Beach House Bunks and More

This is the newly designed upstairs 
family room at Donna's house.
Ship shape, right? 
Notice the surfboard ceiling fan? 
Donna and her husband, John, have three teenagers.  These bunks were used for sleepovers all summer long!  It's a great place to hang out (but Donna can still keep an eye on things).
Adrian, our beloved contractor, built the bunks following Donna's design.  Nice inset for a drink or book.
The lights came from Barn Light Electric. 
The dark wall is painted Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue.

The lighter walls are painted Benjamin Moore Collingwood. The beds are twin XL, like in dorm rooms, adding an extra five inches.  The foam mattresses are only 6 inches high to allow for more head room. 
Adrian cleverly put this pass through cubby hole.

You can see more of Donna's lovely home in a past post here.  But following are a few changes she recently made. 

The laundry room was painted Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray and she and put a soft blue striped fabric behind her chicken wire cabinets.

This is a pretty vignette at the bottom of the stairs.
  The living room is the same except she restyled the mantel a bit. 
It's all great.

Speaking of great...
we had fun in Las Vegas last weekend
 with the family!  
Rod Stewart, in concert, was funny and didn't take himself too seriously--and he's still got IT!  Thank you to the readers who suggested we go to Mon Ami Gabi.  We sat outside and watched the Bellagio fountain show while dining.  
Almost like Paris.  
Ha!  Even with the cigarette smoke.

I really appreciate you being here!
Au revoir.

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  1. Those bunk beds are just fantastic - just love the stairs between them! That's a beautiful home and I'm always amazed by the sheer scale of American houses - there simply isn't enough space on this little island ;-) Have a lovely evening xo

  2. I think those bunks are amazing. What a great use of space. I love the cut out between the two. How fun those would have been to have when I was a kid!

  3. What a fun bunk room!I know two little girls that would love one in our house, but not much sleep happens at our "sleep"overs.

  4. What a neat room! Perfect for sleepovers, too. Donna's house is beautiful, she really has a nice touch.

    Love Mon Ami Gabi...it's a great place for a quick sandwich or salad and does have a great view!


  5. i love bunk beds....
    i would have one now if it were just right!


  6. Glad you had fun in Vegas! Donna's house is beautiful, but what really caught my eye is that adorable puppy! It looks so much like my maltipoo!!

  7. Mary Ann, that bunk room is a dream, and I LOVE the navy blue! I have been looking for the right navy for my bedroom and this might be it. Love how it pairs with white and the bamboo shades.
    How fun to see Rod in concert!! Did he wear his hot pink pants?

  8. Those bunk beds are fabulous and I love that there are steps to go up rather then getting someone to boost you up like days of old. Donna's home is beautiful! Glad to hear you had fun in Vegas!


  9. What a gorgeous room...I seriously want to move in there! I love it, thats like a teenagers dream room! Her whole home is beautiful....you and your stylish friends, always love seeing what you all are up to!

  10. I was speechless when I saw this earlier today. My son can never see this photo. This room is a dream come true for any teenager. Everything from the molding in the ceiling, the bunks and the wall colors are perfect.

  11. I so wish I had done a bunk bed room when my kids were growing up! And yes, I would've made it where I could still keep an eye them too!! This was a beautiful post and her home is just fabulous! I'm so jealous you got to see Rod Stewart! I've always been a huge fan of his and would love to see him now…especially with a sense of humor! What fun! So glad I got to see this great post!

  12. What an amazing home! I do a series on homes for sale in my neighbourhood on Wednesdays - can't get enough of seeing people's places lol
    Now a dirty little secret - many years ago I saw Rod Stewart - back in his " Georgie " days - ( I was a teenager ) and he was smoking during the song and casually stepped on it and kicked it off the stage and I kept that cigarette ( sealed in plastic ) in my wallet for years lmao - how disgusting is that?
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by for a visit and follow back when you have the time! ( still adore Rod by the way )

  13. Those bunk beds are amazing. I need to remember this the day kids come along. As for her laundry I could move right in I love it. If only I could get my unfinished basement laundry to look so amazing.

  14. Great job! I love the bunks.....and more than that the decor is perfect. Not in your face "Americana" but soothing and sophisticated. I could definitely sleep there :)

  15. Love those bunks...and love that fan, the insets for water bottles and books, the lights...can't you imagine the conversations?? The entire room is perfect! I love Donna's house!

  16. Gorgeous! Her mantel is so pretty with the porcelain and the surfboards on the ceiling fan are really fun :) What a great idea! The wall colors are beautiful.. I will pop over to see more!


  17. Those bunks are so great looking, love the fan too. What a fun room for teenage boys to hang out in!

  18. This is one fabulous room, Mary Ann. I love the way the bunk beds are set up, with stairs included! Just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Thursday.

  19. What a beautiful and functional space! Her home is gorgeous, love the timeless and sophisticated beach style!

  20. LOVE THIS!! and love the whole the entire house - had to go back and reread that story. I just love the Newport Look. I love all the blue and white. i maybe copying that when i redo my family room shelves. shhh.

  21. I need those bunk beds in our house for my grandkids, that would be perfect for all of them, Beautiful bunk room,

  22. What a cool room! It's great that they have a space where all their kids can hangout together comfortably (and stylishly). Love the house... Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann.

  23. The upstairs family room looks amazing with those wonderful bunk beds...
    it looks so warm and comfy,
    I'm sure your family will have a great time there and many loving memories to come.

  24. fantastic beach bunks! and keeping it classy.
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  25. What a great use of space and color with careful consideration for comfort. Lucky that your contractor Adrian is a great addition to the team to execute the outcome perfectly. Nice to see creativity at it's best.

    Glad to hear you had fun in Vegas. Sounds like Rod is still impacting hearts...good for him!

    Have a great weekend.

  26. love it! grays and whites and navy... so elegant.

  27. I always like decorate house. It's make my mind so cute. In here all of the home decorate are so decorated. It's very cute. I like this so much.

  28. Wow! What a beautiful room. Those beds are really something. I've seen that BM Collingwood color on the walls of a favorite garden shop of mine here in NJ. It's pretty, sort of an interesting oyster color, a pretty neutral.Thanks!

  29. I have been thinking about adding some bunks to our lake house. These are fabulous...love the idea of the stairs in the center instead of a precarious ladder. Great post!

  30. What a great idea for extra room and space planning. love the colors, love her whole house!

  31. Donna's home is fabulous and on my list of favorite interiors! I love how she transformed her upstairs family room with those great bunk beds! I'm sure it's a very popular place with her kids and their friends. I know I'd love to have a sleepover there!

  32. Perfect in every way! I can just imagine the midnight giggles coming from that special room. Wonderful decorating and vision. :)


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