Autumn Calling

Welcome Autumn!  
Those little pumpkin shaped seeds 
 are my first nod to the season.

I bought them here...
Rolling Greens is an interesting combination of plant nursery, gift and home store.  There are three locations in southern California.  I stopped by the West Hollywood location to buy our daughter a plant for her new office.
Look at that curtain made of...
used tea bags!
I love beeswax candles.

These crates make a nice display.
The saucer was too big so I asked the salesperson if she could fill in with some moss...then she added pebbles and twine...all set to deliver to my daughter's office.
Alie loved it.

In other news...there was a wedding last weekend across the street.
I wasn't actually invited.
But then I don't think the little girl on the scooter was either.

My mother brought over juicy fruit stand peaches.  I cut them in half and grilled them quickly on high heat.
 Then, I topped them with
creme fraiche (or you could use sour cream) mixed with a little honey and vanilla bean.
Just sprinkle chopped walnuts and/or 
chocolate on top.
These were ingredients that I already had.
  So easy.
I'm sure I'll get more into Fall later...in fact...my pillows are looking a little too summery.  
Might be time to warm things up.  Uh oh.

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  1. What a nice nursery/shop! I love when they carry a lot of nature inspired things. Being there would have gotten my inspiration up to start fall decorating...which I haven't! The plant you found for your daughter is just beautiful, love the moss!

    Lovely wedding! It looks like you are having wonderful late summer weather. Enjoy!


  2. Those little potka pods are the cutest thing ever! Love them with the candle. They are the perfect salute to Fall. That used tea bag curtain is one of those things this NC girl would say "Only in California..." HA.

  3. I love it all but the tea bag curtain... I will say that is just weird and NOT a California thing. Last thing we girls need is another thing to get made fun of :)

    Love the little girl watching the "princess" wedding!

    1. I thought the tea bags were weird too (not for use in real decorating)...but the shades of color were oddly pretty.

  4. Mary Ann-
    OH MY GOSH! I am in Heaven here. The little pumpkin shaped seeds are effect, and I love the plant you designed to send to your daughter. I am always wondering what to do with the saucers that are too large. Pronto, you solved that! Thanks.
    Happy Thursday.

  5. Replies
    1. I don't know Teresa...you could check out the link?

  6. I'm dying over the little bathing beauty watching the wedding. Hilarious! My pillows are feeling a little summery too. I have a pillow problem, and constantly feel the need to make more/buy more pillow covers!

  7. Ok I got my laugh for the day with the girl on the scooter. Although at first I thought you were awful close too for being across the street! Love the nursery!! The plant for your daughters office is so cute. Not sure about the used tea bag curtain thought. Have a great day! - Tonya

  8. sure enjoyed your post... your blog is my fave and I check for it daily. Will have to check out that store and see where the nearest one to me is. I always appreciate it when you mention the stores you go to and the sources for all of your beautiful things.

  9. Mary Ann, I love your little nod to fall….the seeds in the hurricane. How funny is that about the little girl watching the wedding in her bathing suit? We went to a wedding in summer on Cape Cod, and behind the bride and groom, while they were saying their vows, were two boys playing on the beach, doing all sorts of crazy things and everyone in the audience was cracking up. The bride & groom had no idea!

  10. I am still stuck on that peach dessert.....OMG good thing I am not your neighbor, I would be over begging for seconds:) What a gorgeous wedding, funny about the little girl...so sweet!
    Love all your fall inspiration, those pumpkin seeds are the cutest! And that nursery....they would have to kick me out at closing time.......

  11. I am loving those little pumpkin seed pods! That looks like a fabulous nursery I would have brought half the store home. That little girl watching the wedding is too cute it will give her something to dream about.


  12. Oh, what a great pic of the wedding! Love the little girl! You should give your photo to them! The store looks like a place to get truely lost in - I would love to have one near me! Enjoy!

  13. I love stores like Rolling Green and am thinking a field trip will be in order in the not too distant future!!! What a pretty setting for a wedding - love the little girl in her bathing suit on the scooter!!
    I have no doubt Allie loved her plant - how fun to be able to deliver it in person!!!

