrangement. I long for that dutch door :) How nice for you that your daughter will be close. I dread the day mine go off to college (twins -- empty nest all at once -- I'll be a mess).

  12. Yes, I'm a crazy rearranger too.
    I do it ALL the time......
    Your home looks amazing ;o)
    Have a great day!!!
    Tania xx

  13. Your home is gorgeous. It truly is classic yet casual. You have such a light touch! Just lovely...

  14. I can see why people are pinning your home it's gorgeous! Yep I'm always moving things never happy and the husband moves stuff out of his way. I'm always trying to think of him and his way of life but keep things pretty.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  15. Your room looks great in its new incarnation. I change things around all the time in my home, not necessarily the large furniture pieces, but mostly the vignettes. I call it shopping in my own home; practical and fun. It makes everything look fresh and new.
    I am happy for you that your daughter will be coming back home, or at least close to home.

  16. Hi Mary Ann,
    Mind if I borrow that lamp, next to the chocolates? That is a stunner! And I like the new arrangement! Everything looks great...and somewhere somehow, I'm going to have a Dutch door. Love them!

  17. Mary Ann no matter how you change up your room, it will still be gorgeous...one of my all-time favorites. Love the new arrangement with those french doors open...so lovely. And that lamp...yikes, love it.

    Thrilled for you that your daughter is coming home...best ever news for us moms! Yay!!

    Have a good one...

  18. I love rearranging my home too, so much so that I now have a phrase for it... I call it tweaking the living lab!
    Our son came home for the weekend and I too just love the hugs I get from him when he is around.
    Sons are so precious aren't they? Congrats on your daughter's new job and return to Cali. That is wonderful news!
    We are coming back to Stay at The Marriott Newport Coast in October for a week and I would love to get together.
    I still think about your great walk with all the stairs on the beach which I hope you will take me on!!!
    Love your rearranged room, whatever rendition you do always looks fresh and inviting!!!
    Happy Sunday!!!

  19. YES, changing things around is my favorite past time!! I love your look, so warm, welcoming and stylish. Wish I could leave a door open (even a window would be nice) but I'm down here in really hot country (was 106 yesterday here) and air conditioning is what we depend on most of the time. So nice to hear you will have your daughter back in your same state, hope she's close by. Mine has been in another state as well for several years going to grad school. Love it when she's home for a visit and hope she decides to make Texas her home soon again. Keep the great blog going and the wonderful pictures, love it all!

  20. Absolutely! Your home is gorgeous.. beautiful colors and I'm loving that dutch door! Your mini-bar is perfect. Those trays are so fun and I like all the different colors that are available. I'll bet you are thrilled that your daughter is moving closer to home. I'm fortunate that both my kids (21 and 23) are in-state.. so far.

    Always enjoy your posts! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  21. I find that I do not change up things often enough in my old age! I tend to get things the way I like them and leave them. I get my fix doing others homes! Your home always looks so fresh and inviting!

  22. Angela will be going back to school for her last year in two weeks, and things will be much less crowded around here, but there is nothing like having hem at home, I agree.
    I love what you have done here. Such gorgeous colors and so beautifully designed, Mary Ann.
    happy Sunday.

  23. So Beautiful. Love the greens with the white. thanks for sharing, Ginger

  24. Loved seeing contemporary mixed with traditional. I'm trying to update my Living Room and this gives me some cute ideas, of course I also like anything with sea shells in it too. Thank you!

  25. Whatever you do to your house, little changes or big, it's always gorgeous! So happy for you that your daughter will be moving back to CA. You must be over the moon with excitement!

  26. I love the chairs. Did oyu do the slipcovers yourself?

  27. I liked the idea of having a dutch door opening to the patio. It provides privacy at the same time lets in lot of fresh air. I am not sure about indoor door repair. But if you have a garage and need its door repaired then you could check out with garage door repair addison. They provide an excellent service in their area.

  28. This has always been one of my favorite rooms. So clean and sharp lined. Love it.
    Yay that daughter will be closer. :)

  29. Your living room always looks beautiful! Love the addition of your garden stool inside...especially in the summer. When Patrick was little and I started rearranging the furniture...he would say, "mom, are you decoratin again?"

    You must be so thrilled to have Tommy home for a bit longer and Alie coming back to California!!! So exciting! I can't imagine being on opposites coast from madeline!!

  30. Hi! Love your living room. I'm a long time follower! I definitely love to rearrange furniture... which does drive my husband crazy!! Hope you'll visit me at my blog!

  31. Love to move things around! I can't imagine no air conditioning! Definitely not an option on the east coast this time of year! Your changes look great!

  32. I do it all the time, and my husband doesn't mind. He knows that if I am making the existing furniture look different then I am not going to spend money on more. I call it "free decorating".

  33. Why can't we just leave things alone :)......I don't even have to answer your question cause I know you understand.....Love the changes :)

  34. Love the changes. I love switching things around, too! I have the same chandelier in my dining room. I love it :)

  35. I all looks so lovely - I really love your pretty pitched ceiling too!
    Thanks for sharing at Knick of Time Tuesday!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  36. It looks so beautiful...love what you did!

  37. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments!

  38. Hi Mary Ann: What a lovely room--I especially like the green print cushions on the brown chairs! I do like to move furniture around, and often find inspiration before a party--it helps to motivate me. Take care--have a great week!

  39. Mary Ann, love your decorating style, and the Dutch door. Yes I also like to change thins up.....

  40. I'm in love with your living room. So fresh and beautiful! I like to switch things up often too. How lucky that your daughter will be close to home.

  41. Your room is stunning!! I love all the details: ceiling, dutch door, archway, furniture and the chandeliers. It's always fun to change things around and in your case you can't go wrong.

  42. Your home is stunning and the room gorgeous, no matter where you place things. What wonderful news to have your daughter coming home though to fill it up :)))

  43. Words can't express how much I love your room. Seriously!!! Just to let you know I featured your wonderful project today on homework. Stop by and grab a featured button. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  44. You have such a great eye for styling and pulling together a classic yet comfortable look! How exciting to have your daughter back home! Looking forward to your fall change-up! :)

  45. That is one beautiful room! It's so fresh and crisp!

  46. Love the dutch door. Pinned the dutch door.

    Thanks ... once again ... for inspiration,

  47. Your room is gorgeous! I'm your newest follower and cannot wait to keep up with all your posts.

    Have a great week!


  48. Hello! Just found you via Coastal Charm. I love your, the greens are just beautiful room! New follower :) Jo

  49. OMGoodness! Gorgeous!!! Love the open, breezy feel, and the perfect blend of casual and sophisticated. :) Drooling over the lofted ceiling with white beams!

  50. I absolutely love your room and wanted to let you know I featured it on my new site Details. A sister site to Homework, Details will spotlight beautiful projects that have the little "details" that make them extremely special. I'd love for you to stop by and take a look. http://carolynsdetails.blogspot.com/
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  51. Hmmm...not sure if your home still looks like this as the posts seem to be from a while ago, but was wondering what colors you have you have on your walls (living/dining room) and on the trim?


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