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Please come see what comprises My Perfect Fall Day 

In other news...these fabrics are in the works for a client's 
new beach house living room.
The two bottom Belgian linen fabrics are pillow covers 
from Restoration Hardware.  When I tried to order them 
on-line (on sale now), they were back-ordered until 
mid-December.  Luckily, our local store still had a 
few in stock.
These items are going in their family room.  

Other clients (with a darling one year old baby boy) 
want to utilize all their living space until they move 
to a place a bit larger.

The wife inherited this wing chair from a great 
aunt and here it is with a 
kid friendly, pre-washed (important) slipcover. 
I had them remove the skirt to update it 
and we stained the legs.

It's still in the workshop here...but will be fun to show you it in their refurnished family room.
I spotted these chairs (less than $250 each) 
for their living room at
  Just Like the Model (a store that sells goods from model 
homes at a discount).  

One last thing... here is a fun cocktail that I brought to 
a party last weekend.  It's from my friend, 
Nancy's blog, A Communal Table.
I love Nancy's photography.

It's called "Queen's Cocktail."
That's rock candy or "edible diamonds."  
It's sweet, spicy and refreshing.
You can read more about this drink here.

Please stop by The Enchanted Home for
I look forward to visiting Tina's amazing home everyday, don't you?

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  1. I covet a living room with all those gorgeous fabrics in the top picture. (I'm going through a blue phase.) This house is going to be gorgeous. Love seeing your process!

  2. Good morning, Mary Ann.

    I just saw your beautiful post at Tina's. It's great! I'm loving that throw. What a wonderful color!

    You're so talented, Mary Ann. I'm loving this design. Your client is very lucky to have you.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. Mary Ann-
    Your work is so beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished rooms.
    Headed over to Tina's now.
    Happy Tuesday.

  4. Hi Mary Ann I love the color palette you are working with!

    Your perfect Autumn day includes my kind of activities!

    2012 Artist Series

  5. I love the blue and white fabrics, Mary Ann! I know the room will be beautiful.

  6. I can't wait to see what you do for this client!! The possibilities you're showing are soooo beautiful! Heading over to Tina's now!

  7. Good Morning Mary Ann! You perfect fall day sounds PERFECT to me :) We've hiked to Crystal Lake many times.. brings back wonderful memories! Love the blue and white slip covers and good to know they are marked down. Looks like you are doing a wonderful job (once again!) on this clients home :)

  8. Already visited and saw you post at The Enchanted home. Love the fabric colors. So glad that chair got a slip cover.....so glad. Have a great day! - Tonya

  9. I love your design choices. Your client's chair looks great. I recently discovered Thibaut fabrics and ordered a couple pillow covers too. Can't wait for them to arrive in the mail.

  10. My favorite...blue and white. It looks great and those chairs, $250.00, Wow! You found a great deal!

  11. Holy cow! TGFS! (Text for Thank God For Slipcovers!)

  12. I cannot wait to see the finished beach house - I love that shade of blue!!! I love the slipcover idea - I have a chair that is similar and desperately needs recovered - hadn't thought of a slipcover - it's a perfect solution!!!
    That was so sweet of you to link the Queen's Cocktail - so glad you found the rock candy for it!!!

  13. How awesome that house is going to look when you are done with it! and I love the slipcovered chair! Heading over to Tina's now!

  14. Oh yeah...poor Mary Ann...Haha Tina is so funny! Loved that post! You rock!

  15. And now I'm jealous and want to move to California...

  16. Lovely choices for your client! Can't wait to see it come together!! Do you mind sharing what fabric you used for the wingback chair? I need a kid-friendly slipcover for my dining chairs. Thanks :)

    1. It is a cotton duck from Dorell Fabric Outlet. You can order from them....pre-washed.

  17. My mom and I love Just Like the Model! We can't wait for the new location to open in a few weeks. :)

  18. Wing chair looks great and love that you changed the skirt! 250.00 for those other chairs are a steal....you should be jailed :)

  19. I never ever tire of a wing chair, and the slip cover job on this one is top notch. Your client will be so pysched!

  20. Love the fabrics in the top picture...gorgeous!!! From Argentina, Julia C.

  21. Enjoyed your answers over at Tina's. it really put me in the mood for fall. I wonder if we'll see it this year. Finally tonight seems to be a cool evening. Can't wait to see the finished blue and white color scheme. Also, your workroom did a very nice job on the slip covers. I hope mine will turn out as nicely. Have a good rest of the week. :)

  22. What a fun project - loving those slipcovers!

  23. Your fall day is perfect and you have a wonderful life! Thanks for sharing it on your blog!

  24. Hi enjoyed your perfect fall day post at Enchanted Home and the slipcovered chair is gorgeous. You gave me a good idea. Happy to be a new follower.

  25. I love your chair makeover...it looks great! And you must have been the life of the party when you brought that cocktail to the party...I've never heard of "edible diamonds"

  26. As you know....I LOVE blue and white and what you've chosen will be fabulous in the two rooms! The fabrics are just beautiful!
    Need to come check out some of your great "finds" store soon! I also loved your post on "Enchanted Home"! Your fall decor inspired me so I ran out and bought some pumpkins and fall leaves!

  27. Love the fabrics for your new project and the chair turned out beautifully! Going over to Enchanted Home now! xo

  28. Such a pretty combination of fabrics you pulled together! Great call to eliminate the skirt, the chair looks so pretty with the slipcover.

  29. Love the classic look of blue and white. Can't wait to see how it turns out-if your client is willing to let you share.

  30. Those fabrics are so lovely,
    I love blue and white,
    looks so fresh and calm and classy.

  31. Your blue color palette is so soothing!


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