  14. Those seed pods are really cool. And so is that store.

    I love grilled peaches. I usually use mascarpone with a little vanilla in it and then drizzle them with honey. Such a simple dessert and people think you're a genius.

  15. That little girl is too darling, great photo! And, those peaches look divine, we order huge boxes from the western slope every year and they're gone before we know it!

  16. Fall is my favorite time of the year as it pours into Christmas. Time to fall clean and change out the decor too. Potka seeds are really cute and the Rolling Greens website is really neat...I'll have to stop in as well. Love the peach recipe and the wedding was a real thrill. The little girl is looking into the her future and she'll remember this scene for a long time. Alie's plant was super and I'll bet it looks great on her desk. Nice post full of neat things!

  17. Oh thank you Mary Ann...I have been meaing to go to Rolling Greens and you just reminded me. I'm not a huge lover of fall decor but those little pumpkin shaped seeds are so cute...may have to grab some of those. Looking to seeing your fall decorating. And the plant for your daughter is adorable...I'm sure she loved it! Long drive for you...hope she isn't commuting every day.

    Have a good one :)

  18. What a great looking nursery full of interesting things! And such a beautiful setting for a wedding, I especially loved the little spectator in her swimming cossie. Wouldn't it be great to be so unselfconscious (is that a word?) again! x Sharon

  19. Mary Ann you are warming me up to Fall, beautifully!! Love the little pumpkin see filler and the arrangement you sent to Allie is so clever and creative. I had to pin your peaches, oh my, YUM!!!! I need to do that!!
    Happy Friday!!
    Kathysue back from Paris!

  20. What a fabulous post! The plant yo bought your daughter is so pretty and a reminder that details in finishing a potted plant is similar to the importance of little details in finishing a room. I loved the wedding. We use to live across the street from our church, and our daughter and her cousin would go over every Saturday to see the brides! So cute!!! Happy Friday:)

  21. Mary Ann, I love the little pumpkin seeds. They are so cute! What an incredible store. I'm having a luncheon at my home and the peaches would be perfect. I'm still trying to figure out what to make for lunch. If you have any great recipes let me know.

  22. Mary Ann, I love this post! I am so inspired to find those darling little pumpkins... and take a walk in a pretty place... and make those wonderful grilled peaches!
    You have a great style!

  23. Mary Ann, these pictures are beautiful! What kind of camera do you use? Love the tea bags! Beautiful post!

  24. The putka pods are a unique idea for filler and with the candle it makes for a great centerpiece! Loved your tour of the store... Thanks Mary Ann!

  25. Great post, Mary Ann!,
    I've never been, but LOVE the look of that store! I'm sure your daughter was thrilled with her gift, too!

  26. Hi Mary Ann,

    Love all this fall inspiration! Such a pretty wedding and I enjoyed the tour of Rolling Greens! What a wonderful spot.. lots of temptations! I potted plant with pebbles and moss is so pretty :) and I adore grilled peaches!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  27. I love the candle idea! What a perfect little nod to autumn.!

  28. Love finding out about new local places. I'll have to check that out. Your hurricane lamp with the seed pods says 'fall'. I always do that look with acrons but haven't done anything yet. Fall just kind of crept up on me this year. You are inspirational. :)

  29. Great use of the seed pods! The nursery/gift shop looks fabulous. I'd go nuts with their candles. The tea bag curtain is oddly fascinating. I can imagine it was quite tedious to make.

  30. Your fall touches are so pretty. And that garden center/nursery is just incredible.

  31. Oh my - those little seeds are perfect! I'm really admiring the decor at Rolling Greens Nursery - looks like a fun place :)

  32. Those little pumpkin-like pods are the cutest!! Perfect for fall decorating!

  33. I love your little gift for Alie's office...it's so you...never miss a detail! And I had to laugh when I read about the wedding and before you said it...I thought, well I doubt the little bikini clad girl on her scooter was invited either...how darling!!!

    I can't believe I never made it to that nursery/shop when I lived in CA...I guess I'll have to come back.


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