May I Present My Card?

It's fun to design your own business or personal calling cards.  

 The cards below I printed myself using Avery free templates 
on-line and their blank perforated sheets 
that go through your printer.  
I used A LOT of ink and several came out crooked 
and had to be tossed out.  

These cards ordered from Moo  
are on heavy stock like playing cards.
I like how the back is decorated, too.  These were upgraded to include the curved corners. 
 They come packaged like this.

My favorite "do it yourself" (sort of) business cards are 
from Tiny Prints
  It is easy navigate, inexpensive and there are 
tons of colors 
and stylish options...
 Even the backs of the cards are nice.

With Tiny Prints, you can upload your business logo 
or your own photo like I did below. 

How about you?  
Have you considered creating your own cards?

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  1. Great idea, Mary Ann! I will have to visit now and see.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Those are great. I need to make some up for my blog. Don't really have any other kind of business, but sometimes people ask what the name of my blog is and I could hand them a card.

  3. Mary Ann- you did a great job on your cards, I especially like the larger format one. Might have to give it a try now that I see how nice it turned out. I thought about making my own, but then I worried about getting things straight and whether my printer was good enough etc. I broke down and ordered some pretty ikat calling cards from MadeByGirl.

  4. Wonderful job on those cards. I am saving the site for future reference. My dd used to print cards for me but doesn't have the capability to do that since she sold the business. xo Diana

  5. Lovely. You created some beautiful cards to showcase your talent. Great job.

  6. Loving your square cards, though they all look great, I have a 'thing" for square, and yours came out beautiful. Thanks for the heads up on tiny prints, hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. Those are pretty and lovely cards,
    very presentable too.
    I do need to update my boutique's card.

  8. Hi Mary Ann!, I think you missed your calling! Look how pretty these all are. I think printed business cards are so important, especially for us creative types! If our cards are ho-hum, what does that say for our interior design sense? Great ideas...thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your cards, you did a great job on them. My daughter is a graphic designer. She designed mine. I will have to send her your post. Thanks for sharing...

  10. I love your cards...I still have yours tucked into the pocket of my portfolio. I love your little vignette with personalized white pencils...you really do think of every thing Mary Ann!

  11. I love your cards! I am so going to try this out. I've designed my own business cards for years and need new ones. So I'm off to try this out now! Thanks for the tip.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  12. You did a beautiful job with these! It's very tricky...getting just the right feel and colors, and exactly what text to include. I've had my cards designed by the woman who designs my blogs.
    Tiny Prints: ah yes, I had done a few designs for them way back (many years ago!) when they were just beginning!! We lost touch. And now, I might go over there to look around for designs for my newest venture, the rug company. They do have a great selection, and good prices.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  13. Lovely cards! I went through a period where I went a little crazy having calling cards printed through Vista print. They were so affordable and I had so much fun working on the design. I had mommy/family cards, personal cards, jewelry business cards, and then I printed up some that I used as my jewelry tags. I haven't had any printed lately, but they've been on my mind.

  14. I actually ordered mine through Pixel Impress on Etsy. And I just reordered another batch. I've been really happy with them and get compliments on them all the time. I give you credit for getting yours just right and looking so good - it's not easy and takes some patience.

  15. All of your cards are really pretty but I especially love the square ones! I have used Vista Print and Print Runner to have cards made for the blog. I was pleased with both companies. I do like Tiny Prints, too!

  16. Great post. I definitly will check Tiny Prints out for cards. Hugs, Ginger

  17. Thanks for the inspiration, I need some, but there are so many beautiful choices I been stalled!

  18. So attractive, I love your designs and great resources, going to go check out the sites out now! Thanks!

  19. What a great post, Mary Ann...love these cards.
    Since I am retired and stay home a lot, guess I don't need cards but....I just might get some of these cuties,anyway. :)
    xo bj

  20. I haven't really considered it before, but after this post, I am very inspired to create some of my own! x Sharon

  21. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Packers and movers in Chennai

  22. Great to know Mary Ann! I am in need of new business cards! Love all the great designs you created!

  23. I love Moo cards, the are always so gorgeous

  24. Just love the designs. I love receiving interesting cards. I always remember them.

  25. Your cards are wonderful!! I am mucho impressed. Thanks for telling me about this. I am changing my branding and need new cards.

  26. What a great idea and I love your creations!!

  27. LOVE your new cards! You did a fab job! But I'm not surprised, you do everything with such style and class!

  28. I've used Tiny Prints for holiday cards. Great company and easy to use. Your cards look great! Good for you for doing it yourself!


  29. Love all your cards Mary Ann - and also your white personalized pencils :D

  30. Ooooh these are fabulous! I will definitely be checking out Tiny Prints!

  31. Oh my...your cards are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing:)


  32. I think I could spend hours looking at different business cards - I still remember when I got my first set way-y-y-y back when - I felt so grown up!!! These are gorgeous Mary Ann - am definitely thinking of ordering Moo cards for my next batch!!

  33. Your cards are very beautiful especially the ones with the rounded corners. Love the stripes design!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    P/S: Enter my current photographic art giveaway, if you like!




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